Are there neo-Nazis on Quora

Asking questions on the internet"Someone Has my coke With Flour stretched, should I to police walk?"

Many questions on are so absurd that you hold your head. Or start laughing out loud. The answers are usually just as amusing. is Germany's second most successful website - and accordingly well ranked on the relevant search portals. Millions of users produce 6,000 questions and 22,000 answers every day. But why?

You somehow end up on the page every now and then and you wonder how many people seem to have an incredible amount of time to fill the Internet. With dubious answers. 20 million people visit the site once a month - that's every fourth German - and all of these people produce 6,000 questions and 22,000 answers every day. But not everything that is typed in remains there. Over 100 moderators keep an eye on the comments around the clock.

We do not leave the platform to the users, but actively ensure that our guidelines are adhered to.
Florian Geuppert, managing director of about the work in the background

Up to 1,000 questions and between 800 and 1,300 answers are removed every day. Nevertheless, it can sometimes be very entertaining to read what is being discussed on the platform. For example, one question is:

Somebody spread my coke with flour, should I go to the police?
Funny question from a user on

According to the site operators, the users are very young, mostly teenagers or schoolchildren, which can be seen in the questions and answers. There are sure to be helpful answers to topics like Pokémon or how to get a spot out. However, it becomes questionable when it comes to medical issues. At Trustpilot, a portal that assesses the trustworthiness of websites, only got one out of five stars and was rated "unsatisfactory". And last year Vice had a story about the fact that there are many right-wing asylum critics on

If you still want to ask a question to the Internet from time to time, we recommend Quora, a question-and-answer site on which interested people - sometimes scientists - post.