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10 techno tracks for the 90s revival

Timeless classics for the dance floor


The musical landscape of the 90s was significantly influenced by techno. Today the influences from that time have become indispensable in today's music. 10 techno tracks that have to be in the 90s revival suitcase ...

1. Dave Clarke - Red 1 (1994) on Bush Records (Bush1012)

Dave Clarke, a DJ and producer from the very beginning, who I believed had gasoline instead of blood flowing in his veins, so fast were his "boards" at that time. With Red 1 he doesn't hit the keys so much in terms of BPM, but he experimented a lot with reverse sounds, which make the track sound in some places as if it was being "pulled to the left". Just listen for yourself!

2. Armand van Helden / The Mole People - Break Night (1995) on Strictly Rythm (SR12357)

Our "heroes" are generally considered to be house, but strictly speaking, "Break night" is a techno piece and one that marches through hard, but at the same time shows a depth paired with a warm mix of old school sounds and a flow that only works in techno. The track is exactly 12 minutes long, every second - pure ecstasy!

3. LFO vs. F.U.S.E. - Loop (1995) on Plus 8 Records (PLUS8054)

Behind the alter ego "F.U.S.E." hides none other than Richie Hawtin, one of THE faces of techno, protagonist from the beginning and co-founder of the legendary Canadian techno label Plus 8 Records. The track is stylistically somewhere between techno and house, but the speed ultimately classifies it as a techno track. Real old school, rough and almost with a lot of thrust and high recognition value!

4. Kenny Larkin - Chasers (1996) on Substance (SUB 4806.1)

I first heard the track on Steve Mason's legendary radio show on BFBS. For months I listened to the track that I had recorded on tape from the FM radio until I finally held Larkin's compilation "Art of Dance - Exhibits" in my hands in my record store - tears of joy. The Frenchman was one of the techno pioneers who combined machine music and groove in his tracks and skillfully staged deepness and space. A wonderful compilation for contemporary electronic dance music. "Chasers" gives me goose bumps today!

5. Hell - Totmacher (1996) on Disko B (db 43)

The Munich resident built his own monument with the "Dead Maker" at the latest. The pure violence of the bass drum and the disturbing distorted synths combine to create a gloomy scenery that you cannot escape from and that is by no means made for everyone. Spooky, creepy and scary, nothing for the elevator and also not at Real at the cash register. The dead man belongs in the club and in a loud one!

Dave Clarke - Red 1

6. Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon (1997) on F Communications (F055T)

He's French, a little old, but a real rocker! Laurent Garnier knows like very few how to convey his definition of party to any dance floor. He is not too good for himself for anything, but always remains true to himself. The former DJ from Manchester is considered a DJ pioneer, as well as a representative producer of his musical era and still operates the F Communications label, which has much more to offer than just "techno". "Crispy Bacon", on the other hand, is techno, it creaks and thumps until it can hardly be increased, but then the bass drum comes and hits you in the stomach ...

7. Green Velvet - Destination Unknown (1997) on Relief Records (RR775)

What often sounds like a permanently changing quantization error drove some on the techno floor into temporary madness. Coiled up as ever - Green Velvet in its element!

8. The Third Room - Hale Bopp (album: Raumgleiter / 1998) on Virgin Records

The first time I heard "Hale Bopp" was when I was watching Space Night on BR3 one Saturday night. The music department had incorporated it into a new hour of the popular nighttime show. I was so incredibly flashed by the recordings of planet earth while "Hale Bopp" was playing - nothing could have been better. So, if there is a soundtrack to floating space gliders, the distant planets and beautiful comets, then it is "Hale Bopp". "Music from another world", one could almost assume ...

9. Steve Bug - Loverboy (double action EP / 1999) on Poker Flat Recordings (PFR01)

Steve Bug is a stylish DJ, operator of the legendary Pokerflat label and now a Berliner by choice. At the time, Bug made a name for himself in many places with his track (first release on his label PFR). "Loverboy" has also been remixed many times, but nothing ever came close to the original. The track works even at private parties if it has to. A rolling groove, a four-to-the-floor bass drum squeezing out of the loudspeaker, a minimalist arrangement and a tense dramaturgy with the dissolving piano and the smoky female voice in the last break create an incredibly charged atmosphere. Very strong!

10. Ricardo Villalobos - 808 The Bassqueen (1999) on Lo-Fi Stereo (no.09)

Ricardo Villalobos, the protagonist of avant-garde techno, devoted himself to minimalism in electronic music from an early age. Villalobos was essential for Techno-Minimal, which began its triumphal march at the beginning of the noughties. "808 The Bassqueen" is a prime example of his way of making and playing music. Extremely reduced, superbly accentuated, terrific bold and incredibly deep! Very worth hearing, especially at home.

Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon