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Mikasa Ackermann
(ミ カ サ ・ ア ッ カ ー マ ン)



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Mikasa Ackermann (ミ カ サ ・ ア ッ カ ー マ ン - Mikasa Akkāman) is the female protagonist and the adoptive sister of Eren Jäger. After completing her training as the best soldier, she later joined the reconnaissance team with Eren and Armin Arlert.


A few years before the actual story begins, Mikasa appears as a very cheerful, sociable and, for a child, very astute person.[3] However, she experiences the ruthlessness of life at a young age when she watches a predator chase and kill its much weaker prey. Even so, her childlike innocence allows her to relegate this incident to the depths of her mind and continue to lead a happy life with her parents.

That peace is abruptly destroyed when a gang of human traffickers enter their home, brutally murder their parents right in front of their eyes, and kidnap them. She watches as Eren Jäger kills two of the murderers while he tries to free them from their clutches. When the last of the kidnappers, Eren, is overwhelmed and about to strangle him for killing his accomplices, Mikasa can no longer ignore the atrocities of this world. She loses all restraint and kills the attacker without hesitation in a desperate act of self-preservation.

Mikasa is far stronger than any other girl, but she is always worried about Eren's safety. Since the characters have already had experience with Mikasa's strength, they run away from her in order not to relive this experience. The knife from the credits of the series and the scarf, without which Mikasa does not leave the house, symbolize her strength.

Although she has been very closed since the violent death of her parents, she is still very worried about her friends - especially Eren and Armin. She sees them as the last bereaved of their family, which they must not lose at any price.[4] Her personality is very much influenced and shaped by Eren in her adolescence. He tells her that if she doesn't fight for it, she has no chance of surviving.[5] These words burn like fire in her mind and come to mind every time she faces death. Her determination to protect Eren as best she could have contributed to her extraordinary development as a soldier. And although she is one of the best, she is very humble and never hangs it up or shows arrogance.

Mikasa has a keen sense of good and bad. However, she is very fixated on Eren's protection and often tries to get him to follow what she sees as the right path.[6] The otherwise cool Mikasa forgets herself when Eren is in danger and sometimes acts rashly. Nevertheless, she knows that she cannot always dissuade Eren from his decisions. For this reason, she has made it her business to follow him on each of his paths and to stick to him in every decision he makes. She mainly does this to be around him in case he gets into any trouble.[7] The only reason she joins the military, and later the Scout Force, is because she wants to keep an eye on Eren. Even though she really wished to live her life peacefully within the walls until the end of her days.

Mikasa thinks very highly of Eren's opinion. It goes so far that she immediately cuts her hair when he remarks that it is too long to be a soldier. Jean's remark, however, that it looks beautiful the way it is, doesn't seem to matter to her.[8]

In addition to her blind loyalty, Mikasa is extraordinarily controlled and level-headed. Your will is incredibly strong. No matter how dire the situation appears, she rarely loses her calmness or awareness of what to do next. Even when she thinks Eren is dead, she remains calm on the outside. Only her closest friend Armin looks behind the facade at this moment and sees her pain over the loss of her brother.[9] Even so, Mikasa is unable to completely keep out her emotions. Her strong feelings for Eren, especially when he is about to be harmed, sometimes limit her judgment - sometimes at the expense of others. An example of this is the moment when she surrenders completely to her grief over Eren's loss and loses the will to live. In doing so, she forgets the responsibility she assumed for the lives of the soldiers when she appointed herself group leader - even if unconsciously at first.

When it turns out that Eren is still alive and well, Mikasa's controlled facade shatters.[10] She openly shows her relief as she happily embraces Eren. Since that experience, her protective instincts for Eren only strengthened. Mikasa now seems to know no more boundaries to ensure his safety. It even goes so far that she is ready to kill anyone who threatens Eren's life. She develops a vengeful attitude towards those who harm him in any way. This becomes visible when, in her boundless anger, she continuously attacks the Female Titan who wants to kidnap Eren. Later, without hesitation, she attacks Reiner Braun and Berthold Fubar with her blades when they try to take Eren with them as well. When she later finds out that the two of them made it and managed to get a five-hour head start while lying unconscious on the floor, Mikasa is deeply dismayed and begins to cry at the thought of losing Eren again. But even if Mikasa gives in to her grief, it doesn't take much to get her out of it, especially since she never really gives up all hope.

