Has something catastrophic happened to your Tesla?

What if autonomous driving doesn't work? Tesla fans are talking hot

by Kilian Marx on March 29, 2021

Tesla The cold temperatures in winter hit the batteries

The US automobile manufacturer Tesla is promising its customers a so-called "Full Self-Driving" package for US $ 10,000, which can be updated on vehicles as soon as it is available. But what if Tesla can't keep its promise?

User ccie6861 has started a discussion on Reddit that revolves around the topic of autonomous driving at Tesla. He wondered what consequences it could have for the automobile manufacturer if the promised update that Tesla models enable autonomous driving does not materialize. Because currently only one autopilot is included in the $ 10,000 package that supports the driver.

It is unclear whether Tesla can get rid of the broken promises through refunds. There could also be penalties and legal proceedings, says the Reddit user and asks for discussion.

The trigger was a comment by the PR chief of Ford North America on Twitter, who called Tesla's autonomous driving "vaporware", a term for products whose completion is postponed several times or never even realized. ccie6861 sees the danger that market competitors like Ford could stir up the discussions and endanger Tesla's trustworthiness.

Reddit user hondahb is 100 percent sure that he would sign a lawsuit against Tesla. He bought his model in 2019 and was given the promise that his car would be able to drive on the city streets by the end of that year. A postponement to summer 2020 and a beta version last week were also not adhered to. He is very annoyed by Tesla, the manufacturer has disappointed again and again.

Other commentators confirm this view and consider a lawsuit possible. Others, however, say that it was clear to them that they invested their money in a feature whose availability and feasibility could only be speculated about. It is precisely this speculation and future visions that would make Tesla so exciting.

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How far is Tesla's technology?

It is unclear whether these lawsuits would be final. In official product information and statements, Tesla always refers to the fact that the offer of autonomous driving is a legal issue. The hardware of the cars is prepared for the functions. However, as long as there is no legal basis for autonomous driving, the package cannot be offered. It remains unclear whether the program in its entirety would even be technically available. Because Tesla's "Full Self-Driving" technology does not seem to be mature enough to ensure the so-called "Level 5 autonomy". The program currently only includes a few functions that, for example, allow the car to park itself or recognize traffic lights and stop signs. The program does not recognize static objects and an adequate reaction to emergency vehicles, construction sites or bad weather is also not yet possible.

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