What year is my Winchester 94

WINCHESTER 94 lever action rifles - John Wayne is in each of us !!
Of Siegfried Pieper on July 20, 2014

In the United States, no hunting rifle was more successful than that WINCHESTER 94! Developed in 1894 by the genius John Moses Browning, over 7,500,000 rifles were manufactured by 2006. I better write that out: seven million five hundred thousand !! There is no Winchester 70 or Remington 700 behind. When I was sitting in front of the TV with my father and watching western classics, it was clear that I needed a weapon like that. Around 25 years later it was in the closet, bought at Egun for 200 (!) Euros. My weapon has the caliber .30-30 Win., The standard caliber of the WINCHESTER 94. At first the rifle was designed for black powder, but the triumphant advance began with the powerful .30-30. Even today this cartridge is represented in every gun shop in the USA, no wonder, given the density of weapons produced. My lever action rifle has room for six cartridges and has an ejection port that goes away to the side. This enables the assembly of a telescopic sight. But I never did that, instead I stuck to the rear sight and the rear sight.
But now the crucial question that you have been asking yourself since the first lines: What is such a weapon for ??? My answer: For fun !!! I have already captured a lot with the cartridge, but not because the weapon presented here is particularly or even better suited than a standard bolt action rifle. More because I enjoy trying new things and facing new challenges. And it is a challenge to kill a piece of roe deer over the rear sight and the grain. ATTENTION: Minimum energy note! Only the lever revolution is suitable for big game!
I didn't do that until I was very, very much up to date. But being up to date with such a fast repeater is also great fun! Running boar, for example: I'm looking forward to your comments, what you think, how many shots you can get out in one round.

That this weapon is not a precision miracle, has a scratchy trigger and rattles, I only need to mention here I think in passing. Because what the gun has is a lot of history, awesome design and fun factor.
The gun in this caliber here is a gun for new (old)
hunting challenges and fun on the stand. Reason enough for me to buy them and to appreciate them deeply!

The WINCHESTER 94 is now available as a new weapon from Japan from Miroku. Very well made but with butt neck locks and without flair. I recommend waiting for an old one at Egun. You won't have to spend a lot of money either.

A lever action rifle in, for example .45-70, can, however, be used very seriously on the hunt. I have met such a man on driven hunts before. I'm curious whether one of you has one in your closet and would like to present it here at Geartester? Would interest me...