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2013 /







Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Kehr, Burkhard C. Kosminski, Andrea Gronemeyer,

Dr. Ralf Klöter, Kevin O’Day

the theater is a special art form,

because it is always the result of being together

job. This becomes visible for the

Audience especially in the togetherness of

Singers, actors, dancers and musicians

on stage. They are almost as important

many people behind the scenes - from

the sculptor about the lighting technician and the

Dispatcher to armorer. Onto

They create the finest interlocking

the theater as a whole. On the

Envelope and inside part of the new one Playtime bookletit

you can find photos of almost all of them

650 members of the National Theater, one

large team made up of many small teams that

from this season on from one team

five directors. All of us

connects the pride of a house with great

Belonging to tradition, which also consists of

the theater with world premieres and new ones

Perspectives on old works as contemporary

To lead art into the future. We directors

are pleased about the recognition of the previous

Work that is in our calling

expresses through the representatives of the citizens.

A new governance structure is in many ways

also an exciting challenge.

Teamwork creates complex communication

and new ideas. We will set them free

Invest energies primarily in art.

Shortly after its invention, La Bruyère wrote

about the opera: »The peculiarity of this play

consists in the spirits, the eyes and ears

in a constant enchantment too

hold". We did that last season

tried with the New Mannheimer Ring.

Now we want to do it for you again: With

Stiffelio and Falstaff, an early one and the

last opera by the jubilee Giuseppe Verdi. With

Weber's Freischütz, the fateful opera of the

Mannheim National Theater. With Prokofiev

playful work The love of the three

Oranges and with the world premiere by Adriana

Hölszky's evil spirits, our little ones

Dostoevsky cycle continues. We hope

To you with the Mannheim Mozart Summer

to give a special pleasure.

The world from behind and from the front is called Felicia

Zeller's new piece. It stands as a motto

the new season of the drama. who

are the pullers in the background, the opinion makers

and lobbyists in politics that

want to shape us? And what feelings

and interests are we guided by ourselves? In

the numerous commissioned pieces and (modern)

We follow up on classics, bring them

as a co-production with the opera Der Sturm von

Shakespeare and Purcell take the stage as well

want you with the festival theater of the

World, a season highlight, theater off

present distant regions and the

deprive us of unnecessary sleep.

Dance is a fleeting art. Anyone with the

Heirs wants to keep them busy, must be in the archives

looking for rare image and film material. How

can dance professionals join the legacy

turn to? The ballet branch sits down with

the dance icon Isadora Duncan apart.

Did you know that Mannheim has this star

1907 invited to the opening of Friedrichplatz

to organize an "Attic Festival"?

Come with us on the search for traces of dance heritage,

into court culture of the 18th century

and into the world of chamber music.

"What determines my life?" Ask the protagonists

in the Schnawwl. Because his life

to design yourself seems to be in everyday life

social adjustment required, often not possible.

What is your guide when there is leeway?

for co-determination or even self-determination

gives? From media role models, the clock, the

Fashion or Facebook Likes? So becomes a

Autistic to detective, a girl in disguise

causes confusion, Thai boxers blow up too much

close family ties and the Schnawwl begins

in his first co-production with the ballet

for kids to dance.

As a large joint project of the National Theater

the Mannheimer Bürgerbühne starts

from this season projects in all four categories.

Discover and develop in the National Theater

Your creativity, your stories, yours

Express them and bring them to the stage.

We invite you to make music with us, too

dance, develop pieces and of course

especially to watch. We are excited

to many encounters!

