What types of starting strategies are there

Catan starting strategies - current data?


Based on my experience as a board game enthusiast / collector, I have noticed that many players with different levels of experience initially access the board from a statistical point of view. Tiles numbered 5 through 9 are the most likely to generate the most resources as the game progresses and are therefore the most desirable. Ergo would be a good starting position at the intersection of as many of these numbers as possible, such as 8-5-9. If you prefer the "port" strategy, look for those numbers (especially 6 and 8) that are adjacent to a port and try to work around this. Remember, your second placement will also give you resources. Even if the most coveted spots have been taken, you may be able to get a fundamental resource from a starting village. In terms of resources, wood and bricks are usually crucial to profit. However, wheat is the most diverse as it is used for 3 out of 4 evolutions. However, through observation, I've found that a port strategy works best when a title is next to a resource of that type along with another of those tiles with a "desirable" number. That being said, regardless of strategy, I'd say a solid placement is to place next to as many desirable numbers as possible (in the worst case scenario, you have a ton of goods that you don't need) and use your second placement for resources if necessary to win that you think is "hard to come by".


You did not answer the question. The OP wants actual data, not an opinion on the strategy.