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5 things that are easier in real life than in games

Compete against hordes of zombies and survive, win a world war on your own or collect dreamer balls as a sack knight: this is only possible in games! One of the many good reasons to gamble is to do things that are just not possible in analogue life. Does that mean in general that everything works better with the controller in hand? You can't say that because there are a number of things that are much easier in real life than in games.

Be sure to check out the video linked above from the creative colleagues at Inside PlayStation and with a bit of luck you will win a great prize.

1. Stay alive

Nothing against healthy curiosity, but would you throw yourself off the next bridge without a rope and safety device? What a stupid question! But what would you do in a game? Also a stupid question, of course you are plunging into the abyss, you want to know whether your character is Fall damage takes. Apart from the fact that hopefully no monsters, weapon-staring space marines or hostile aliens appear in your real life, your common sense will protect you from hara-kiri actions.

Example: A weekend trip with friends to a former psychiatric clinic. During a snow storm, without contact with the outside world. At the place where a girl disappeared years ago without a trace. Is out of the question in real life, in an exciting one Horror game it looks different, of course.

2. Keep pace

If you want to talk to a friend about important things on the go, then you certainly don't always run twenty meters ahead, chatter cheerfully and at some point wait until the person you are talking to comes hacked at. No, you are walking comfortably next to each other: This is how communication works in real life.

In games it looks quite different: Talkative NPCs either race through the pampas at a crazy pace or creep so excruciatingly slow that you want to try out whether you can bring the digital cardboard comrade around the corner in a particularly bloody way. Can't they adapt to the speed of the player? This works in The Witcher 3, but not in many other games. Point for real life.

3. It was just an accident

Ok, hands up, anyone who has "accidentally" fired a few bullets in the back of their teammate. It was just an accident, it can happen in the heat of the moment. Nobody is perfect, and neither are we. Or what are you doing on the hunt for the super villain who threatens to escape you in a crowd? Whistle about collateral damage and just shoot or use your superpowers to level half the city? Fortunately, such questions only arise in games. Here, too, a big point for real life, in which you calmly rethink the consequences of your actions.

4. Driving a car

It's actually not that difficult: You have to turn right before left, always stop at the stop sign and if you want to turn off, please turn on the indicator. Driving is so much easier in real life than it is in most games. Either the virtual bolides steer themselves with the controller like a sip of water in the curve and you only ever see the taillights of your opponents or you really take every lantern and every pedestrian with you on a city trip. If the game is not called GTA, it can be more annoying than a traffic jam on the A7. Sure, you can practice driving and you are guaranteed to get better and better, but the real driving test was a lot easier.

5. I'll take that with me

An adventure without objects that you can pick up, collect and use is kind of unthinkable, right? While in reality you simply grab a coin and, let's say, loosely pick up a coin without thinking too much and put it in your pocket, the everyday process in some games is considerably more complex. DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers are real precision instruments, but have you ever tried to pick up a tiny object in the middle of rubble and look at it from all sides? Sometimes a mean disaster!