What do you expect from 2017

Matthias Hellwig, cinema operator and passionate cineast: "For the Breitwand cinema, we need a somewhat quieter year in 2017, a year of consolidation, and also a restriction to the essentials: the film selection and the presentation. I think that the Fünfseen-Filmfestival just has to limit itself to what it can do We had a big financial loss in 2016 because the personnel costs rose sharply without I having the feeling that the employees are particularly well paid. It is simply not possible to show films in every location, including the team not the one that has recently been extremely stressed. We have to see that we turn that back. So the core is: What can I expect from my staff and myself without the quality suffering. " sum

Michael Kordon, Head of the Weilheim State Building Authority. "We achieved a lot in the district in 2016: Erling, Gauting, Hechendorf, the B2 renewal at Wieling or the start of the Starnberg western bypass. But the best part was the completion of the Weßling bypass. In 2017, construction will continue in Erling and Gauting, and also at the Starnberger Westtrasse will make good progress. When it comes to the Starnberg traffic issue - tunnel or nothing - I am happy to have constructive discussions with the city. Basically, however, it is the city's turn to make progress on this issue. In 2018, the planning approval decision for the B2 is due -Tunnels out. We'd finally have to get things done. " phaa

Sarah Wiesböck, tenant of the Feldafing lido: "After the 900th anniversary of the community last year, the next anniversary is already coming up in Feldafing: The lido, which is one of the oldest and in my opinion the most beautiful on the whole of Lake Starnberg, is celebrating its 90th anniversary in summer, with a proper party including live music, activities for the children and maybe even with a jousting, something that hasn't happened in Feldafing for years

Professor Ursula Münch, Director of the Academy for Political Education in Tutzing: "Our motto for 2017 is: Mobilizing democracy. In addition to the academy's anniversary, a research proposal that I am launching together with my colleagues from the Munich Center for Internet Research (MCIR) will keep me busy: We want that Bring German internet institute to Munich. In view of strong competition, a great challenge! But I am very confident. Manu

Jan Thunig, founder of the "Starnberger Eiswerkstatt": "2017 should be the year of expansion for us. A year ago, I founded the Starnberg Ice Cream Workshop with my brother Sven. We were in the new Bürgerpark with our mobile vending truck in autumn, and now in winter we are regularly on Saturdays Starnberg weekly market. But in spring we will open our own permanent ice cream parlor on the church square in the former News Café. The most difficult task in gastronomy is to find good staff. I am not afraid of the competition. " of

Rainer Schnitzler, Mayor of Pöcking: "The municipality is well prepared for the worst-case scenario of an impending business tax refund of 20 million euros. It was taken into account in the financial planning. I hope that the court will finally come to a decision in 2017. Above all, I hope that we do not Have to make payment. The district will certainly make three signs of the cross if the money stays with us. For Pöcking, I wish that we can make progress with the industrial park and the house of citizens and associations. We also have to take care of affordable housing. Sbh

Robert Schmid, ski lift operator in Berg: "I hope it will be a severe winter. It should come as early as possible and stay as long as possible. If only to be able to cover the costs for the new ticket booth to some extent. Operating a ski lift in our part of the world is an expensive hobby. But My wife and I still have a lot of fun every winter. The whole thing is a kind of family business for us, because my parents, Martin and Cilly Schmid, installed the lift 40 years ago and then handed it over to me two years ago. " bath

Thomas Weiler, Managing Director of the Starnberg Hospital: "I hope that the takeover of the Surgical Clinic Seefeld will go smoothly and that the three clinics in Starnberg, Penzberg and Seefeld will see each other as a common network and grow together. Then I hope that with the politicians in Berlin and Munich the angel Aloisius appears and gives them divine assistance. So that they can finally improve the general conditions and realize that they cannot just squeeze our hospitals. " csn

Elisabeth Dörrnberg, coordinator of the Tutzing fishing wedding: "I'm looking forward to the anniversary year and the upcoming fishermen's wedding. This wonderful festival, which is usually performed every five years, has been postponed for a year because of the 1275th anniversary of our community. Preparations have been going on for a year We experience how our congregation changed positively the closer the festival approached. Young and old began to decorate their houses and there was a joyful expectation throughout the congregation. " manu