How can I convert to Buddhism

Religion: How do I become a Buddhist?

Change religion: how does it work?

Never before have there been so many people with no religion in Switzerland: According to the 2011 census, one in five does not belong to any religion. At the same time, belief is more diverse than ever, and conversion, conversion to another religion, is no longer unusual.

Leaving the original religion

To change from one faith to the other, not all religions require an official exit from the previous religion. But for many this is the first logical step. Whoever wants to register his or her new religious affiliation with the community of residence can often only do so with a certificate that he or she has resigned from the regional church. A (written) proof of the conversion is usually not required. In most cantons, all you need to do to leave the church is a letter to the pastor's office, preferably with a double letter to the community where you live, which collected the church tax. Especially in rural areas it can happen that the pastor asks for a discussion; but one is not obliged to comply with the request. In some municipalities it is also possible to send the declaration of resignation directly to the political municipality. It is best to inquire about the rules at your place of residence. Then the way is clear for the conversion. This then works differently from religion to religion.

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Entering a new religion


Usually religion passes from mother to children. Nevertheless, it is basically possible to convert to the Jewish faith. The exact procedure, however, depends on the customs of the respective municipality. In some cantons the Israelite community has the status of a church under public law. Its members pay church taxes like the supporters of the regional churches.


In principle, it is sufficient to pronounce the Shahada (the Islamic creed) in Arabic in front of two Muslim witnesses. With this the believer testifies that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammed is his messenger. A Swiss umbrella organization recognized by all Muslims does not exist to this day.


In order to orientate oneself to Buddha, his teaching (Dharma) and the community (Sangha), one goes through the “taking refuge in the three jewels” or the “threefold taking refuge”. Going for refuge is usually associated with a ceremony that looks a little different depending on the Buddhist community and orientation.


There is no such thing as "" Hinduism; it is rather an umbrella term for quite different forms of religion. The connection to a certain leader or guru is also possible for Europeans at any time. However, there is no actual conversion with a corresponding creed, because as a Hindu one has to be born into a certain caste. Conversion to one of the so-called neo-Hindu movements such as Krishna is easier.


Entry or re-entry into a regional Christian church is for those who have left or converts
Possible at any time and not linked to any special conditions. The pastor at the place of residence can explain the exact procedure. Basically, however, it is sufficient to present this request to him and fill out a form that he signs and forwards to the residents' registration office. After that you are liable to church tax. Renewed baptism is not necessary for re-entrants. Those who have not been baptized before can do so.

The Roman Catholic Church of the Canton of Solothurn advertises (re) entry with an Internet presence and answers questions that may arise in this context.