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Rumors: Ebay wants to sell its classifieds

Ebay seems to be rumbling these days. Only a few weeks ago speculation arose that the online marketplace could be taken over by the US stock exchange group Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) - a short time later it was reported that Ebay had refused a purchase. Now there are new reports: Accordingly, Ebay is currently examining the sale of its classifieds division.

Ebay classifieds could be worth up to 10 billion euros

As the news portal n-tv reports with reference to Insider, Ebay has already taken “concrete steps for a possible sale of the classifieds business” and looked around for potential buyers. Among them are, for example, the Berlin media company Axel Springer, but also the African tech investor Naspers and the US investment companies TPG and Blackstone.

Should a sale actually take place, Ebay could take billions through this step: Insiders would have estimated the price at around ten billion dollars. First of Ebay's classifieds business could be around $ 10 billion. The first expressions of interest for the Ebay Classifieds Group, to which Ebay classifieds belong, should be made in March.

Rumors of classified ads have been circulating for months

It is not the first time that a potential sale of Ebay classifieds has caused a stir in the industry. As early as March 2019 there were rumors that the media company Axel Springer SE was interested in the Ebay Classifieds Group. In the autumn of last year, such speculations were once again supported by reports that investors continued to put pressure on Ebay to promote the sale of the StubHub ticket platform and a spin-off of the classifieds division. StubHub was sold a short time later - shortly before the turn of the year - to rival Viagogo.

The rumors could be fueled further, as Axel Springer recently cut its dividend and instead announced that it would make higher investments.