Our extraordinary thanks go to ours

numerous sponsors, supporters and private donors

- through her generous and continuous

We can add many additional commitments

National Theater projects



Andrea Gronemeyer, Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter

Kehr, Dr. Ralf Klöter, Burkhard C. Kosminski,

Kevin O'Day





Carl Maria von Weber Der Freischütz October 25, 2013

Carl Orff Carmina Burana (concert performance)

22nd of November 2013

Giuseppe Verdi Falstaff December 14, 2013

Sergei Prokofiev The love of the three oranges February 14, 2014

Giuseppe Verdi Stiffelio March 29, 2014

Cole Porter et al. Cole Porter - In the Silence of the Night (UA) April 27, 2014

Adriana Hölszky Böse Geister (WP) June 1, 2014

wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Mitridate, re di Ponto July 13, 2014


Peter Stamm Agnes September 19, 2013

Mannheim Citizens' Stage Lust for Life (WP) October 3, 2013

Felicia Zeller The world from behind as from the front (WP) October 5, 2013

tennessee williams The Glass Menagerie October 31, 2013

thomas doctor in the west (premier) November 23, 2013

Ulrike Syha Mao and I (UA) December 2013

Henry Purcell / William Shakespeare The Storm January 18, 2014

Marianna Salzmann Whore Children Schusterjungen (WP) January 2014

wolfgang Borchert / outside the door /

rainer Werner Fassbinder The marriage of Maria Braun March 8, 2014

Henrik Ibsen The Wild Duck March 22, 2014

Alistair McDowall Brilliant Adventures (DSE) March 2014

Anton Chekhov The Cherry Orchard June 28, 2014

Mannheim Citizens' Stage Hamlet June 2014

Philipp Löhle A new piece (DE) July 2014


Young opera

Juliane Klein The Invisible Father January 4th, 2014

Leonard Evers Gold (DSE) May 10, 2014

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Ad de Bont Mozart's Secret Journey (WP) July 13, 2014


Robert Glumbek Casanova (UA) October 19, 2013

Dominique Dumais Isadora (UA) February 28, 2014

Kevin O’Day Kammerspiel (WP) May 4, 2014

Choreographic workshop (WP) summer 2014

Ensemble project dance drum (WP) (working title) September 14, 2013

Mark Haddon / Simon Stephens Supergute Tage or The Weird World

of Christopher Boone October 4th 2013

thilo Reffert Leon and Leonie March 7, 2014

Ad de Bont Der Thaiboxer (DSE) April 25, 2014

DE German premiere

DSE German-language premiere

World premiere

6 premieres

Premieres 7



Georges Bizet Carmen

Benjamin Britten The Turn of the Screw

Gottfried Greiffenhagen Comedian Harmonists Part 2 - Now or never

Engelbert Humperdinck Hansel and Gretel

Frederick Loewe My Fair Lady

wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The Magic Flute

Francis Poulenc La Voix humaine

Giacomo Puccini La Bohème

Giacomo Puccini La fanciulla del West

Giacomo Puccini Madama Butterfly

Gioacchino Rossini La scala di seta

Stephen Sondheim Company

Richard Strauss The Rosenkavalier

Richard Strauss Elektra

Eberhard Streul Papageno plays the Magic Flute

Giuseppe Verdi Don Carlo

Giuseppe Verdi La Traviata

Giuseppe Verdi Simon Boccanegra

Richard Wagner Parsifal

Mieczysław Weinberg The Idiot

Young opera

Selim Doğru Desert Wind / Çöl Rüzgari

Mauricio Kagel Oral Treason

Markus Reyhani The story of the little uncle

Markus Reyhani after Sergei Prokofjew Peter and the Wolf

Lucia Ronchetti new moon

Kurt Schwertsik iceberg to Sicily


Bitchfresse - I rap so I am

Bertolt Brecht / Kurt Weill The Threepenny Opera

Bertolt Brecht Mother Courage and her children

Georg Büchner Danton's death

Robert Wilson / Tom Waits /

Kathleen Brennan after Georg Büchner

Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Gesine Danckwart

Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Martin Heckmanns

Anna Jablonskaya

Franz Kafka

Heinrich von Kleist

Astrid Lindgren

Philipp Loehle

Federico García Lorca

Ewald Palmetshofer

Friedrich Schiller

william shakespeare

william shakespeare

Theresia Walser

Theresia Walser

Mannheim Citizens' Stage


Dominique Dumais

Dominique Dumais

Robert Glumbek / Kevin O’Day

Kevin O'Day

Kevin O'Day


Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen

Ad de Bont

tim crouch

Ensemble project

Ensemble project

theo Fransz

rudolf Herfurtner

Mike Kenny

Heinrich von Kleist

Guus Kuijer

Astrid Lindgren

Cédric Pintarelli / Lorenz Hippe

toon Tellegen

Janne Teller

German-Arab Spring History


Life a dream


The visit of the old lady

Faust - The first part of the tragedy

Iphigenia on Tauris

One and One (UA)

Heiden (DSE)

The process

The broken jug

Ronja the robber's daughter

You (norms) (UA)

Bernarda Alba's house

dwell. under glass

The Maid of Orleans

A midsummer night's dream

What you want

A little calm before the storm (WP)

I'm like you, I love apples (UA)

Little man (heimer) - what now?

The Little Prince (WP)

R.A.W. (UA)

The four seasons (WP)

Goldberg Variations (WP)

Othello (WP)

The Ugly Duckling (DSE)

Booby Hans

Tahrir Tell (WP)

Shop shoes (DSE)

Cheeky Area (UA)

spherical (UA)

The Ring (DSE)

Sparrow Fritz

The boy with the suitcase


The book of all things

Ronja the robber's daughter

Sky is the limit

My father

Nothing. What is important in life

King Hamed and the Fearless Girl (WP)

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Musical director Alois Seidlmeier

Staging by Armin Holz

Stage Armin Holz / Matthias Weischer

Costumes Esther Walz

Dramaturgy Elena Garcia-Fernandez / Klaus-Peter Kehr

Choir Tilman Michael

Concert performance


PREMIERE on October 25, 2013 at the Opera House

Musical director Dan Ettinger

Choir Tilman Michael

PREMIERE on November 22, 2013 at the Opera House

Only one hit separates the hunter Max

of his luck: If he succeeds before

Prince Ottokar a successful test shot

the forester Kuno will tell him to leave

the hand of his daughter Agathe together with the

Grant forestry. But the fear of failure

paralyzes Max and drives him into the clutches of the

Evil. In the dark Wolfsschlucht he leaves

from Kaspar for pouring free balls

seduce Six of these diabolical bullets

hit every target; with the seventh the

Devil a human sacrifice. Than anything

decisive test shot the seventh bullet

is in Max's rifle, the gloomy ones seem to be

To fulfill the sign ...

Carl Maria von Weber's Freischütz is the epitome

of the German romantic opera.

Exuberant hunting life and the rule

demonic powers determine an action,

whose real protagonist is nature

is. The mental states are reflected in it

of the characters who back and forth from fate

seem thrown. This results in a

Change of moods, the weaver through

the connection of spoken word, melodramatic

Moments and folk songs

Gives melodies effective expression.

Weber's opera is related to the history of the

National theater closely connected: 1943 was

the theater during a performance of the

Freischütz destroyed by bombing.

Also with the Freischütz took place in 1957

the ceremonial reopening of the new building

At the Goetheplatz.

Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, "Songs from Benediktbeuern",

are still pulling the listeners in today

their spell. “Everything I've written so far

and what you unfortunately printed

you can now pulverize! With Carmina

Burana begin my collected works! «,

wrote the proud composer after the

First performance in 1937. It had to be his unmistakable

"Orff style" found.

The lyrics, Latin and German vagante songs,

he took from the Benediktbeurer

Songs manuscript from the 11th and 12th centuries.

They are mocking songs and chants

those of spring, love and exuberance,

act drunken festivals. You are fulfilled

of an unbridled lust for life.

The frame of the call is the powerful voice

the goddess of fate ("O Fortuna"), whose

Wheel determines the human life course.

