Why did Steve Carell leave the office

The reason Steve Carell left The Office after Season 7

By Patrick Phillips AND AJ Caulfield / .11. September 2019, 10:45 a.m. EDT /. Updated: March 26, 2020, 1:15 p.m. EDT

'Oh, this is going to feel so good when I get this off my chest ... that's what she said.'

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Believe it or not, it has been almost a decade since Steve Carell uttered those grumpy last words and moved away from the small screen role that made him a household name. The role was that of Michael Scott - the charmingly slit, deaf-mute man who served as the regional manager of Scranton, Dunder Mifflin's Pennsylvania office. The show was, of course, NBC's groundbreaking mockumentary comedyThe office - inspired by Ricky Gervais' beloved UK series of the same name. Though Carell had seven mostly brilliant seasons The officeHe shocked fans and critics alike when he announced that after so many years - and 138 moaning funny episodes - he would often live inside the harrowing world of the would-be 'The Best Boss in the World' he was ready, both from the character as well as continuing from the series.

Carell offered his family, Dunder Mifflin, a loving, tearful adieuxThe office'sbest consequences- and like Scott himself, the actor made his way to the proverbial greener pastures. While Carell would repeat the role in a memorable cameo for just a few years later The officeIt finally became clear why the actor decided to step away from a show and character that are now some of the most popular in television history.

For the first time, Steve Carell felt like he should leave the office

In April 2010, Steve Carell first publicly mentioned that his days in Dunder Mifflin's fictional office may be numbered. He told thatBBC (aboveWeekly entertainment) that because his contract forThe office ran only through season 7, the then upcoming season would be 'probably (be) last year' on the series. Published in Andy Greene's book after interviews The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s, which was released on March 24, 2020, due to the lack of internal reaction to Carell's comment that Season 7 might be his last, Carell felt it was time to go.

Brian Wittle, who worked as a boom operator and sound mixerThe office, Explained the sequence of events in the book (viaCollider).'(Carell) did a radio interview and he mentioned arbitrarily, almost unconsciously, that it could be his final season. He wasn't about to say it out loud, and he hadn't made a decision. He thought a little out loud, but he did it in a public interview and it created the news. Then he said that the people associated with the show had no reaction to it. They didn't call and say, 'What? Do you want to go? 'He said he didn't get an answer from them,' said Wittle. 'When he realized he wasn't getting an answer from them, he thought,' Oh, maybe they don't care if I leave. Maybe I should do other things. ''

Wittle added that it wasn't until afterwards that the people responsible for keeping him there went to great lengths, so it might be 'easier' for Carell to keep going if he did.

Steve Carell didn't want to leave, but NBC reportedly left him no choice

Elsewhere in The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000sBarber Kim Ferry confirmed Witte's story, further noting that Carell 'didn't want to leave the show' and had told NBC Brass that he intended to sign a new one office Contract that would be good for 'a couple of years'. However, according to Ferry, network managers simply haven't reached out to him to negotiate a new deal.

'He planned to stay on the show. He said his manager and his manager contacted (NBC) and said he was ready to sign another contract for a couple of years. So it was all ready and willing and honest on her side, ”Ferry said. 'And the deadline came when (NBC manager) was supposed to make him an offer and it passed and they didn't make him an offer. So his agent said, 'Well, I think they don't want to renew you for some reason.' Which was crazy for me. And for him I think. '

She went on and noticed that Carell didn't want to leaveThe office behind - he just had no choice.'(Carell) said, “Look, I told them I wanted to do it. I don't want to go I don't understand. 'It's just mind blowing how that happened,' said Ferry. “And I feel bad because I think a lot of people think he left the show on his own merit and it's absolutely not true. I'll tell you. I was there. I was there. He really wanted to stay. And it devastated us all because he was the heart of our show. '

End of arrival

Allison Jones - a casting director who was being worked onFreaks and Geeks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place, Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, The Officeand more - called the whole situation 'absolutely stupid' as Carell really wanted to stay on the show. She said, 'As far as I remember, he would play another season and then for some reason NBC wouldn't make a deal with him.'

Steve Carell supposedly needed some R-E-S-P-E-C-T but didn't get it

The office Producer Randy Cordray offered another element that contributed to Carell's departure: the arrival of Bob Greenblatt, who became chairman of NBC Entertainment in 2011. Allegedly Greenblatt 'wasn't that big a fan of The office as we would have liked, 'and' took The office Of course.' Cordray noted his belief that Carell would likely have stayed on the show if NBC had shown more respect: "If you're not respected and not even offered a contract or a discussion of a future contract, move on." '

For what it's worth, Greenblatt claimed inThe Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s that there was nothing he could do about Carell leaving the show, as he believed it was before his promotion.

Steve Carell switched from the small screen to the silver screen after The Office

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Like so many television outbreaks before him, Carell sought great fame after stepping off the small screen. Carell's Movie Loans have cost a couple of hits lately - with the soapy, dramatic one Beautiful boy That some people loved and others loathed, and the absolute disaster that was Welcome to Marwen - but he still managed to work out an impressive comedic panel (Date night, Crazy stupid love) and dramatic (The big short, Battle of the sexes) Projects since switching to films. All the while he's been running a blockbuster animated franchise with that Despicable Me Film series that gives the hilarious villain Gru his voice. Heck, Carell even claimed an Oscar nomination for his wildly unsettling twist as John du Pont in the 2014s Fox catcher.

It is not surprising that Carell would achieve such career success on screens big and small. The actor only officially broke into the mainstreamThe office He went on the air in 2005, but he had acted in Hollywood for years with supportive and creative roles on television The Dana Carvey Show and Jon Stewarts The daily show. As for Carell's movie roles, he'd already stolen scenes from the likes of Jim Carrey (in Bruce Almighty) and Will Ferrell (im Anchorman) before taking on the role of Michael Scott in 2005 - a year that also broke out Carell's film Judd Apatow's landmark comedy The 40-year-old virgin.

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Would Steve Carell ever play Michael Scott again?

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As many roles as he has played in the years since he left The office Behind that, Carell's work as Michael Scott is now an icon - so much so that fans and reporters continue to haunt Carell about his time on the series and the opportunity to repeat his role on the series, a possible reboot ofThe office.From his seven seasons playing Michael Scott, Carell seems to have only fond memories, as he stated in an interview with ColliderI love the show. It was the most exciting time and all of these people are my friends. It was special before people thought it was special. '

Unfortunately, those fond memories aren't enough to get Carell to appear at any type of reunion or restart - a tantalizing prospect that the actor continues to shoot down at every turn, albeit with loving insight. "I don't think we can recapture the same magic," he said Collider. 'I just don't want to make the mistake of making a less than good version of it.'

While the revival, reboot, and remake trend continues to rage, we've all apparently been exposed to less than good versions of once great shows and movies for the past few years, so Carell may be up to something. The good news is we can visit the Dunder Mifflin gang for years and years to come The office continue to gather the streams and fans everywhere.