Obama was the first non-Christian president

New US President : Obama's head smokes

He fought for this move for a year and a half with almost no concern for family or health. But now that he is adjusting to life in the White House, Barack Obama sighs at the changes in everyday life that it brings with it. Harry Truman spoke of the "great white prison called the White House", Bill Clinton of the "crown jewel in America's penitentiary system". Obama complained in the first TV interview since the election that he could "no longer even take a walk with Michelle". The exertions can be seen in him. The long election campaign was associated with similar physical and psychological strain as the presidential job. His hair, jet black two years ago, shows a lot of gray areas today. The level of stress is also revealed in what hasn't changed: his nicotine addiction, for example. Michelle had asked for an award for approving his presidential bid. He should quit smoking, she announced in 2007, and asked citizens to make sure that he kept his promise. He experimented with nicotine gum and nicotine patches, but apparently to no great success. During evening trips from one election campaign to the next, reporters who were traveling with them could sometimes observe how glowing sparks flew from a window of the car in which the candidate was sitting. Hardly anyone wrote about it. You never see him in public with a cigarette.

In May 2008, his campaign issued a cautiously worded statement. He has "given up smoking several times and is currently using Nicorette with success". According to the manufacturer, these nicotine chewing gums should be used for a maximum of twelve weeks - and, a columnist in the Washington Post recently wrote, had long since expired without Obama's office being ready to provide information on whether he had really quit smoking. The column ended with understanding. The election campaign with all the stress is a very bad time to wean. And the nation should be happy if this remains the President's only broken promise.

Other habits, on the other hand, change. A new school has been found in Washington for the daughters Malia (10) and Sasha (7). As in Chicago, Michelle decided to go to a private school, Sidwell Friends. They also visited other presidential children: Tricia Nixon, Chelsea Clinton and also a son of Vice President Al Gore, Albert. The grandchildren of the future Vice-Vice President Joe Biden are also housed there. Tuition is around $ 30,000 per year per child.

The capital city newspaper also thinks about the right church. The Obamas should choose the National Cathedral. The inauguration services and funeral ceremonies for several presidents were held there, most recently for Gerald Ford in January 2007. It also has a multicultural tradition. Representatives of the various Christian and non-Christian denominations speak there regularly.

The future of Obama's Blackberry - a device for mobile telephony, internet and email access - is uncertain. He himself, his spokesman Robert Gibbs and other helpers are almost "Blackberry addicted". Some media cheered that Obama would be "the first email president" of the USA. But now it is said that he will have to part with the device. First, because of security concerns. Mobile communication can be cracked. He shouldn't risk that emails with secret or private content will be intercepted. George W. Bush said goodbye to his Blackberry and, before he moved into the White House, sent friends one last email noting that he would end “correspondence in cyberspace” “because I don't want people to be in trouble get an insight into private exchange of ideas. "

The other objection has an almost opposite background. The Presidential Records Act stipulates that all correspondence of a president must be archived. Obama could be the first president to have a laptop on his desk in the Oval Office, writes the New York Times.

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