How do I improve essays

Writing an essay: How to write an essay?

How do I write an essay?


Before you start writing your essay, do some research on the topic. The most important key terms and you can see their connection to each other in a Mind map clarify.

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Mind map

In a mind map, you can organize your ideas thematically in the form of key terms and structure them in sub-topics. The main topic is in the middle and the associated sub-topics and aspects are arranged around it.

If you have enough information you should have an outline (outline) for your essay. These Outline helps you to structure your arguments and you can use them as your guide. A Outline for example you could design like this:

Example: essay - outline


In the introduction (introduction) of your essay you should be choosing yours Justify the topic and the introduction especially appealing shape. Your introduction should motivate the reader to read your essay. For example, you can tell the reader about current Realizations or a topic-related anecdote make curious.

The second important part of the introduction includes thethesis (thesis). You put one claim that you justify in your essay. Make sure that you always refer to this main thesis in your essay. Your essay has a so-calledred thread"Because the reader should be able to recognize a clear conceptual structure. It is sometimes not that easy to find a meaningful thesis. Take enough time for this and consider whether you can give a good reason for the thesis. Here we have you In summary, what you have to consider in the introduction:

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  • make it appealing for readers
  • Justify the topic
  • Make a thesis
  • think about how you want to justify the thesis

Body - main part

in the Bulk (body) you bring your essay Arguments before, with which you your Substantiate thesis. You are allowed to defend your own position in a subjectively evaluating way and refute other points of view. The best way to do this is to give reasons for your own view and your arguments Examples affirm. In order not to lose the reference to the thesis, you orient yourself on your previously prepared structure.

In each paragraph you deal with one argument. The so-called topic sentence introduces a paragraph and delimits it thematically. It is, so to speak, the thesis for every paragraph. After this topic sentence then follow Facts and Examplessupporting your point of view. You then do this in each paragraph. The following aspects are important for the main part:

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  • Arguments to substantiate thesis
  • through each paragraph topicsentence initiate
  • Do not lose touch with the thesis

Conclusion - that's it

In the final part (conclusion) you summarize your argument again briefly and move in Conclusion. That means you have your thesis from the introduction rephrase. Based on your explanations, you may come to a slightly different result than what you predicted in your thesis. In that case, you should change your thesis slightly in the end. Remember for the final part:

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  • Take up the thesis from the introduction in the final part
  • Rephrase the thesis and possibly change it slightly

You now know how an essay is structured and how you should go about writing it. You can now test your new knowledge with the exercises. Have fun with your studying!