Why shouldn't I pee in the shower?

4 reasons why you should pee in the shower.

Most of the time, everything that has to do with the toilet is rather shamefully faded out and viewed as "dirty". There are good reasons to take a closer look at your own urine. Because not only is urine sterile and completely non-toxic, there are some applications where urine has really good effects. Urine mainly consists of glucose (grape sugar), amino acids and electrolytes, so it is completely harmless. Here we will show you how to use urine - and why you should pee in the shower more often.

1. Urinating in the shower

If someone admits they pee in the shower, they'll get funny looks at best. Not only is it completely hygienic, it also saves a lot of water. The advocates for this method calculate that every German consumes 15 liters of water a day just by flushing the toilet. With around 80 million people, you can easily get to 400 million cubic meters a year. That is eight times as much water as in the entire Lake Constance. There are now many toilets with a water-saving function, but not all of them use them, and even in industrialized countries, not every toilet is equipped with this feature. Since most people shower every day and you wash yourself anyway, it is definitely worth using the time to relieve yourself and at the same time do something good for the environment. Additional bonus: you save toilet paper.

2. Disinfect wounds


You heard right: urine can be used to disinfect wounds. If there is no first aid kit on hand, you can flush out bleeding wounds with fresh urine in an emergency. This not only cleanses the wound, but also soothes the tissue and can relieve the pain. If in doubt, you can even take someone else's urine, the main thing is that the "donor" does not have any infections. Nevertheless, you should of course always see a doctor afterwards.

3. Skin care

In fact, urine is even used topically for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Urea, which is also found in many creams and ointments, is particularly effective here. For this reason it is important to take the morning urine and preferably the "central stream" (the central stream is the urine that comes after approx. 5 seconds), since this is where the urine concentration is greatest. The application takes place with the help of compresses and rubs. The best way to achieve its effect is to let the active ingredient soak in for a few hours.


It is usually odorless, but you can experiment by trying the treatment once you are out of town. Since the urea restores the acid balance, dry skin often calms down dramatically and rough, cracked skin experiences significant improvement.

4. Fungal diseases


Urine compresses can also be used for annoying fungal diseases, e.g. in the nail bed. It works best if you rub the affected areas with urine and let it soak under a compress overnight. After a few weeks the symptoms will decrease significantly. But here, too, the following applies: If the symptoms persist, you should always consult a doctor - who in turn can read a lot about your health from the urine.

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Well, who would have thought how versatile urine really is. In addition, there are applications outside the body, e.g. as lawn or tomato fertilizer. Many inhibitions have slowly crept in with us, so that many properties have been forgotten. At least the point with the shower is really worth considering. The environment will thank you and it really doesn't get any cleaner than the shower.