Why do AMWAY people always target black people

  27-09-2011 08:26 Hard 54

It is very interesting to read how vehemently some critics of the Amway business model go to deny this opportunity, although many have the impression that they have not looked at all or only inadequately for really competent information about Amway.
It also took me a long time to understand; because this is an income opportunity that does not go hand in hand with the well-known laws of the employee: once work, once money, and you are told what to do when, how, how often.
People shy away from change, in every area of ​​life, are suspicious of things they do not know.
Everyone should have the freedom to express their opinion on everything, provided that it remains factual and does not drift into the realm of fairy tales and legends.
Every good and above all correct argument FOR Amway can be answered at any time by a counter-argument. And we, the few who understood Amway and who have worked successfully on us, are confronted every day with unqualified statements and explanations as to why it doesn't work - a sect - a pyramid scheme - only deserve the top - I don't want to take advantage of my friends - they Products are too expensive-why doesn't everyone do it-etc.
Every one of us who is actively involved in this business, because it IS a business, and not a rip-off or any other nonsense, has been able to experience that it is only up to us whether we are successful in this, that we work on us and have a lot of understanding for those who reject this model.
I could write books with all the explanations and arguments AGAINST; some of them are really good too. I often regret that people are so easily influenced by someone else's advice - true to the motto, if you have problems with your car, ask your baker, he'll surely know best!
This business is simply a numbers game: for example, out of 100 people you know, 80 will say no; Perhaps there is one or the other among them who recognizes the quality and the unique price-performance ratio and becomes a customer, whom we advise and supply punctually and in a friendly manner. Then it occurs to me: why do some people want to know with the greatest skepticism what is in the washing powder, for example? We are happy to tell you, but has anyone ever gone to the trouble of looking for a seller in any supermarket and squeezing them out about what is in the washing powders offered there?
The other 20, who listened very carefully to the business presentation and understood that ONLY their personal performance is crucial, they decide to think outside the box and lift their bums off the sofa.
The problem with this numbers game? I have to / may ask all 100 to find the 20. What am I doing? I ask them if they are interested in an additional income. If someone says no, I am happy to have come closer to the next yes and we will remain friends.
It goes without saying that there are hollow heads in this business too. Question: Who works in a company where only spiritual supermen are employed, with integrity, honesty, always friendly? No! Everywhere there are "colleagues" who think and act a little differently. And just because it's about the Amway business, are these "colleagues" particularly damnable ?!
As already mentioned, every argument FOR immediately finds an argument AGAINST; this is called freedom of expression.
But please, please, spare us unqualified, stupid and insulting opinions, taken over by someone, parroted and simple-minded. Just as we respect your opinion, please do the same for us.
We will think of you, even if it may take years when we have achieved our goals and made another job for someone else.
Something that nobody here recognized and mentioned: the Amway business is the only work system where I am honestly and sincerely happy about each other's success. On this subject, I strongly recommend that all critics study Dale Carnegie's book How to Make Friends. Yes, reading educates and helps you to realize that it depends on me and my behavior, appearance, behavior, how people meet me. And that I can work on myself. That I can transform myself from being a constant fanatic into a thoroughly lovable person.
So, it was a nice experience to be able to take part in a lively and multifaceted discussion once again, but now I have to go, I have an appointment with a couple who want to hear an additional income opportunity. I will advise you competently and then leave it up to you how to decide - God forbid, should I want to convince someone!
I wish the FORS and AGAINST all the best and a successful day!

  27-09-2011 08:31 walterst
Anyone who takes the trouble to write such a long advertising text on the keyboard will truly live up to their name - Diligent. Amen. or Amway.

  27-09-2011 08:40 Drop notch

as already mentioned in your post: IT NERVES!

So you should not only be diligent, but also not completely lose common sense in all the motivational seminars.

Kind regards

  27-09-2011 08:41 Franz S.
A book by "Dale Carnegie"!
He (or she) is reading a book by Dale Carnegie!
Lie down there!

  27-09-2011 08:49 Hard 54
@walterst: Well, I wanted to be detailed and make it understandable to everyone, no matter how simple it was.

  27-09-2011 08:51 Hard 54
@Silva: Nice that you know what a book is. How many do you have? Two? And one of them the phone book?

  27-09-2011 08:53 Hard 54
@ Fallkerbe: Yes, it sucks. Especially when it comes to the common sense (I assume you mean common sense ?!) that I miss in many, many people, right?

  27-09-2011 08:58 Hard 54
and again to @walterst: and anyone who takes the trouble to read this long "advertising text" must be very interested in Amway.

  27-09-2011 09:17 walterst
The decision not to read the text in the first place was an easy one. Good, interesting and successful advertising messages are shorter.
Don't complain, buy! ........or so

  27-09-2011 09:36 Hard 54
@walterst: You are absolutely right. My contribution was not intended as an "advertising message", it merely represents my opinion on the many postings on this topic.
Don't ruff, buy ..... Amway products! Thank-you!

  27-09-2011 09:38 helmar
Amway ....... is that even a religion of selling? Because that's how it comes to me, at least.
Mfg, Helga

  27-09-2011 09:40 helmar
Amway ...... is that some kind of religion of selling all kinds of things? The opening sermon gives me such heretical thoughts ... ;-).
Mfg, Helga

  27-09-2011 09:43 Hard 54
@ helga / helmar:
A religion of selling ?! I've never heard it phrased like this.
But seriously: who talked you into this nonsense?
Do you know the company?

