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The best is (not) good enough

The fifth and so far best game of the San Francisco 49ers of the season ended again in a defeat. Colin Kaepernick, however, remembered for the first time in what felt like an eternity of the quarterback who led the 49ers to the Super Bowl in spring 2013 and to the Conference Final a year later. It just didn't help. The 49ers are the bottom of the NFC West with a 1-4 record and Kaepernick's indication that a 12-4 season would still be possible could come directly from Schoko Schachner. The problem that day was that on the other hand, Eli Manning on the last drive remembered the man who twice snatched the New England Patriots away from the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl the title that was only apparently ready for pickup. 41 completions, 441 yards of passing and three touchdowns. The running game of the New Yorkers is still lagging behind, with Manning as distributor on Beckham and Randle, combined with the enthusiastic running back Shane Vereen, who is increasingly being converted into a receiver, the offense is overall among the top 10 in the league. If you also have a tight end like Larry Donnell, you can conjure a big play out of your hat in almost any situation. The Giants, who have been unbeaten in three games, do nothing else. Side detail: Manning has now won 102 games with the NY Giants. More than any other franchise quarterback before him.

The reward for this is the lead in the standings in the, as always, hard-fought NFC East. Also because in Dallas the worst case I last drew is slowly threatening to take shape. In Texas, it's the other way around. For three rounds you have been standing there with no countable success. If you could keep up halfway against Atlanta and New Orleans, New England was never in danger of losing the game in Arlington. Bye Week may come at just the right time for Dallas. Brandon Weeden will sit down on the bench again and before Romo comes, Matt Cassel should try not to let the gap on the Giants grow any further. A nice opportunity arises for already in week 7, when the cowboys will make a guest appearance at the Met Life Stadium.

Why this alone (Cassel for Weeden) should improve can perhaps be better explained with the phrase bogus than with arguments. New broom, fresh wind, nicely cleaned shoes, vertical more steam in the arm, etc. etc. The fact that there are other problems in Dallas in addition to the skill positions is something that people like to weigh up. The O-Line, which was praised as the best of all 32 in all forecasts before the season, does not quite do justice to these previews and the defense is spectacularly lost in mediocrity. You could put Brady under pressure with the two returnees Hardy and McClain and sag five times, but the bottom line was a completion rate of 74 percent, 275 yards passing and three touchdowns. You couldn't really trash talk before Brady gave you a broadside. With a sneak, for example. The game in two weeks will therefore probably point the way, because Washington and Philadelphia also plan to leave Dallas behind them as quickly as possible during this phase.

Who needs 18 seconds?

Over time, in the NFL, you take it very seriously. Not so at the Monday Night Game in San Diego, when a falsely scrolling clock did not catch the officials' eye and the game was shortened by 18 seconds. When the clock ran out, the Steelers took risks and were rewarded. Le'Veon Bell reached the end zone just before his knee hit the ground. Everything went well? Not for the Line Judge who has been suspended. The stadium clock is official, but it is his job to control it. Referee wrong decisions are now more and more often a crucial part of the game if they are not reversible or, as in the case, go unnoticed. Hopefully the accumulation is based on coincidences. And there was another loser (everything just thinks of Pittsburgh): The San Diego Chargers. Who says the Steelers, with whom Michael Vick experienced a fourth spring, at least in small doses, couldn't have got by on Big Play in the phase? Vick passed seven times on the last drive, four of them deep. With a little luck for the Chargers, they would have had half a minute on the clock after a touchdown. In this respect, the suspension of the referee is doubly justified. Actually, the entire crew has to be questioned, because the mistake was too obvious. Shame on them.

San Diego once again has its famous "run". To be on 2-3 with the third best offense in the league (!), That is only possible if you lose against the AFC North teams with five (Cincinnati) or currently four points (Pittsburgh). There seems to be a lot more inside. A feeling that the Chargers have had for half a century. Whether the next opponent will bring a balanced record, maybe that's in old books. Against the Green Bay Packers, the Californians have won exactly one game in NFL history. It was October 7, 1984 when they were allowed to leave Lambeau Field as a 34:28 winner. The reasonably good news: They only met ten times in total. The game will be shown live on Puls 4 next Sunday from 10:25 p.m.

