Why do we plant fruit trees

Plant fruit trees correctly - that's how it works

Spring, autumn or winter: when to plant which fruit trees

Are you wondering what time of year to plant your fruit tree? It depends on the variety. But: You shouldn't use the fruit trees when they are actively growing. Here is an overview, when you which fruit trees plants:

You plant these fruit trees in spring:

You plant frost-sensitive species from March to mid / end of April. This includes:

  • peach
  • apricot
  • Wine
  • Cowardly
  • kiwi
  • Cherry (in rough layers)

The reason for this: they can only take root and get used to the new location over the course of the year if there is sufficient warmth. And: the earlier you plant your fruit trees, the better, because this way they can form more roots.

You plant these fruit trees in autumn:

You can use species that are less sensitive to frost from mid-October to mid-November plants. These are for example:

  • Apple
  • pear
  • Plum
  • most of the soft fruit

The above-ground part of the tree will no longer sprout, but the roots will continue to grow well into November. The advantage: Your fruit tree develops shoots earlier in spring and can better supply itself with water.

And in the winter?

In theory, you can also plant domestic fruit trees in winter. However, we recommend the sapling prefer to put in autumn or spring. The conditions at these times of the year are simply better.