  27-09-2011 09:48 Hard 54
@ helga / helmar: And again a consumer who is completely immune to the mantra-like repeated advertising messages of the retail trade, constantly and everywhere, in order to pull the money out of our pockets for products, often of dubious quality and very often inflated prices.

  27-09-2011 11:28 tractor stiff
These lyrics are more amusing than any comedy!
Just lovely! ;-)
A nice pyramid scheme, which unfortunately cannot be banned because it is, incidentally, linked to real products that are actually not the issue. But only about recruiting new "sales partners" who then quarrel with the whole circle of acquaintances, because every sensible person keeps his hands off it.

Dear Fleissig54, a few months ago a colleague of yours annoyed us here, it always works according to the same scheme. The texts are 1 to 1 interchangeable, paired with taunts and a trace of spite.

I advise you to make the jump as long as you can. Because if you are desperately looking for new "customers" to be able to pay your monthly bills and you are running out of money, such nasty panic entries in anonymous forums come out ...

  27-09-2011 11:31 lacusfelix
@ industrious54: I wanted to be detailed and make it understandable to everyone, no matter how simple it was.
In plain language: normally he / she is short anyway, but in a farmer's forum it has to be a little more detailed

lacusfelix, on the way to the field

  27-09-2011 11:36 Hard 54
@traktorstreff: Again someone who presumes to judge something he has no idea about. Please be so kind and speak to the chamber in your state.

  27-09-2011 11:41 AnimalFarmHipples
I just noticed that two threads with the same headline are running next to each other.

That's why I ask my question here:
If Saab goes bankrupt, who will feed the trolls?

  27-09-2011 11:47 Hard 54
@lacusfelix: On the contrary, and I'm really serious: I am affected to read so many negative things about a company with which I have worked well and successfully for years, where I have met many friendly and helpful people.
If the criticism came from people who had really seriously and exhaustively dealt with this company and its possibilities, I could in any case accept their opinion. The sad thing is, however, that most of the criticism comes from people who only formed their opinion by listening and speaking.
Incidentally, that applies not only to Amway, but also in many other areas, I am sure you will agree with me.
It is also bad that there are many successful people in this business who work seriously and decently, but the bad reputation comes from the few who work dubiously, only think of their own advantage and have thus discredited an entire industry.
I find that very sad.

  27-09-2011 11:49 Hard 54
Net be angry, but that was really a really stupid writing.

  27-09-2011 11:51 Hard 54
sorry, I forgot @AnimalFarmHipples: don't be angry, but that was really stupid writing.

  27-09-2011 11:59 Drop notch

some just need a very long time, many seminars and motivational training courses to form or consolidate an opinion about a company or a form of distribution.

Others deal with it briefly and can form an opinion on it in a few minutes or a few hours.

Kind regards


  27-09-2011 12:23 Hard 54
@Fallkerbe: Yes, you are right. So many people research for days - often for weeks to get all the information for their annual vacation; but very few bother to question the Amway phenomenon thoroughly and unconditionally. That could be an opportunity for them. Sad isn't it?
For my part, I'm looking forward to the next seminar.

  27-09-2011 12:33 fgh
Man, man, man .... again someone who has specially registered to advertise !!!!
And do not explain now that you are registered for other reasons, no one has asked for Amway, so what are you doing here ???

They too will give up at some point ... like the previous speakers

  27-09-2011 12:39 Hard 54
@fgh: Please, differentiate between advertising and expressing my opinion.
Do you know what I'm giving up? A letter, nothing else.
Why should I forego my income from this business, from which taxes are dutifully paid every year, so that, for example, the farmers and many other industries are supported with it?

  27-09-2011 12:49 fgh
Represent my opinion .... you opened the thread - no user asked you for your opinion and it was not asked about Amway, so what are you doing here - if you don't advertise it - then I would say you, they try to impose their opinion on others.

  27-09-2011 13:00 Hard 54
@fgh: You are right. Why do I do it myself to represent a factual and competent opinion here. Pearls before the swine ........

  27-09-2011 13:16 Drop notch

that they call people swine probably corresponds to the level of education of the average structural sales victims. That will hardly irritate anyone.
But that you want to sell your drilled spam as a competence and as pearls is very daring.

Kind regards

  27-09-2011 13:16 Moarpeda
well, it could also have been a "hard-working" part-time farmer, but that the "she" is with us ......

Constant repetition (of the company name or slogan with 3 to 4 words) is important in advertising
no matter whether in a good or bad context
.... and that happens here

so @helga watch out, in six months you might see an amway product and buy it because the name sounds familiar to you

  27-09-2011 13:29 Hard 54
@ Fallkerbe: "Pearls before the swine" is a common term for the fact that you can do your best, but not persuade a stubborn head to allow another opinion.
You are right that the value-free research on this possibility shows competence and represents pearls.
Thank you for this valuable tip.

  27-09-2011 13:32 Himlayalover
AmWeg or AmArsch?
actually irrelevant
@ Fleischiger: did YOU think to have found a few idiots, after all, farmers forum, right?
Tip to YOU: Maybe you should visit a forum for blind painters or deaf musicians, with a little less aggressiveness you can certainly tell great stories or paint pictures ...
Customers won't find any anyway.
Thanks to Amway, almost everyone already knows what to think of such wonderful pyramid games.
For one thing I put my hand in the cow dung:

  27-09-2011 13:39 wildduck
Hard 54

Here you can express your opinions and any premonitions freely and without risk!


  27-09-2011 13:40 Hard 54
Thank you for your very profound and valuable contribution.
A little tip: be careful not to call Amway a pyramid scheme, you could get into legal trouble with the company. Personally, I don't care if everyone gets what they deserve. When you have taken your hand out of the cow dung again, I will be happy to stand with a bottle of LOC - even free of charge for you! - next to it and clean your hands.
And if I was looking for prospects here, you would be the first I make an appointment with!

  27-09-2011 13:41 wildduck
Hard 54

Now you can reproduce your judgments in this safe environment!


  27-09-2011 13:42 wildduck
Hard 54

All requests or consents are to be placed here!


  27-09-2011 13:44 wildduck
Hard 54

Here you can make all the comments for "simple knitted" understandable!


  27-09-2011 13:46 wildduck
Hard 54

In the zone, you can, but don't have to, share your dismay, sadness and other emotions
Enter impulses!


  27-09-2011 13:48 wildduck
Diligent 54

You can also invite your friends here - even without reservation!


  27-09-2011 13:51 wildduck
Hard 54

Donations for the farming community are welcome in our country, so also enter them under
Indication of the number!


  27-09-2011 13:52 Hard 54
@wildduck: But your head is also boring all day, right?
If you weren't already, you've made a fool of yourself with your postings. Harmful
As Albert Einstein said: "The universe and the stupidity of people are infinite. Although I am not sure about the universe."
Have a good time.

  27-09-2011 13:53 wildduck
Hard 54

Amway ignoramuses are to be displayed with nicknames and in column form!


  27-09-2011 13:55 wildduck
Hard 54

If you need further forms - no problem - just request them!


  27-09-2011 13:58 Hard 54
@wildduck: Actually it would be fun and exciting to discuss with you personally, at least you have a wit and a sense of humor. I honestly hope, however, that you will not be angry with me if my time is too precious for that.
Again - have a nice day.

  27-09-2011 14:01 Moarpeda

with a lot of amway entries you turned out to be an undercover lobbyist of this company ;-))

  27-09-2011 14:09 wildduck

  27-09-2011 14:14 Hard 54
Makes it good, lads, it woa very nice, I was very happy.

  27-09-2011 14:15 Hard 54
No, stinkns no, the hands ?!

  27-09-2011 14:18 Himlayalover
"A little tip: be careful not to call Amway a pyramid scheme, you could get into legal trouble with the company."
From wrinkle cream seller to corporate lawyer?
The goats are cackling

  27-09-2011 14:24 Hard 54
@Himlayalover: How nice he / she uses wrinkle cream! But the goats will be happy!

  27-09-2011 16:07 carver
@ diligent

now you're no imma do?
It is after 4 p.m., time to go home from work, the woman is waiting at home with the meal!

lg carver

  27-09-2011 17:09 Woodster
@ Fleissig54,

the whole thing is so stupid that it's funny again.

So, AMWAY yes, but only on BROADWAY.
There is sure to be room for the intellectual vapor powder hazardous waste.

So at least 10,000 km away. This fits great.

  27-09-2011 17:23 Court servant
Amway is nothing new anyway, but I don't think you need something like that these days. Products and a wide variety of other items can be found online and in countless stores.
Just the fact that employees make the effort to hire more employees shows what the situation is like.
Housewives, people with bad job prospects at the moment, often try to earn money there. In classified ads you will always find ominous ads that ultimately lead to structured sales. The advertisement gives the impression that you can apply for a normal job, but in the course of making contact it becomes clear what the "employers" are actually up to. :-)
That's what I find totally pig! If you try to lure new members with such methods.

It once happened to my friend that she was invited to an exhibition by a colleague, of course she went with them, and in the end she ended up at a mattress sales event! :-))

Kind regards

  27-09-2011 18:25 natural builder
Woodster is right!

  27-09-2011 19:10 tractor stiff
@ auf Fleissig54 replies at 27-09-2011 13:40
Pyramid game, snowball system, pyramid game, snowball system, pyramid game, snowball system, pyramid game, snowball system, pyramid game, snowball system, pyramid game, snowball system, pyramid game, snowball system, pyramid game, pyramid system, pyramid system, pyramid system, pyramid system, pyramid system, snowball system, pyramid game, pyramid system Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme, pyramid scheme, pyramid scheme, pyramid scheme!

@ carver
The Amway people (or victims) don't go home from the office at 4 p.m., they are always home and believe the promises that getting on other people's nerves will bring money ... poor, poor, poor.

  27-09-2011 19:40 helmar
I am in and for myself a peaceful person, but sectarians of all kinds and traveling traders can get out of the door very quickly .......
Happened a few years ago, but it wasn't Amway but another direct sales company or something like that ....... My mother-in-law got a call from a friendly lady from Salzburg. A few weeks ago, the mother-in-law would have given her good advice when she called her and now you want to show your appreciation and show her good household products. May she invite some friends over and make an appointment.
The mother-in-law was not very sure about this matter and she called to cancel. Then it was explained to her that this would not be possible and that a day had already been planned for her. Only then did she tell me about it. And gave me the phone number .......... the friendly lady on the other end when I said my name (probably thought I was my mother-in-law) "So you've thought about it, we'll come on ... ... "I" Yes, I will also bring friends ...... the police, someone from the Chamber of Labor, from the trade union ......... "I couldn't get any further. A short "we cancel the appointment" and it was hung up without greeting.
Mfg, Helga

  27-09-2011 20:28 fgh
Amway used to be right behind the financial advisors on my popularity scale ... they are slowly working their way up to number 1 ...