The work depicts a spring celebration in three parts

(Primo vere. Ûf dem anger), the praise of

Eating and drinking (In taberna) and a knightly one

Love festival (Cour d’amour).

Sometimes tender and flirtatious, sometimes high-spirited dancing,

Orff's music is sometimes wild and ecstatic

for soloists, choir and large orchestra with

two pianos, celesta and extensive

Percussion wrote.

01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18






Musical director Dan Ettinger

Staging by Christof Nel

Choir Tilman Michael

PREMIERE on December 14, 2013 in the Opera House

Falstaff, the knight, lives unknightly dissolute.

His uninhibited urges, his

brazen shrewdness and his lover

Belly that was scoffed at by the others

will testify to a delightful and

enviable anarchy. Yes, Sir John

Above all, Falstaff's provocations are threatening

for the comfort of the bourgeois

Lebens: There shouldn't be something like that, it has to

path. When the women of Windsor got their chance

smell, go into battle against

his indecency.

Verdi's composition does not aim at one

harmless twisting of the corners of the mouth, rather

an existential ridiculousness. Verdis

Laughter is alarmingly bright and throws

deep shadows.

The composer was 77 years old when he made his

completed last opera. Not a note too much

outstanding timing and snappy esprit -

the Shakespeare material was made by him too

one of the most perfect scores in opera history


"A tremendous explosion of laughter," so

the librettist Arrigo Boito describes it,

is at the end of Verdi's singular comedy.

19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27





Musical director Dan Ettinger

Production by Cordula Däuper

Stage Ralph Zeger

Costumes Sophie du Vinage

Dramaturgy Anselm Dalferth

Choir Tilman Michael

PREMIERE on February 14, 2014 at the Opera House

In German language

A sad prince, a merry servant who makes him

makes you laugh again, three princesses,

the oranges rise, a terrible cook,

who threatens to swing her wooden spoon and still

many others, some of the Commedia dell’arte

removed figures populate the fairytale-like

Story of the love for the three

Oranges. And again and again attacks as grotesque

Framework story from the internal audience

Tragedians, comedians, eccentrics and hollow heads

in the process to find out about the game

and to discuss the essence of the theater.

Sergei Prokofiev's opera is based on Carlo

Gozzi's fairy tale game of the same name from the

18th century the avant-garde director

Wsewolod Meyerhold adapted around 1914.

Both Gozzi and Meyerhold and Prokofiev

aimed at a non-realistic theater,

a renaissance of the opera buffa from the

Mind faster rhythms and vibrating

Spontaneity. Prokofiev composed a vocal

like instrumental masterpiece that

a tremendous range of vocal

Colors and situations.



means for us

You to


With his cultural

Commitment works

FUCHS as a location-based

Companies at the

Future task with,

the metropolitan region

Rhine-Neckar to one

the most attractive

Living and economic spaces

in the heart

To make Europe.

With friendly support


and Dr. Manfred and Lilo Fuchs

28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36






Musical director Alois Seidlmeier

Directed by Regula Gerber

Roland Aeschlimann stage

Costumes Andrea Schmidt-Futterer

Choir Tilman Michael




A musical revue about the King of Broadway


WORLD PREMIERE on April 27, 2014 in the opera house

PREMIERE on March 29, 2014 at the Opera House

After the Protestant pastor Stiffelio

Refuge from persecution in the Count's castle

von Stankar had found, he married his

Daughter Lina and became a respected

Head of a pietistic community. As

he returns from travels, he discovers

and after that Lina met him with the nobleman

Raffaele cheated on. The opera portrays that

inner struggle of the clergyman between the

uncontrollable feeling of jealousy and

injured honor on the one hand and the claim

Christian forgiveness on the other hand.

Caused the fatal outcome of the drama

but Stiffelio's father-in-law in battle

the reputation of his family.

With Stiffelio, Verdi created perhaps his most unusual

Work: a bourgeois tragedy

about the adultery of a pastor's wife.

