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Conventional dermoscopes often "filter" important color information if they only work with blue-white LED light or reddish lamp light.
Conventional Dermatoscopes "Filter" often unintentionally important color information if you only work with blue-white LED light or reddish incandescent light.

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Have you asked yourself whether you maintain a standardized light quality similar to daylight for each dermoscopic examination with a conventional dermoscope?
Have you ever wondered whether you can maintain the daylight-like light quality prescribed for skin cancer screening when you do a Handheld dermatoscope more conventional Take Bauart to help?
Early recognition of skin cancer is inconceivable without a high quality dermoscope.
Early detection of skin cancer is without a high quality Dermatoscope unthinkable.
This is a significant benefit when compared to first generation video dermoscopic devices with simple zoom optics.
This is especially true compared to first generation devices of video dermatoscopes with simple zoom optics a decisive advantage.
Derma Medical Systems is the worldwide leader in digital dermoscopy.
So the detection of melanoma with dermoscopy can give good prognosis.
So with the detection of melanoma Dermatoscopy can give good prognosis.
So, the typical application of dermoscopy is early detection of melanoma.
Such is the typical application of the Dermatoscopy Early detection of melanoma.
Special small contact plate for the examination of difficult to access lesions. Detailed dermoscopy compendium.
FotoFinder's medicam 800HD is available with the naevi documentation systems dermoscope classic (more ...) and dermoscope tower (more ...).
The gold standard with medicam 800HD is available in the configurations dermoscope classic and dermoscope tower for the Naevi documentation.
Using the polarization filter you can examine the skin with no reflections without dermoscopic liquids.
By attaching a polarization filter, you can also work in polarization mode without the Application of Fluids the skin reflection free examine.
Standardized dermoscopic Images are the basis of an advanced image system.
For this purpose the "Convolutional Neural Network" (CNN) was trained with the currently largest data collection of dermoscopic images including corresponding diagnosis.
The "Convolutional Neural Network" (CNN), which currently has the largest collection of data, was used for this purpose dermatoscopic Images including the associated diagnosis are trained.
Of course, bodystudio complete for dermoscopy and Total Body Mapping will also be equipped with the new "full HD" camera (more ...).
Of course, bodystudio complete also works for Dermatoscopy and standardized "Total Body Mapping" now with Full HD.
Cryotherapy definition: It is one of the dermatological Read More » Dermoscopy for melanoma The skin is the most affected organ by cancer.
Cryotherapy Definition: It is one of the dermatological Read More » Dermoscopy course melanoma The skin is the organ most affected by cancer.
The criteria of the lesions by dermoscopy can be primary or secondary ones
The criteria of the lesions by Dermatoscopy can be primary or secondary
Skin problems may also be diagnosed by dermoscopy:
Skin problems can also be due to Dermatoscopy be diagnosed:
risk.One of the most common diagnosis technique is by dermoscopy.
Risk. One of the most common diagnostic technique is from Dermatoscopy.
Also this year some of Janssen Cosmetics products have made it on the nominations list for the 2016 Aestheticians' Choice Award by the Dermascope...
This year, too, some Janssen Cosmetics products have made it onto the nomination list for the Aestheticians' Choice Award des American...
The biggest employers are the printing company Ringier and the market research institute DemoScope.
The largest employers are the Ringier printing company and the market research institute DemoScope.
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