  27-09-2011 21:51 Hard 54
@ Woodster: Your comments are so unqualified that they are weird again.

  27-09-2011 21:52 Hard 54
@ Hofknecht: Again someone who has absolutely nothing understood, but presumes to judge.

  27-09-2011 21:54 Hard 54
@carver: It's nice that you invite me home! What's good?

  27-09-2011 21:57 carver
We are not married!!!

  27-09-2011 21:57 Hard 54
@ helga / helmar: And? What is the story supposed to tell?

  27-09-2011 22:00 Hard 54
@carver: If you take someone home for dinner, you don't have to be married to them right away, do you?

  27-09-2011 22:07 carver
I don't care anymore with you!
look that'd go back to bed, tomorrow you have to go on again!
gn carver

  27-09-2011 22:13 Hard 54
I have a sense of humor and a lot of understanding for the opinions of others. But what I've read today in stupid, really childish postings is really to be feared.
Nobody here has bothered to really think.
Mockery and scorn, that was all that came here.
What the farmer does not know, he does not eat. Fits exactly.

  27-09-2011 22:53 fgh
@ Fleissig54:
Have you ever thought about the fact that not all of us are too stupid, but the only one who doesn't understand how amway works and doesn't see the forest for all the trees .....?

  27-09-2011 23:30 particles

@ busy54

Admit it, you are an undercover agent for Vileda!

  28-09-2011 07:16 biolix

  28-09-2011 07:43 josefderzweite
and today I wanted to be the first to pull over amway! damned!

i have to come home earlier from the tupper party !!!

GOOD MORNING rather "hardworking". Did you sleep well?

  28-09-2011 07:59 Moarpeda
finally we have the perfect replacement for lieb elslein

  28-09-2011 08:16 josefderzweite
yes, who knows if the wolf is actually not in the amway fur

  28-09-2011 08:26 helmar
Hamma net ............ Else was about the dear cattle, the diligent about the dear money ..... Mfg, Helga

  28-09-2011 08:33 walterst
moarpeda has still not overcome the else loss. Where is the crisis intervention team?
Or is there a juice from Amway just in case?

  28-09-2011 08:51 natural builder
What should we eat diligently54?
It is always difficult to understand when a peasant people believed to be stupid does not work as one imagines. We are already dependent enough that we will just wait for you so that Sacherl is gone even faster.

  28-09-2011 09:00 Hauser Kaibling
HaHa seldom laughed like that !!!
The whole thing is already a brawl when I justify myself with arguments like throwing pearls in front of the swine !!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone their opinion!

And unfortunately I have to admit you made it that I spent 30 minutes on Amway because of this post.
Unfortunately, nobody can give me back the 30 minutes. Pity!!!

Have a good time.

  28-09-2011 11:21 Hard 54
@partchen, @biolix, @josefderzweite, @Moarpeda, @helmar, @walterst, @naturbauer, @Hauserkaibling, etc. and much more.

If you are all so against Amway, although you don't know anything, why are you all reacting like the startled chickens ?!
You can mean what you like anyway, freedom of expression for everyone.
It's just a widespread disease to have to give your mustard to something you don't understand.
You’re very good there, I have to say.
Perfect storytellers.
Public institutions can make whatever effort they want with information that is accessible to everyone, wooden head remains wooden head.
At the next opportunity I will tell you about all the funny postings here, so that there is something to laugh about.

So, I really enjoyed teasing a few of you here.
From now on you have to worry about each other again.
Have lots of fun with it!

  28-09-2011 12:40 Drop notch

The structured sales booths have an advantage, because even the dumbest can start there.
This circumstance is very beneficial to underperforming people.

That's why it's always the same type of person who wants to make any structure or pyramid scheme tasty.

Kind regards

  28-09-2011 13:03 Court servant
But the fact is that Amway sales is just a normal business channel that EVERYONE can do. The chances of success that you really get a sufficient income with it are very, very low, since you only depend on Amway products that you can sell.

Nobody can tell and prove that Amway products are so much better than for example. Products in the supermarket. If Amway products were something special and unbeatable in terms of their price / performance ratio, they would also be increasingly available in normal supermarkets and shops.

No matter how and with what you try diligently to defend yourself, what you are familiar with is the Amway system, and as it is here it has certainly been the case elsewhere.

I would be interested in how much Amway employees earn per month, or per year.

Kind regards

  28-09-2011 15:52 bionix
@ Fleissig54 and Amway


  28-09-2011 15:58 hoots
@ Fleissig54 Why do you think that everyone has no idea about Amway I was not convinced of this company 15 years ago and you will certainly not make it either. And some friends of mine who made pilgrimages for Amway from house to house at the time do not want to have anything to do with it anymore. They were healed.
Kind regards

  28-09-2011 18:09 fgh
There are no Amway employees, ergo no income per year, the so-called employees are all self-employed, that's the dangerous thing about recruiting employees and making them self-employed.

  28-09-2011 19:53 Moarpeda

Dear money or dear cattle, it doesn't matter, there is missionary work and all unbelievers are considered stupid

  28-09-2011 20:19 tyrolean
Earnings per month € 100, - according to Wikipedia!
MfG Heinz

  28-09-2011 21:13 AnimalFarmHipples
I find it interesting that Amway is mainly established among the peasantry (as far as it is -still- at all) and beyond that hardly known.
I took over my farm without clearing it and found lots of Amway stuff from the previous owners (@ Fleissig54: Does Amway actually have an ARA license number?)
I thought it was funny that a Hippleser peasant woman who has never needed a passport in her life has a weakness for the "American way of life" of all things. It was only through this forum and stories from neighbors who tried unsuccessfully as Amway delights that the button opened for me.
The reason for my statement made in the opening sentence of this post is likely to be that farmers are the only ones who are still used to calculating profit margins in the cent range.

Yes, and by now I also know who feeds the trolls ...

  28-09-2011 23:02 logo
It's sad to see how little understanding some people have. To write such nonsense is almost insane. If you were doing a decent job, you wouldn't have time to write such crap in the forum all day. Don't you dare to call Amway a COMPANY again. This is the highest rip off. A good friend of mine himself was involved in this pyramid game for several years until he realized that nothing could be earned from it. Keep it up. With every additional promotion for this sect, you make yourself even less popular.

  28-09-2011 23:26 Hard 54
1. General figures:
• When Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel founded Amway in 1959, there was one product: L.O.C. ™ Liquid Organic Cleaner. They had fewer than ten employees - and big dreams. Fifty years later, Amway is an established, leader in the direct selling industry with more than $ 8.4 billion in sales in 2009-2010 $ 9.2 billion.

• Amway has provided people with their own business for 50 years. Amway’s Co-Founder Rich De Vos describes the Amway business opportunity as follows: “The Amway business is an opportunity for people to be successful, to help other people succeed. Because of this solid base, Amway will continue to exist. "

• Amway has the business opportunity in more than 80 countries and territories around the world, and Amway has never left a country where the company started doing business.

• In 2009, Amway celebrated 50 years of constant change through leadership, innovation, commitment and vision.

• In 2010 Amway Germany celebrates 35 years, Amway Switzerland 30 years and Amway Austria 25 years.

• Total sales in Europe in 2009 were $ 1.2 billion.

• Over 65% of sales in Europe are made online.

• The direct selling industry in Europe has grown by an average of 3.5% in recent years. Amway grew by 35% in Europe over the same period - from 6th to 2nd place.

• From 2003 to 2009, Amway was the fastest growing direct selling company in Europe.

• Amway is an important factor in the economy, with nearly 13,000 jobs worldwide (and an average tenure of more than 15 years!), Around 1,650 of which are in Europe alone.

• Amway was ranked 39th on Forbes Magazine's 2009 list of "Biggest Private Firms in America".

• In 2009, nearly 3 million business partners around the world extended their business, more than any other direct selling company.

• 3 million independent business partners building their own business:
· Without sales targets
· Without bounties
· Without territorial protection

• From 1959 to 2009, Amway paid a total of $ 33 billion in bonuses / commissions and incentives to GP - more than any other direct selling company. And that doesn't even include the profits (trading margin) that the GP made on the products sold. Last year, 2.8 billion bonuses / commissions were paid to GP.

• The company complex in Ada comprises more than 80 different buildings. The complex is over 1.6 kilometers long and over 104 hectares in size.

• Amway has a total of 65 research and quality assurance laboratories worldwide - 38 in Ada, 15 in California and 12 overseas.

• Amway has more than 500 patents worldwide.

• Logistics in Europe: 49 million picks, 2.3 million orders, 4 million packages

2. Facts about Nutrilite:
• "NUTRILITE ™ is the world's leading brand in the field of vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements."

* Based on global sales in 2009 according to a study by Euromonitor International

• Nutrilite has four own certified farms and cultivates according to the principles of controlled organic farming; that is a total of over 2,500 hectares in the USA, Brazil and Mexico and corresponds to an area of ​​around 5,000 soccer fields.

• Amway employs more than 500 scientists worldwide. More than 100 scientists deal with the NUTRILITE ™ brand alone. Amway has the largest scientific staff in the dietary supplement industry.

• There are 500 different quality tests for NUTRILITE ™ DOUBLE X ™.

• The NUTRILITE rollers squeeze 100 tablets in the time it takes to say “NUTRILITE”. You can press 1 million tablets in 14 minutes! On average, 12 to 24 million NUTRILITE tablets are pressed every day and 120,000 to 240,000 doses are filled with them.

• In 2009, we posted record sales of $ 3.67 billion worldwide with NUTRILITE products.

3. Facts about ARTISTRY:

• ARTISTRY ™ is one of the five best-selling premium skin care brands worldwide *

* Source: Euromonitor International Ltd .; Beauty and Personal Care Database, premium cosmetics sector, global 2009 retail selling price, global classification of brand names

• Every ten seconds someone in the world buys an ARTISTRY ™ eye cream.

4. Facts about other Amway products
• So much SA 8 ™ powder was sold last year that it would have made 6.5 billion white shirts. If you hung these shirts together, the clothesline would be the
Orbit earth 237 times.

