Will ombre damage your hair

Ombré look - now it's time for the tips

However, the effect is particularly effective with even longer hair, as the color gradient is visible here over the entire length of the hair. Of course, you determine the intensity of the colors yourself. At the same time, the desired hair color is matched so that it perfectly matches your original hair color.

Procedure for the ombre dyeing technique at your ombre hairdresser in Essen & Hattingen

In order to get the best possible color gradient of the ombre dyeing technique, different steps are necessary. First of all, we will determine the desired hair color together with you and prepare the color and the brightener accordingly. Then the color is applied evenly and strand by strand with the matching ombre brush into the ends of the hair. With bob hairstyles, you start with the application of color from about ear height in order to achieve a particularly natural result. With shoulder-length hair, we start at about chin level to bring the color into the hair. Depending on the desired color intensity, the color must now take effect for between 25 and 45 minutes before the hair is washed out thoroughly. In order to take care of the hair afterwards, we recommend a hair care treatment that allows your hair to recover from the stresses and strains of dyeing. Our experts from the ombre hairdresser in Essen are happy to answer any questions you may have at any time.

"As if kissed by the sun" - the ombre look as natural styling

Since the hair becomes lighter and lighter from roots to ends with the help of the ombre dyeing technique, it looks like the hair has been bleached by the sun. The smoother the transition from dark to light, the more natural the end result will look later. Especially with long hair, it seems as if the hair has become a little lighter at the tips thanks to the sunlight. The ombre look helps you to achieve a casual, casual styling that makes you look as if you have just come from vacation. With us you get this unique dyeing technique from a professional, so you don't take any risks. You are guaranteed to rave about your new look after the treatment.

Care is the be all and end all, especially for the ombre look

Since the ombre look involves coloring or bleaching your hair, it is important to take care of your hair regularly after the treatment. We would be happy to advise you on this in our ombre hairdressing salon in Essen and would be happy to recommend suitable products. We also advise you to have the tips cut at regular intervals so that your hair remains free from split ends and continues to look strong and healthy. If you wish, make an appointment in our salon quickly and easily and treat yourself and your hair to a break from the stressful everyday life. Reward yourself with a chic styling or a completely new look, such as the trendy ombre look.