What is the Odyssey


A Odyssey is a long odyssey, an adventurous journey that is connected with many obstacles.

The expression Odyssey is based on the epic of the ancient Greek poet Homer. In this epic from the 8th century BC. tells Homer about the adventurous wanderings of Odysseus - ergo one Odyssey.


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[odʏˈseː]

Usage examples

Getting through the phone loops of the phone provider was one Odyssey.

The trip was a real oneOdyssey. First the train was stuck on the tracks for several hours, then the heating failed and, last but not least, his wallet was stolen.

In his best-known novel "A woman flees from a message" (2009), the mother of a soldier goes on one Odyssey through Israel, in the hope of escaping the news of their son's death at the front by constant movement.
- Nina May, David Grossman: The Revenant, Die Zeit, 19.12.2013.

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