• 28,800 bottles of LOC ™ multipurpose cleaners are sold worldwide every day.

• Amway manufactures and sells 55 million GLISTER ™ oral care products per year.

• Amway produces 75 million bars of soap, detergent and cleaner every year.

5. Facts about social engagement
• As part of the One by One campaign for children, Amway employees and independent business partners have spent a total of more than 1.3 million hours of their free time since 2003 volunteering to ensure that young people around the world can lead a better life.

• To date, Amway, its employees and independent business partners have helped 7 million children in need with more than $ 112 million in donations.

  29-09-2011 08:31 helmar
Diligent, you use the same method as all other "human fishermen", you first look for a few "chosen ones" who should have the feeling of being something "special" ....... who does not dare to believe you, asks skeptical questions or even brings examples that paradise is not at least for the last "chosen ones", he will be crushed ...... as too stupid to understand the system, as envious and coward, averse to the good new times etc. do you believe how many "mean it well"? And above all, good things for yourself ......
Now very amused by how stupid you think farmers are, Helga

  29-09-2011 09:05 natural builder
Diligent, have you still not noticed? We don't jump on you and your Glump. I don't like to do anything Glumpinski. I get allergen skis on Gumpinkski so I'm having fun at Glumpinski's expense so I don't get allergen skis.
Bled look ko ma yes, but bled be, then there is no moant natural farmer

  29-09-2011 09:08 josefderzweite
I think AMWAY is so cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full baton of the stuff !!!!

  29-09-2011 12:21 theres
Hello hardworking,
I haven't brought this stuff for half a century of my life, why should I need it now?
The whole direct sales system is a "no go" for me.
Fortunately, everyone can do whatever they want.

  29-09-2011 14:59  208
I think this thread has nothing to do with a farmers forum
@ industrious54 why don't you place a paid advertisement like this other reputable companies like vw, fliegl, steyr, lindner, .... do not and do not misuse a farmers forum with so on sch ...
@ Redaction do not you see because he only wants to advertise for free!

  29-09-2011 15:40 Court servant

It is clear that Amway earns money, and it goes without saying that they are socially committed. Your products will certainly not be bad, but the problem is that you can only buy these products in shops run by Amway employees or privately from them.

Any why is this the case? Why don't you sell your products to other grocery chains or other retail chains? Or why is there no big corporation that sells these great products? Why always only a few?
Quite clear: Amway can therefore sell its products without competition. Doesn't have to defend itself against other supermarket products, it can adapt to the market as the company wants.
And who will benefit from this system the most? Right, Amway himself! If a product is sold, Amway will primarily benefit from it. You don't care which agent sells it, the main thing is that it's gone.
So you are a producer and seller at the same time, branches are eliminated, sales employees are all on an independent basis, so no wage costs that matter. And Amway itself needs, in addition to product creation and employee motivation, only to hope that each of the employees will sell a few products or advertise one or the other new customer.
Certainly not a problem with the many millions of sales employees worldwide.

Conclusion: Amway always comes off well financially, the Amway dealer, on the other hand, is helplessly at the mercy of the competition.

Kind regards

  29-09-2011 21:23 Moarpeda

apart from the fact that the name amway is indelibly impressed; - ((
.... it is anti-advertising anyway, because everyone can venture out

still dispensable, you are right,
but you shouldn't speak up to the censors ;-))

  29-09-2011 22:07 Liesal
Let everyone earn their money.
Where do you buy the cleaning products? At the BILLA, HOFER, Lagerhaus, Spar ... Everyone has to get something there.

  29-09-2011 22:14 walterst
When you are busy, the air already seems to be out. There are only a few sugars left in the copy key finger. It is no longer enough for arguments.

  29-09-2011 22:23 Liesal
Also what arguments. Everyone (farmer, shopkeeper ...) wants to sell his goods.
People who have to sell products such as Amway certainly don't have an easier time than a farmer who, what I know how much, receives less for his product.

  30-09-2011 06:06 Hard 54
- Between 1959 and 2009, Amway paid a total of $ 33 billion in bonuses / commissions and incentives to business partners - more than any other direct selling company. And that doesn't even include the profits (trading margin) that the business partners have made on the products sold. Last year 2010, 2.8 billion bonuses / commissions were paid to GP. -

"Sure, your products won't be bad, but the problem is that you can only buy these products in shops owned by Amway employees or privately from them. And why is that? Why don't they sell their products to other grocery chains or others Retail chains? " - Elimination of the "normal" trade route that makes products up to 70% more expensive, advertising costs, shelf fees in supermarkets, transport costs, wholesalers' margins, etc. and much more.

"Or why is there no big group jumping on that sells these great products? Why always only individuals?" - That is the idea of ​​direct sales - direct contact including advice from individuals and bypassing the middleman. If a large group were to sell these products, they would be on average 60-70% more expensive - see intermediate trade costs.

"So no wage costs that matter" - ...... a total of $ 33 billion paid out to business partners in the form of bonuses / commissions and incentives.

"... the Amway dealer, on the other hand, is helplessly at the mercy of the competition" - there are no Amway dealers, only business partners who take care of their own household and that of their families at a purchase price of -30% (undoubtedly everyone has to shop) and customers who take care of them deliver products at a retail price of + 30%. In addition, every consumer product has a 3-month money-back guarantee, a guarantee that NO supermarket chain offers for sales products.

