Nothing can be a logical impossibility


  • ↗ (a) thing of impossibility unworkable · impossible ● not representable jargon · not representable jargon · (There is) nothing to be done inf. · No chance! inf. · not to be made (to be) inf., main form
  • Don't come up with (to) · dare to (and ... / to ....) · don't dare (and) ● (...) just don't (...) inf.
  • how did I get there! ● I definitely won't (do) that! variable, main form · (but) not me me! coll. · But otherwise you're fine (aren't you) !? coll., ironic · But you can wait (long) for it! ugs. · You would like that! ugs. · That would (yes) be even nicer! ugs. · But I know that! coll. · This is how you look! coll., saying · That’s still to come! coll. · Spin yourself out! coll. · Dream on! coll. · but hello! inf. · everything clear (laconically defensive) inf. · as if! coll., youth language · everyone can come! coll., saying · but you can wait a long time for it! ugs. · everyone could come! coll., saying · that could suit you! coll. · yes no, is clear coll. · any other wishes? coll., ironic · anything else? coll., ironic · whoever believes it will be blessed coll., ironic, saying · where are you thinking !? coll. · where would we be! coll., saying · where am I going! inf.
  • (the) wish (is / was) the father of the thought · Illusion · ↗Speak world · ↗Wish image · ↗Wish thinking · ↗Wish dream · ↗Wish idea · false hope · ↗frommer wish ● ↗Soap bl ase fig. · Beautiful dream fig. · Too high (target) fig. · ↗Blossom dream go.
  • to make an effort in vain · to struggle (to) in vain · have no chance (against) ● cannot score fig. · (With something is) no flower pot to be fetched coll., Fig. · To grit one's teeth inf., Fig. · To bite on granite inf., Fig. · Never come across a green twig coll., Fig. · Not getting a foot on the ground coll., Fig. · Get ​​no cuts coll., Fig. · Cannot win a flower pot (with) inf., Fig. · Not getting a foothold on the earth inf., Fig. · Get ​​no stitch inf., Fig., Variable
  • definitely not doing · not wanting ● (something) does not occur to me in a dream inf. · (something) would not occur to me in a dream inf. · I'll do the devil (and ...) inf. · I do not think about it! coll. · I have better things to do (than) coll. · I will do the devil (and ...) coll. · I will be careful (to / and ...) coll.
  • out of the question ● (it) will not come to anything (from something) inf. · (it) will not come to anything (with something) inf. coll., regional, Westphalian · Sentence with X - was probably nothing! coll., saying · does not work (with someone) inf. · has nothing to do with inf. · has something with inf. · is not inf., North German · is not inf.
  • inconceivable · ↗inconceivable · ↗inconceivable · ↗inconceivable
  • I don't play with · that was not agreed upon · not with me
  • not with me nonsense. · only about my corpse nonsense. · give it a try. · just try nonsense.
  • (the) prognosis is unfavorable · (it) does not look good (for / with) ● (the) prognosis is poor technical, medical · (it) looks bad (with / for) inf. · A miracle would have to happen inf. · I see black (for) inf. · If a miracle doesn't happen (soon) (...) inf.
  • (...) ass! derb · (der) can me with ... derb · Because of (...): You can me! derb · Because of (...): you can do me! coarse
  • (you can) beat an egg over it., casually, variable · (there you can) beat an egg over it. · just forget about it.