How can you fix a broken marriage?

Saving marriage - tips

The efforts that must be made to prevent the ultimate breakdown of a relationship are of a similar nature to those efforts that are recommended in order to prevent serious crises from occurring in the first place. The most important piece of advice you can give to (spouses) partners is to yourself to turn to each other and yourself not to turn away from each other. The care and attention that you give to each other is the basis for an emotional connection on which romance, trust and passion can be based. Many couples believe that the best recipe for rebuilding the emotional base of a relationship is to have a candlelit dinner or a getaway together. In doing so, they overlook the importance of not taking everyday togetherness for granted, as is often the case with carelessness. Turning to each other in small things every day is a more important contribution to the existence of a marriage than a two-week vacation in the Caribbean because the small (and often seemingly insignificant) gestures of attention help the partners maintain positive attitudes towards one another and so save the relationship.

When affection has waned in a partnership, it can only be rekindled if the partners are aware of the importance of this feeling to the Happiness in relationship is. Even if you sometimes find yourself wanting to pull your hair out at each other's quirks, you should still feel that the partner is worth being treated with respect. A marriage in which that feeling is no longer there is unlikely to be saved. After a serious breach of trust, possibly based on an affair or even an affair between one of the partners and a third person, it can happen that this respect is lost. In this case, it will be very difficult to revive the feeling of affection. In all other cases it is relatively easy for the partners to bring back the loving feelings for one another, namely by talking to one another about their past, about getting to know each other and the past years.

Expert tip:

For couples who see their past together in a positive light, a happy future is also in the realm of the probable. For a marriage in which shared memories tend to be repressed, however, the signs are not so good at saving the relationship.