  30-09-2011 06:10 Hard 54
@Liesal: Thanks for this insight. Do not forget the many companies that have joined the distribution channel, e.g. Vking office supplies, telecom landline and cell phones, groceries, wines, coffee and tea, drugstore, printing, association of travel agencies, and much more.

  30-09-2011 06:14 Hard 54
@walterst: Did you seriously think I want to advertise interested parties here ?! That would be an indictment. Rather, it is more important to me to dispel rumors and false information through verifiable facts, which are also easily available in every federal state in the Chamber of Commerce, Dept. of Direct Sales. This may help correct incorrect views.

  30-09-2011 06:18 Hard 54
@ 208: That was and is not an advertisement; I only responded to incorrect information with correct facts. Advertising as you know it is far too time-consuming and does nothing at all. Word of mouth is much easier and more effective, and you will probably be familiar with it.

  30-09-2011 06:22 Hard 54
@naturbauer: Naturbauer, have you still not noticed? You're just being ridiculous.

  30-09-2011 06:27 Hard 54
@ helga / helmar: tststs .... whoever dares not to believe me will be killed? - Are there any verifiable facts for you?
.... as too stupid to understand the system, as envious and coward? - Correct information has never hurt.
..... how stupid do I think farmers are? - You understood that as you obviously know it, and not as it was said. Reading more closely helps.

  30-09-2011 06:31 Hard 54
@walterst: I look after my 90 year old mother at home, which often requires me to work around the clock. Arguments - I cannot and do not want to convince anyone, just clear up false information. You will certainly understand that too.

  30-09-2011 06:36 Hard 54
@tiroler: But you didn't read exactly or read on, that's the amount that many people in this business earn simply by selling a few products. And who tells you that $ 100 isn't valuable to some people every month? Others earn € 500 as a part-time job, which you normally earn half-time at the supermarket checkout, and still others aim for a higher income. That's what makes it so special: everyone can earn as much as they want with diligence and ambition. But I'm afraid you don't want to understand that anyway.

  30-09-2011 06:42 Hard 54
@ Hofknecht: But you don't understand how direct sales work; you are familiar with the term "direct marketing". I guess so. You bypass the middleman. THEREFORE, these products are not and will not be available in retail outlets. And if you can't believe that the products are better and much cheaper, then you've never looked at or tried one. I do not defend myself, court servant, I just find it absolutely regrettable for you if you judge something that you do not know. And you are apparently not ready to get really correct information.

  30-09-2011 06:46 Hard 54
@AnimalFarmHipples: If you want to know the ARA license number, give them a call and have them give you.
Ask yourself: the products that you use on your farm are not environmentally questionable or is there a supplier that has received the UN environmental award?

  30-09-2011 07:58 walterst
If you are stressed, you should save yourself from answering me twice. Once by you and once by you.

"Do not forget the many companies that have joined the sales channel, e.g. Vking office supplies, Telekom landline and cell phones, groceries, wines, coffee and tea, drugstore goods, printing, travel agencies, and much more."
In the list I am still missing the drug trade .....

  30-09-2011 08:22 Moarpeda

It's not quite like that either,
........ the drug trade in cigarettes and alcohol is completely legal

Hash is banned because anyone could grow it in a flower pot

  30-09-2011 08:27 natural builder
you obviously don't realize that you are not being taken seriously. Every normal person leaves it after a failed attempt.
Sometimes it feels like it does in real life. When the nice weather comes, peddlers and all sorts of things turn up because the men are away and thus an easier game is hoped for.

  30-09-2011 08:35 helmar
Hello hardworking ...... I wrote it here a few years ago when it came to Amway, unfortunately I can't find it anymore. More than 30 years ago, we were building the house, all of a sudden distant relatives of my husband from Germany, whom we actually didn't hear about very often, were standing in front of the door, elegantly dressed with a new Mercedes, and they got straight to the point: we would It is much easier to build when we get into the Amway system because, see for yourself, you make good money with it. Well, we could use every schilling, but I was extremely skeptical and the hour-long lectures such as great, fine, risk-free, but all that made me even more skeptical. They almost convinced my husband of this, luckily he didn't want to get a trade license and have health insurance contributions for the trade in addition to his deductions as a worker. The relatives rushed off with the prophecy "you stupid farmers will certainly get nowhere with agriculture and cattle breeding".
We haven't heard from them for a long time ... but in the meantime the two must have been so successful that the whole family fell out there. When a brother of the couple visited us a few years later and we told him how M. and B. had said goodbye, he grinned and told us that the Mercedes was no longer there, but a garage full of everything, and that M. was in found work on a chicken farm.
Similar experiences were described by several in this thread at the time. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything in the archive. Maybe the editors can still find something there.
Mfg, Helga

  30-09-2011 08:53 fgh
Earn a lot - high risk - very simple ... like with money savings book - low risk - low interest rates, stocks - bomb profits possible - but bomb losses.

  30-09-2011 08:56 Hard 54
@ helga / helmar:
The business license has changed a lot in the meantime: you can be entitled to commission for 6 months without a business license - this has been negotiated with the authorities - after that, if you don't buy one, you can only shop at the purchase price. The matter with the small business regulation at the SVA, which would initially demand greatly reduced contributions, is also superfluous.

