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For the same standard of living you need in


123.456 €

Here you can see the differences between the four main cost of living:

rental fee10%cheaper
Sports & Freetime10%cheaper

This is how much her salary is worth in another city

Life in Germany is getting more and more expensive: The ECB is sticking to the low key interest rate and so the inflation rate is rising. Inflation is the creeping devaluation of money. For a constant salary one consequently receives a smaller amount of goods. At the same time, low credit interest rates lead to more consumption - despite rising consumer prices.

But how expensive is your city? What would you have to earn in another city in order to maintain your current standard of living? This information can be extremely useful, especially if you plan to move to a new city and change jobs. Find out now how much you would at least have to earn if you move in order to be able to maintain the usual standard. This information can be particularly useful when negotiating salary with the new employer.

Comparable salary

[TARGETCITY] € 12,345

Current salary

[CURRENTCITY] € 12,345

Average salary

[TARGETCITY] € 12,345


The average salary in STÄDTENAME is approx. 123,456 e. So you shouldn't have any problems maintaining your standard of living there.

For the same standard of living in other German cities you need:

01CITY NAME12.345 €

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