Yet a married clergyman, adultery

in the spiritual milieu and a divorce scene

were up for censorship in Italy in 1850

the stage unsustainable and led to forced

Interventions. The lack of stage success

of the offensive subject caused Verdi

later, the piece that he "did not forget"

wanted to know to withdraw and turn it into one

to transform medieval knight drama.

The original work, however, already points

on the social explosiveness of

La Traviata ahead.

Cole Porter is one of the most important

Songwriter of his time. But that night

he sits withdrawn at the piano and dreams.

His music takes him on a journey in

a time when anything was possible: in Paris,

shortly before the "Roaring Twenties," Cole worries

at numerous parties for a good mood. Here

he meets Linda Lee Thomas, who - like it

is called - the most beautiful divorced woman

City. She becomes the love of his life. The

But success has many companions and during

Cole rushes from success to success on Broadway

and drift away from the frenzy of life

leaves, Linda tries with all her devotion

Keeping relationship together. But the

Man who is so witty and in his music

knows how to empathize with love,

doesn’t seem up to it in real life

to be …

During his life, Cole Albert wrote

Porter, as his full name is called, 40

Stage shows. Works like Kiss Me Kate,

Anything Goes, High Society, Can-Can or

Silk Stockings (Ninotschka) are still used today

celebrated worldwide and many of his songs like

Night and Day, True Love or I've Got You

Under My Skin are through the interpretations

by show and music legends like Frank

Sinatra, Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald

long since become evergreens.

For the National Theater, the musical

Revue In the silence of the night, which is the

Dedicated up and down of Porter's life as well

like his immortal songs.

37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54





Production by Joachim Schlömer

Jens Kilian stage

Costumes Heide Kastler

Dramaturgy Anselm Dalferth

Choir Tilman Michael

WORLD PREMIERE on June 1, 2014 in the opera house

Evil spirits build a maze of passion

Fear and obsession. Downtown

of the vortex from which no one can escape,

stands Stavrogin, a genius

Disillusioned from which the others

Hope for orientation. They are great ideas

which has to be negotiated in his environment: How

is it with the revolution? Is there god Can

to prove its non-existence by

one wants to commit suicide like Kirilov,

to show that one is able to freely

and to make decisions independently?

Dostoevsky's novel Evil Spirits is like none

second a book of voices: The Tragedy

a society is in monologues and

Dialogues unfolded like force fields

Drive action forward. Yona Kim's libretto

uses these force fields and leaves the dialogues

of the main characters, the figure of Stavrogin and

the reservoir of the choirs separately next to each other

The premiere is funded

from the National Theater Foundation

stand. The drama of the new musical theater

then emerges, according to the composer, through

"A bombing of the layers".

The voice is always the focus

musical theatrical works of the award-winning

Composer Adriana Hölszky. Fine

and exactly heard sounds that are too

combine imaginative color combinations,

and draw a sudden gestural music

their tonal language.

The award of the composition commission to

Adriana Hölszky was made possible by

With friendly support from


Foresight, experience and perseverance form the chord for successful

Companies. We develop clear answers to complex ones

Ask and have only one goal in mind: your success. As one of the

We use leading auditing and consulting companies

Deloitte draws on the know-how of around 200,000 employees worldwide

back - you can also benefit from this in Mannheim.

55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63


Deloitte refers to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a "private

company limited by guarantee ”

under UK law), and / or its network of member firms.

Each of the member firms is a legally separate and independent entity.

A detailed description of Deloitte's legal structure

Touche Tohmatsu Limited and its member firms can be found at

© 2013 Deloitte & Touche GmbH auditing company







Musical director Dennis Russell Davies

Production by Nicolas Brieger

PREMIERE on July 13, 2014 in the Rokokotheater Schwetzingen

As part of the Mannheim Mozart Summer 2014

JULY 13-20, 2014

The Mannheim Mozart Summer is celebrating in 2014

his first festival anniversary - it takes place at

fifth time! From July 13th to 20th, 2014

offer the venues in Mannheim and

Schwetzingen a varied and

spectacular program. At the heart of the

numerous events are included

Works of musical theater, but also experimental ones

Approaches to Mozart and others

extraordinary projects. Opera highlight

is the new production of Mozart's earlier opera

seria Mitridate, re di Ponto. The Schwetzinger

Rococo theater offers a magnificent venue

for this story about politics

and love and their wonderfully fresh music.

