Can we travel through time with clear dreams?

"Time travel - or just a dream"

Lara-Maria, 12 years, Goldegg, Austria

* * * * *

Kate was 17 years old when she met the love of her life. That was in 2000, now she is 34 and has to live without him. Why that was so is described in this story.

Kate was busy with school and was so tired that night that she slept like a log. But it was very strange that the girl was awakened by a light gust of wind. The windows were all locked because her parents were very scared. Even if she didn't feel like getting up, she was forced off her legs to go into the hallway. There she was presented with a sight that she had never seen before. At the end of the corridor there was a mirror, she didn't see herself in it as usual, but a portal like that. Kate was afraid of it and yet something inside of her said: "Dare to!" Since the teenager was also very curious, she held out her hand. Suddenly she felt herself being drawn into this wondrous thing.

The girl fell into a kind of trance in the portal before hitting the ground. She hardly dared to open her eyes, so strange was her situation. The view that was presented to her was very strange, almost old-fashioned. A classic car was parked in front of a typical 19th century restaurant. Since she couldn't think of anything better, she headed straight for the building, where loud noises could be heard. When she entered, they received distraught looks, the talk ceased and all eyes were on Kate.

After a few moments people turned around and the noise started all over again. But Kate could clearly hear one of the men saying to his buddies: "Have you seen how she is dressed and how she has done her hair?" Suddenly a boy stood in front of her, certainly not older than 18. He was very old-fashioned dressed, with a cream colored shirt and brown linen pants. The others wore similar dresses and all women wore skirts with lace blouses.

The young man asked, "What can I bring you to drink?" But Kate just shook her head. She was uneasy about all of this, she wanted to go home to her own bed. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. The waiter noticed this immediately, took her by the arm and brought her into the kitchen so that she could calm down a little.

" Is everything okay with you? You seem so distracted! ”He asked gently. Kate replied anxiously: "I have no idea where I am, 5 minutes ago I was in my own room and now?" She started to cry again and the man wanted to know everything. What she did before and what she saw, then he could bring her back. So she told her story.

An hour later he had finished his shift in the restaurant and went with Kate to a library where he showed her a book on portals, including one on time travel. In a moment everything became clear to Kate, she just had to have one question answered: "What year is it?" "The year 1910" and that was the answer to all questions. Kate traveled back in time 90 years.

When she had recovered from the initial shock and Frederik, that was the young man's name, wiped away her tears, Kate could again think clearly.

Kate asked Frederik to take her to the place where the whole spell had started.

The two set off and engaged in a conversation, noting how much they had in common and how similar they actually are.

Kate felt a very close connection to Frederik, which she absolutely couldn't explain at the moment.

After a while they got to the point where Kate had been rudely promoted into the past. The portal was inviting and frightening at the same time. If she walked through, would she wake up in her room again, or maybe take another time travel?

Kate hugged Frederik, thanked him from the bottom of her heart, closed her eyes and stepped into the portal. Immediately she was surrounded by a thick fog and all thoughts seemed to disappear from her head.

She heard soft music, the fog cleared and suddenly she found herself in her bed. The alarm clock played the music a little louder and Kate found herself in reality. She had a wonderful dream, or was there something more?

She had to smile when she thought of Frederik. "It's a shame that it only existed in my dream, something could have come of it."

In the evening, she and her family looked at an ancient photo album. Her great-grandparents could be seen in front of a beautiful old house. In the picture everyone looked proud and happy. But who was that? This is your great-grand-cousin Frederik, said Kate's mother, he is said to have been a particularly lovely young man.

Kate didn't know what to think or say. Was her dream really just a dream or did she start a journey through time that night after all?