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The project "Experienced learning and interactive experimentation in extended real environments (ELIXIER)" is funded as part of the BMBF funding measure of the focus "Experiential learning". The aim is to demonstrate and evaluate an intelligent experimentation environment for internships that enables "seamless" learning support throughout all phases of the experimentation process (orientation - preparation - implementation - follow-up). Here, learners and teachers receive context-based assistance through multimodal displays in the real environment during preparation and follow-up as well as setting up and carrying out experiments. This mixed reality laboratory environment enables adaptive feedback in the experimentation process and seamless learning with individual experiments. By linking real and virtual modules, ELIXIER expands the possibilities of interactive learning and provides a universally applicable and practical learning system.

Together with five cooperation partners from industry and research, the AG Didactics wants to develop a universal system and an authoring environment for the Seamless Smart Lab (S2L).

The feasibility is to be shown using three demonstrators from the fields of chemistry, neurobiology and electromobility. In addition to the didactic and learning theory requirements for experimenting in mixed reality systems, interaction concepts should also be defined that guide the design of the demonstrators during the course of the project.

The preparation of topic-specific learning content, the implementation of an S2L core and a storyboard processor as well as the structure and implementation of selected methods of learning analysis and their evaluation are in the foreground in the development of the demonstrators.

Project duration

Project partner
Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH
Bauhaus University Weimar
Fraunhofer Institute IDMT, Ilmenau
LD Didactic GmbH, Huerth
Walk Engineering GmbH, Eggolsheim

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Didactics of Physics (Free University Berlin)

Overall responsibility
Dr. Jürgen Kirstein
Prof. Volkhard Nordmeier

Dr. Sebastian Haase
Doro Ermel
Marcus Pfaff

Student assistants
Robert Gerlach
Dennis Schmidt

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Free University of Berlin
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