Apart from Pittsburgh (3-2), Cincinnati is doing very well in the AFC North. Five games, five wins and now my nerves seem to be holding up. Against Seattle they were 7:24 behind after three quarters, followed by a splendid comeback by Andy Dalton, who with Tyler Eifert has a tight end of the size and slowly the Gronkowski brand. A quality that Cincinnati didn't always have: turning games against good teams. As a rule, panic broke out among the Bengals in such a situation. Regularly in the first playoff round, from which you were kicked out four times in a row. You get the feeling that that doesn't necessarily have to happen this year.

For Seattle, the defeat was further proof that it will be a long way to the playoffs this year. The two victories were won against teams that had not yet won a single game at the time. After Arizona shot Detroit out of the stadium, against the one Seattle needed the referees to win the previous week, we also know where the hammer will hang in the NFC West at the end. In the very south.

Learning To Lose

Some things in the NFL are so unexpectedly safe, like the Schwarzkappler, if you don't have a ticket with you just once (otherwise always!).

Fully trained fans of the Atlanta Falcons know their way around and therefore said before and after their Thursday game against the New Orleans Saints: We did win against Houston, but we only barely survived the NFC East games because we have the leading passer (Matt Ryan), rusher (Devonta Freeman) and receiver (Julio Jones), but we are only fourth in the Total Offense category. But we're really weak defensively. We know that New Orleans has no defense at all (# 32), but it's the Saints, our nemesis and it's the Superdome and we just can't help it, except for four of our six drives in the first half with turnovers to end. We learned how to lose again in good time and now we know that our best is not enough. We are the Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta meets Tennessee, Tampa Bay and San Francisco in the next three weeks. You're probably not going to go into Bye Week with a 5-4, even if the Atlanta appendix will be amazed. Devonta Freeman is a miracle out of nowhere and every fantasy owner's dream. The 23-year-old has touched the ball 138 times so far. There were over 800 yards of offense and ten touchdowns. Fix defense and win!

5-0 for Denver's Defense

To be unbeaten doesn't always mean to be carefree. In Denver there are initial voices calling for a quarterback that most cannot even spell. Peyton Manning whistles from the last hole. The former number 1 in the league has a worse passer rating than Blake Bortles, Kirk Cousins ​​or Ryan Fitzpatrick. In Denver, some believe Brock Osweiler, who is still waiting for the first start in his fourth NFL season, would be better too. Manning has six touchdowns and seven interceptions after five games. In 2014 this ratio was 15-3 at the time, in 2013 it was 20-1 and in his comeback season it was already 11-3.

Manning's jokes about his picks seem more and more artificial, because he also knows that everything that is currently holding the Broncos comes from the dark side of the ball. When he is completely in himself, on days like these, it will sometimes dawn on him that what was once the best may not be enough in the end.

Football on TV

For the 2015 season, Pro7 / sat1 has secured an extensive rights package of 50 live games. Every week Pro7maxx broadcasts a morning game (7:00 p.m.) and then an evening game (10:05 p.m. or 10:25 p.m.). Puls 4, which broadcasts 30 games live, also benefits from this. Every Sunday a 10:25 p.m. game, two afternoon games (3:30 p.m.) from Wembley Stadium, as well as all playoffs, i.e. four wild cards, four divisional playoffs, the two conference finals and the Super Bowl 50. All 30 games are allowed I comment together with Michael Eschlböck. Sport1US has obtained the rights for the night games on Thursday (2:25 am), as well as Sunday and Monday (2:30 am each time). All games live, the Redzone Channel and condensed games can be seen in the NFL Gamepass. The sports portal Spox has acquired online rights for the night games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday. (Walter Reiterer, October 17, 2015)

Week 6 NFL TV program:

Buffalo Bllls vs. Cincinnati Bengals
Sunday 7:00 p.m. - Pro7maxx

Seattle Seahawks vs. Carolina Panthers
Sunday 122:05 a.m. - Pro7maxx

Green Bay Packers vs. Dan Diego Chargers
Sunday 10:25 p.m. - pulse 4

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots
Night Sunday to Monday 02:30 am - Sport1US / spox.com

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants
Night Monday to Tuesday 02:30 am - Sport1US / spox.com

Nice games and maybe until Sunday.

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