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Into the Night on Netflix: 12 Things That Don't Make Sense

The new Netflix series Into the Night started on May 1, 2020 and quickly earned a place in Netflix's top 10. The Belgian original has a multicultural group of survivors flee from the deadly rays of the sun on an airplane. A tense intimate play with massive logic errors unfolds in a very small space. We have put together a small overview.

Into the Night: This Netflix series is great fun

To get straight to the point: I had a lot of fun with Into the Night. The series is approximately 37-minute long with its six episodes extremely entertaining and entertaining. The airplane chamber play with its explosive ensemble of figures is more than once reminiscent of the House of Money.

In the Spanish Netflix hit, too, the mixture of suspense, kitsch and clich├ęs wins over one or the other logic error. As a science fiction series, Into the Night does not take science very seriously. Lined up here Nonsense of nonsenseWhich, in connection with the extremely constructed conflicts on board the A-320 aircraft, causes a lot of frustration.

Into The Night on Netflix: There is no logic in the Apocalypse

The mistakes in Into the Night are so diverse and glaring that the question arises as to whether the scriptwriters even researched their series project. It starts with the characters who appear in the face of the solar apocalypse as unexpected experts reveal in various areas.

  • So can a Helicopter pilot suddenly fly a passenger plane and even land without any problems with the help of a YouTube tutorial.
  • A Geriatric nurse can suddenly treat and cauterize gunshot wounds in an emergency.
  • And a Sky Marshall turns out to be an expert in mechanical engineering who can easily repair complex on-board electronics.

Into the Night: No idea about airplanes and technology

The main location of Into the Night is an airplane, more precisely an A-320 machine. Even so, the authors have failed to get a basic understanding of the Function of a passenger plane and to acquire general knowledge of technology and physics.

Here some examples:

  • A Hole in the window a pressurized cabin can be sealed with a simple board and tape, even though the inner wall is curved.
  • There are tens of thousands of passenger planes in the air every day. Nevertheless, at no point in the series is it apparent that this is the case other planes on the way.
  • An airplane cannot do it by itself and without using the engines drive backwards.
  • Insubordinate passengers are in the Airplane toilet locked. The authors probably forgot that these can be opened from the inside.
  • With the help of an ordinary radio, a Radio message from a space station be received.
  • Physics basic course: Angry soldiers drive behind the starting machine and shoot at it. They hit one of the front side windows.

In Into the Night, many more errors creep in every second, which we cannot even list here in their entirety. One of the funniest mistakes, however, is complete ignorance of the Human anatomy.

Into the Night: Netflix series don't have to be logical

For example, the Russian passenger reveals one Scar under her belly button and tells of their distant or sold kidney. I only had a 4 in biology, but even I know that this can't be anatomically correct.

Also that one Blood poisoning can be treated by simply removing a piece of necrotic skin, leaves even a layman's hands clasped over his head.

Into the night: emergency surgery in the cockpit

Into the Night rejects scientific logic. Actually, that's not bad at all. After all, the tension and the claustrophobic terror should be in the foreground here. Nevertheless, the series does not even manage to follow its own rules.

So the series explains to us that the sun deadly gamma radiation that destroys the DNA of biological materials such as humans, food and fuel. After we are told several times that the sun is also necessary for the aircraft Kerosene makes it unusable, ordinary car fuel does not appear to be impaired. The characters use cars several times in areas that have already been destroyed by the sun.

Yes, into the night can be quite a frustrating experience. Nevertheless, the series enjoys great popularity worldwide. The motto here is: just turn off your head, Have fun and enjoy the characters' hysterical arguments.

You can watch the trailer for Into the Night here:

Into the Night - S01 (English subtitles) HD

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