Of course I have heard many many such stories, not only here; but, as in every other company, there are unfortunately those people who believe that they have found a source of real money-making here. And that is definitely not possible. Most of those who fail and then "have a garage full of products" have problems because they think they have to buy a lot of products and then sell them on - bullshit. And the second challenge is that very few people are willing to hold out for a little longer.
I am sure that you will agree that every farmer will not throw in the towel after a year when the yield was not so good. He has invested far too much time, money and effort for that.

This for explanation.

  30-09-2011 09:03 Hard 54
@fgh: I'll say it again now: the "losses" you mention arise from the fact that a few clever people believe that they want to earn a lot of money quickly and buy mountains of products that they then want to resell. However, this does not work, is pure nonsense and also prohibited. You just want to accept that this form of distribution is recognized and, above all, legal (which you can really say about the practices in supermarkets with price reduction and extortion and the dealer net) and that it is becoming more and more popular that it is work like any other, with the big difference that you decide for yourself how much you want to work and therefore earn.
You certainly have good connections to farmers' representatives and the like. Well, then let them give you the number of the chamber in your state, and let representatives in the direct sales department explain to you what it really is - AND THEN YOU CAN TALK.

  30-09-2011 09:07 Hard 54
I really don't care whether anyone here takes me seriously or not, @naturbauer, and if everyone gives up after the first try, we wouldn't have any lightbulbs (T. Edison, 1000 unsuccessful attempts).
It is your own fault who peddles; that would be like some potato farmers who pull their carts through the residential areas and loudly advertise their great potatoes, right?
And only those who are too conceited to learn something do that in the business.

  30-09-2011 09:09 Hard 54
@walterst: What drives you to make so many unqualified statements? For a change, how about asking meaningful questions? But, I'm afraid you don't want that at all, you're just having fun saying childish nonsense.

  30-09-2011 09:28 farmer53
dear colleagues, let the industrious54 be convinced of the products. I guess everyone has their own preferences - how often have there been discussions about the various tractor brands where everyone claims that theirs is the best?
I find it interesting, however, how diligently 54 defends himself or praises amway here - someone has to have that much conviction first.
It's just the case that everyone adds their mustard and thereby and thereby the thread has been kept "alive" for a long time.

  30-09-2011 09:38 fgh
The tractor brand discussions are still hamless against it ...

  30-09-2011 10:05 josefderzweite
The Amway people have a lot to do.

Advertising is everything - just apparently the wrong place for it here

  30-09-2011 11:51 walterst

I am not aware of any unqualified statement. I wrote next to nothing about Amway, did I?
And that the drug trade operates under an extremely successful direct sales system (maybe not quite as successful as Amway, but my God .......), it cannot be denied.

  30-09-2011 12:46 tractor stiff
@ Helga
See link below, dated August 2004.

@ farmer53
This is not a conviction of "his" products but pure panic, because no one has fallen for the Amway abuse for a long time. One thing is true, the thread has been kept alive for too long if everyone writes something over and over again. But there is one point in it, people who read this are warned by Amway.

@ Fleissig54
Nobody needs Amway products! You have to go to the supermarket either way, so I take a cleaning agent with me when I need it. That can be done in one go. Also, Amway is dangerous to a lot of people because they've been lying to them that they can make big bucks. Only the "license sellers" like you make the money, the others not, because you would have to sell tons of products before an attractive profit would come out! And as described above, Amway products make no sense to consumers. God (or the Amway managers) knows what is in the products and where they are produced (no explanations now, please!). Unfortunately, you have been "convinced" by someone, or worse, you are well aware of the Amway scam, and you tempt people "with intent" to buy the licenses ... Then even more shame on you ...

  30-09-2011 13:07 Hard 54
@ all my fans:
I have correctly given you all the information about this company and its distribution channel.

I definitely don't care to advertise anyone here.

My only concern was to make it clear to you that you should FIRST get information - be it a new tractor, or this form of distribution, and then give your opinion.

And by informing I mean getting it from a competent place.

If you are considering a new tractor, you don't even ask the dentist, no, you ask a farmer colleague who already has it, or you contact the manufacturer directly.

THAT is what prudence shows: not to judge anything that you do not know.

I wasn't interested in portraying any profession as stupid.

Have the greatest respect for every farmer, a lot of work, a lot of responsibility, a lot of Zores with banks, the EU, environmental fuzzis, and much more. , no vacation and new regulations all the time.

Chopping day and night, and there is little leftover.

You have to want to live that, put your heart and soul into it, and I take off my hat for that.

I also know that many of you made fun of me. That's ok, I'm over it.

I know what I know, and have been doing so successfully for more than 15 years.

I say goodbye, I wish you a suitable replacement that challenges you a bit, with another controversial topic, perhaps Mr Sarazin's book, or the reimbursement of agricultural diesel.

  30-09-2011 13:32 Hard 54
@traktorstreff: Unfortunately I have to answer that:

"Amway is also dangerous for many people because they are being lied to that they can make the big bucks. Only the" license sellers "like you make the money, the others don't, because you have to sell tons of products ...... .... "

Unfortunately, this is the misconception that one has to sell; if you had informed yourself, you would know that this is not correct. We don't sell. And what, please, is a license seller?

"....... until an attractive profit would come out! And as described above, Amway products make no sense to consumers ....."