What is life energy for you

Do you often feel tired and drained? Are you listless and unfocused? Don't know how to cope with your everyday tasks?

The loss of life energy is often a creeping process that has built up unconsciously through years of stress or negative events in life.

The consequences of chronic stress can include: B. by

  • Tension in the muscles
  • a headache
  • fatigue
  • restlessness
  • Circulatory and metabolic disorders
  • Poor concentration
  • or depressed mood

to make noticable. Your body and your mind need the life energy for all functions and organs. If it is too low, your system will only work on the back burner. In order to replenish your energy and permanently reduce stress, your body and mind need time to regenerate.

Here are some suggestions for you to increase your energy level again:

  • Take time for yourself and reflect on yourself and your thoughts
  • Reconsider your inner drivers: which of them are your personal energy robbers (example: perfectionism? Helper syndrome?)
  • Recognize the energy vampires around you and try to gain distance: Who is sucking up your energy? After which encounters do you feel tired and drained? Set yourself limits!
  • Get strength from nature: Enjoy the wonderful nature with all your senses, it gives you strength and brings you to rest.
  • Allow yourself enough sleep: consciously try to perceive your biorhythm and give your body the necessary relaxation.
  • Eat a healthy diet: consciously listen to your body and eat what is good for you. You are what you eat!
  • Learn relaxation exercises: With meditation you can learn to focus again and to feel your inner center, with breathing exercises you can calm down and recharge your batteries.
  • Focus on the positive things in your life and practice gratitude.
  • End each day with a smile.
  • Let go of everything that robs you of strength and energy.

"Peace begins with each of us taking care of our body and mind every day." (Thich Nhat Hanh)

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