Feel valued by your partner

I don't feel valued by my partner for what I do

A relationship is much more complex than sharing an apartment with someone. Having life together implies that everyone is part of the other's life. For this he has to give her his place (and vice versa). A very human feeling is that at some point you don't feel recognized by your partner. If the situation persists, there is the problem. ¿What should you do if your partner does not appreciate you?

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  1. What to do if you don't feel valued by your partner: 4 tips
  2. The need to feel valued as a couple
  3. How can I know if my partner values ​​me?

What to do if you feel unappreciated by your partner: 4 tips

¿Have you felt unappreciated by your partner lately? This is a bit of a complicated situation as it is not always so obvious that someone does not value you. However, if you feel "let down" by your partner, if you think you are in the background in your life, then you are probably not evaluating yourself as you deserve ..

In these cases it is important that you take action on this matter and try to change this situation. If you do not feel valued enough, this can in the long term, Your self-esteem, safety, and self-esteem are all affected. Therefore, do not wait any longer!

Start evaluating yourself

If you don't feel valued by your partner, you may be focusing too much on them. It is clear that in a relationship, your partner will support, advise and be by your side when you need them. But you will not be the center of attention, you cannot expect all of your needs to be met. You are busy with your life and therefore you have to value yourself in order not to ask so much from the other. This is the first step in having a more satisfying relationship for both of you. love yourself!

Talk to your partner

Talk about what you are feeling without asking if you really have reasons to feel that way. When these ghosts are on your head, they are preventing you from enjoying the relationship. And the only way to end all of these doubts is Talk about your fear with the only person who can give you all the answers you need.

Learn to ask what you need

If you feel unappreciated by your partner, you may be missing out on something you need. In this case, ask for it in complete freedom. Make your requests not in the form of an imperative, but in a assertive tone because the way you ask about things can help you improve your relationship.

Analyze the causes of your feelings

To know the reasons for it Why do you feel this way It is convenient that you analyze the causes to identify the reasons that make you feel unevaluated. For example, your partner may have been one hundred percent focused on their work and left you in the background. Or maybe something has changed between you and the point of twist that torments you. The last thing to do in a situation like this is to shut up and keep whatever you feel inside yourself. Indifference doesn't help solve couple problems.

This other article from Psychology-Online will tell you how to heal a couple's toxic relationship so they can give you some tips to help you run around and enjoy a healthier life.

The need to feel valued as a couple

However, you may not feel valued by your partner ¿You have analyzed where this need comes from? A couple needs to value you, of course, but often we ask that whoever transfers us give us assurance that we are doing what we are doing. And that is a serious mistake. We have to take that into account We are the first to appreciate ourselves, respect us and never fail. Our partner is more for more, someone who adds something that will make us feel better. But we must never expect our self-esteem and confidence to come out of it.

That is why it is important that you start loving yourself, trusting yourself and yourself do not need the consent of others. All you have to do is be satisfied with yourself, be familiar with the life you lead, and not expect others to applaud you. If that comes up, it's great, but the goal that you need to pursue is your own satisfaction.

So we recommend that you make these changes:

  • Avoid emotional attachmentOften the reason the need for appreciation from your partner arises is because you experience an emotional attachment, i.e., dependence. You depend on your partner, his opinions and his outlook on life in order to feel comfortable and happy. Serious Mistake You should be the one to lead the way in your life, you can help with others, but you should always be true to your thoughts and ideology.
  • Be independent in the pair: In order to appreciate yourself more and not be so dependent on your partner, it is important that you are independent, have your own space, your dreams and individual projects. The healthiest for a couple is a life together, but also an independent life in which everyone can continue to take care of their friends, continue with their hobbies and their own interests.
  • Realize your accomplishments: we are often too demanding with ourselves. This means that we are constantly marking goals and objectives to be achieved, but when we achieve them later, they are rarely celebrated. It is important that you reserve a space in your life to reward yourself, to relax, and to enjoy achieving that goal that you have been pursuing so much. When you are aware of your victories, you will be able to assess yourself better and not need as much outside recognition.

How can I know if my partner values ​​me?

However, there are times when your partner doesn't really know how to assess their side. This could be because he came out of love or just having a bad time on an individual level or in his life as a couple. Anyway, there are some signs that you can use to tell if your partner actually doesn't appreciate you. These are some of the the most common situations:

  • You don't feel like I'm by your side: You may need to talk, you may be having a bad time, something is worrying you, etc., and you may feel that your partner is not by your side. That is, don't ask how you are, don't pay attention to this complication, and so on. We have to be very aware that we cannot expect our partner to solve our problems, but it is normal to support and advise you.
  • He has no time for you: It is also very common for a couple who do not appreciate the fact that you are not paying attention. If a plan is more interesting than being with you, if you feel that it is never available or will be rejected by a plan, then it is of no value to your business. Talk to him or her to find out what can happen, as big changes can usually be achieved with a good conversation.
  • Do not recognize your successes: and finally, if a person ignores your achievements or does not acknowledge your efforts, they do not judge you. You don't need to be throwing a party, but you need to make yourself happy and, deep down inside, be happy for you too. In a couple (as in a relationship between friendship or family) a very close and strong bond is created through which their successes are celebrated as their own.