Top-class guest performances, concerts and a

entertaining program for everyone

Family frame the Mozart summer.

The wide-ranging scholarship program offers this

MozartPrisma students of all

Subjects the opportunity for discussion

with Mozart's works and for

mutual exchange.

King Mitridate returns after a defeat

home against the Romans and meets his

Sons who believed him dead. Both are in

Mitridate's fiancée Aspasia in love. Farnace

made a pact with the Romans, while Sifare dem

Father is loyal. As Mitridate again the

Romans succumbs and is in his sword

rushes so as not to fall into the hands of the enemy

fall, he surrenders to Aspasia Sifare as he dies

Mrs. But Farnace also turns to

End again to the father.

Mithridates VI, King of Pontus and one of the

worst enemies of Rome in the first century

before Christ, is the focus of Jean

Racine's tragedy Mithridate (1673), to which the

Libretto for the opera by 14-year-old Mozart,

Mitridate, re di Ponto, is ajar.

Mozart's first opera seria was created in just

five months as a commissioned work for the opening

the Milan opera season at the Teatro Regio

Ducale 1770/1771 - hardly for anyone back then

well-known 14-year-old composer

outstanding honor. Under the strict

Seria set of rules, Mozart succeeded in his

To give protagonists individual characters.

His unique sense of the dramatic

Situations he created through his music

created, assured him early on

Time extraordinary successes.

With the kind support of

Karin and Carl-Heinrich Esser Foundation





Typical BW-Bank customers:

Don't just have

cultivated their finances.


2013 /2014

The festive opera evenings bring that up

Nationaltheater Mannheim singers and

Singer to the opera house currently attending the

largest stages in the world are involved.

Evelyn Herlitzius, Thomas Hampson, Franco

Vassallo, Ramón Vargas, Marianne Cornetti

and other great star guests excited

the Mannheim audience in the last

Season. We look forward to seeing you in this too

Internationally outstanding season again

Voices and top-class musical experiences

to be able to present in our program.

This time will be international alongside others

renowned artists Klaus Florian Vogt

and Petra Lang to a concertante Wagner

Evening with excerpts from Die Walküre and

Parsifal come to the National Theater. The

Wagner tenor Klaus Florian Vogt was with

the ECHO Klassik 2012 as singer of the year

excellent. Petra Lang is also for

her Wagner interpretations known and in

Bayreuth a welcome guest. Besides

among others René Pape, the »most charismatic

Bass of the World «(Opera News), den

King Philip II singing in Verdi's Don Carlo.

Find out more in a separate brochure

we will tell you about the entire program of the festivities

Opera evenings.

With the kind support of

Baden-Württemberg Bank

As a leading regional bank, we are firmly rooted in Baden-Württemberg and know the country and

People. That is why it is important to us to actively support local cultural events.

We are therefore enthusiastically committed to the festive opera evenings with international ones

Stars and emerging talents at the traditional National Theater Mannheim. The four-division house

represents the whole world of modern opera - with both classical values ​​and

also with future-oriented commitment.





Musical director Dan Ettinger production by Friedrich Meyer-Oertel

Stage Günter Fischer-Piscat Costumes Reinhard Heinrich

Choir Tilman Michael Children's Choir Anke-Christine Kober



Despite the cold and poverty, the young fight each other

Artists Rodolfo, Marcello, Schaunard and

Colline through with humor and ingenuity

Life. As Rodolfo to his neighbor Mimì

encountered, it is love at first sight.