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Costco shipment tracking

What is Costco

Established in 1976 under the name Price Club, Costco is an American multinational that enables you to purchase products in bulk at wholesale prices. Costco's broad offerings include clothing, electronics, home decor, furniture, jewelry, books, handicrafts and much more. The Costco store also offers fresh produce such as poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, dairy products, and even fresh flowers. Costco was considered the second largest retailer in the world in 2015, number one just behind Walmart. Costco opened its first warehouse in Seattle in 1983 and now has more than 780 warehouses around the world. The company's headquarters are now at the following address:

999 Lake Drive,
Issaquah, Washington,
United States.

You can buy your products at any Costco store or order from and have your Costco package delivered to your doorstep. From the very beginning, Costco has set itself the goal of offering its customers quality products at affordable prices. Ordering your products online is no longer a problem. You don't have to wait several days for your order. After you have placed an order, you can track your order using the Costco tracking number provided and stay updated on your Costco package.

Can I track my Costco order?

Concerned about your Costco order? Simply log into your Costco account and go to "My Orders". A list of your orders will open. You can track any order by simply clicking on that particular order and knowing where it is. Costco's order tracking keeps you up to date from the time you place your order to the time it is received. The Costco tracking number will keep you informed of your order so you can always check it out if you want to find your package.

Cotsco tracking is also a simple process thanks to Ship24. If you would like to specify your Costco order, all you have to do is enter your Cotsco tracking number in the search bar on the Ship24 homepage. When you click the Enter key, your order status will be displayed with the various steps of delivery.

How long does Costco take to ship?

Costco shipping depends on the quantity, weight and size of the product. Only a few products are available for express delivery. If you choose express shipping, you will likely receive your package the same day you ordered it. However, shipping costs may be slightly higher for same-day shipping. Costco's shipping costs will be displayed before you confirm your order. The other costco home delivery option is 2 day delivery. You will receive your package within 2 working days. Here the shipping costs are completely different than for express delivery. If you order fresh produce, you can use the same day shipping option and place your order through Instacart. With Instacart, it will be delivered within an hour or two of the order being placed. However, this service is only valid in some regions. So before ordering, please check that this service is applicable to your region.

What shipping methods are available at Costco?

The majority of items are shipped using this method and through partnerships (e.g. with UPS, USPS or, again, FedEx). If the buyer chooses express shipping, an additional fee will be charged.

  • The standard delivery with / without appointment:

This is the same method as for standard delivery. The only difference is that the package is left near your front door with no appointment or signature required.

  • Roadside delivery:

Your item will be shipped with a carrier with this option and delivered directly to your driveway. This option allows you to select a fixed date. A signature is required upon delivery.

This method is the same as roadside delivery, but it is used for the large item. Deliveries are made to the first dry area on your property (front door, garage ...) to ensure a safe purchase, protected from rain or other natural elements.

  • The room of choice delivery:

This option affects more furniture or bulky items and allows you to choose a room in your house / apartment where the carrier will deliver the item. A fixed date and a signature are required for this type of dispatch.

  • The delivery of the white gloves:

With this option, the carrier will unpack, set up, and inspect the item to make sure it is what you expected.

For several items, Costco offers home delivery with easy connection.

  • Costco Grocery Delivery:

Costco groceries are only available in select markets. Items marked “2 Day Delivery” may incur an additional charge of $ 3 for delivery. However, this surcharge does not apply to orders of $ 75 or more.

What does incoming orders mean at Costco?

The order received indicates that your order has been received by Costco and will soon be shipped. As soon as the order has been picked up by the sender, the status changes to shipping. If you've made an online payment, the order status will show "Confirmed" once the payment is complete. Online bank payments sometimes take time, so it can take a while for the status to change from "received" to "confirmed".

Does Costco have free shipping?

Free shipping from Costco is available for orders over $ 75. Orders under $ 75 will incur a Costco delivery fee of $ 3. In addition, Costco has various offers and promotions, including free shipping, so you can take advantage of the special offers available to take advantage of the Costco free delivery service. For delivery on the same day (when ordering via Instacart), Instacart itself will charge additional service fees of 10%. Download the Instacart app and have your favorite fresh produce delivered the same day at Costco.

Who does Costco use for shipping?

Costco delivery services are handled very carefully. Reliable delivery services ensure that the packages are delivered carefully and undamaged. As a result, Costco is very specific about its services, using FedEx delivery services, Canada Post, UPS, and Purolator for deliveries. In this way, your package will remain in good condition and will be delivered to you in its original condition. So you don't have to worry about your package during the shipping process. Shop for your favorite products at home simply by visiting and have them delivered to your door.