How do you make the perfect meatball

Meatballs: preparation, professional tips & recipes

Meatballs, meatballs, meatballs - pan-fried meatballs are popular as a hearty meal and particularly practical for parties because they also taste good cold.

Preparing meatballs: step by step

Mama actually sizzles the best meatballs. But our favorites can definitely take on theirs! eat & drink head chef Achim Ellmer shows you step by step how to prepare delicious meatballs.

The basic ingredients

  • 60 g stale white bread
  • 100 ml milk
  • 80 g onions
  • 0.5 bunch of parsley
  • 5 tbsp oil
  • 2 teaspoons butter
  • 500 g fresh, mixed minced meat (half beef, half pork)
  • 1 egg
  • salt and pepper

Step 1: sauté onions, add parsley

First put the bread in 100 ml of water and milk for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, finely dice the onions, pluck the parsley leaves and chop. In a pan, fry the onion cubes with oil (2 tbsp.) And butter until translucent, add the parsley and allow to cool.

Step 2: squeeze out the soaked bread

Squeeze out the bread well with your hands.

Step 3: Mix the ingredients thoroughly and shape the meatballs

Mix all ingredients well, season with salt and pepper if you like. Shape the minced meat into 7 meatballs of the same size (approx. 130 g each) with damp hands. Then cover and chill for 15 minutes.

Tip: If you let the shaped meatballs rest for 15 minutes, they "relax" and keep their shape while frying.

Step 4: fry meatballs

Heat the oil in an ovenproof pan. Fry the meatballs on both sides until golden brown. Then cook in the oven at 200 degrees on the lowest rack for 10 minutes (gas 3, convection 180 degrees). Serve the meatballs with bread and a good mustard - bon appetite!

The best meatball recipes

Meatballs taste classically made from a mixture of beef and pork as well as from fish or vegetables. There is something for every taste. Here are our favorite recipes: