What is a plausible explanation


plausible (German) [edit]


Word separation:

plau · si · bel, comparative: plau · si · b · ler, superlative: plau · si · bels · th


IPA: [plaʊ̯ˈziːbl̩]
Audio samples: plausible (Info), plausible (Info)
Rhymes: -iːbl̩


[1] understood as comprehensible, credible


from the Latin adjective plausibility→ la = "Approving", from the verb chat, plausī, plausum→ la = "(Applause) clap" [Sources are missing]

Sense releated words:

[1] acceptable, acceptable, understandable, plausible, comprehensible, convincing, understandable

Opposite words:

[1] implausible, implausible, incomprehensible


[1] This is one plausible Explanation.
[1] It seems to have got around that the existence of Christian God is just as much plausible is like that of the other gods.[1]
[1] They often sound the same plausible how outrageous - and yet they are fictitious. The EU Commission head calls for more self-regulation by social networks in order to ban so-called fake news.[2]

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] with grade particle:very, veryplausible
[1] with adverb:barelyplausible
[1] with adjective:littleplausible
[1] with preposition:at themost plausible ( Audio (Info), Audio (Info))

Word formations:

check plausibility, check plausibility, check plausibility

Translations [edit]

References and further information:

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