What is the most punctual airport

No time to waste? These are the 13 most punctual airports in Germany

Have your coffee at work in the morning and marvel at New York's Times Square in the evening: thanks to the plane, the dream of quickly changing location and time has long since become a reality. But at the latest at the gate, the vacation dream bursts an average of 60 times a day in Germany. Whether you sip coconuts on paradise beaches, climb snow-capped peaks or want to cross the rainforest: so that you don't lose time, our ranking of the most punctual - or least punctual - German airports this time does not tell you the destination of your trip, but rather the ideal starting point.

The ranking is based on a study by the passenger helper portal Airhelp. The punctuality of flights at the 13 largest German airports was analyzed throughout 2018.

Whoever is one of 69 million passengers annually from largest airport in Germany and one of the largest in the world is starting, which should have plenty of stamina and patience in its luggage. Believe it or not, 76,670 of the 226,500 flights at Frankfurt am Main International Airport (FRA) take off later or are canceled completely. With 33.9 percent of unscheduled connections, the Rhein-Main airport thus brings up the rear in the ranking for the most punctual airports in Germany.

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