Mikasa has a habit of blushing or embarrassed when others make certain allusions about her relationship with Eren. So she blushes when Ian Dietrich describes Eren as her lover during the recapture of consolation [11] or when she tells Armin after the Female Titan was captured that she would rather stay with Eren while Armin and Jean want to leave the room.[12]

Despite her independence and strength, Eren Mikasa always gives a feeling of security and security. She takes care of the scarf that he gave her on the first day they met and wears it continuously - except when it's too warm outside.[13] When she is sad, she sinks her face into the scarf, as if this would trigger a comforting feeling in her. She is very grateful to Eren for stepping into her life and saving her from a terrible fate. He taught her how to go on living and gave her new strength. For its good, she is ready to face death and even able to smile at it and accept it, as long as she can be with it for it. When Eren accuses her of not acting according to her own will, but only being able to protect him through her Ackermann instincts, Mikasa is hit hard and her personality changes enormously.[Individual proof required] She seems listless and very sad and is unsure whether she is doing something of her own free will or because her Ackermann instincts demand it of her. After Armin persuades her and convinces her that Eren only made it up to break her, she takes off the scarf that Eren gave her and tries to fight for her own convictions.[14]


Mikasa is half Asian and half European and very fit. She has shoulder length black hair. She originally wore her hair long, but Eren advised her to cut her hair shorter so that she would not be hampered on any mission. She is very slim and muscular. Her size is average, with pale skin and dark gray, calm eyes. She also has a narrow scar on her right cheek that she received when Eren tried to kill her in his titanium form.[15]

In everyday life she often wears long skirts, simple blouses and now and then a red cardigan. As a soldier, she is seen in a short brown leather jacket with the symbols of the reconnaissance troop sewn on both shoulders. Your pocket on your jacket is apparently empty. She wears a white blouse and white-gray pants. The brown boots, like the others, come down to the knees. She also wears the green scout cloak when she's on an expedition. An important part of her appearance is the dark red scarf that Eren gave her when he rescued her from the human traffickers. She never takes the scarf off because it means a lot to her. In the twenty-fifth episode of the anime and in the course of the manga, she is seen with darker, brown trousers, the legs of which she wears over her boots and with a cloak that is longer than the normal cloak of the reconnaissance troops.

On the right arm joint is a symbol, a coat of arms of her Asian roots.[16] In the manga, however, you cannot see the symbol, only the armband[17] however, it is not mentioned in the anime. Her mother put this symbol on and tells her to pass this courage on to her children. But nobody knows the meaning of this ritual anymore.


Mikasa and her mother are among the last remaining of the Oriental-Asiatic peoples. Before her parents were murdered, she lived with them from farming and hunting within the wall of Maria.[18] She undergoes a cruel ritual of her mother and lets the mark of her clan cut into her skin. Since they and their parents are the last of their kind, they are very popular with the slave traders. Because one was prepared to pay a lot for "exotic" people.[19]

Year 844, three traffickers target her. At that time, Mikasa is 9 years old. They killed their parents and then kidnapped Mikasa. Several hours later, Grisha Jäger comes to check on the family's health. Mikasa was saved by Eren, who stabbed two of the three slave traders to death, but was then overpowered by the third and was on the verge of death by strangulation. Thereupon he presses Mikasa with the word "Fight!", Whereupon she hesitates at first. Still, she remembers how cruel this world is and that only the strong survive in it. Then she stabs the third slave trader and saves Eren.

Eren gives her the red scarf that she still wears today. He reminds her of this event and she feels compelled to protect Eren. Every time she is in a hopeless situation, she reminds her of Eren's words: If you don't fight, you can't survive.[20][21] This past changed not only Mikasa, but also Eren. They later live with Eren's parents in Shiganshina District until it was attacked by the Colossal Titan.


The case of Shiganshina

Mikasa can be seen for the first time in the year 845 within the wall of Maria. She wakes Eren and tells him that they have to go home now. She is surprised that Eren starts crying. On their way home they meet Hannes. Mikasa watches as Eren complains that the soldiers are neglecting their service. Later the two watch as the reconnaissance troop returns. At home, Mikasa tells about Eren wanting to join the reconnaissance force. When Eren runs away from home, she runs after him. The two protect Armin Arlert when he is beaten up by some boys for talking about the world behind the wall.

At this moment the three watch the Colossal Titan break through the wall of Maria. Mikasa and Eren run back to their house and see that Carla Jäger is buried under a pile of rubble. Despite their attempts to free them, they fail. Hannes saves the two and they watch as Carla is eaten by the Titan. When Mikasa and Eren are on a ship, the Armored Titan breaks through the inner wall of Maria, making the area accessible to all Titans. Since Eren has the desire to destroy all titans in this world, she decides to do military service with him.

The 104th training session

After the fall of the Wall Maria, the government started a desperate attempt to win back the Wall. They sent some refugees back to Wall Maria and made them fight the titans. None of them ever come back. This prompts Mikasa, Eren and Armin to sign up for the military. They will be recruits in the 104th training session. Mikasa meets Jean Kirschstein, who praises her long black hair. But she cut her hair shorter so she doesn't get any problems with the 3D maneuvering apparatus. Jean found it hard to cut her hair shorter. When the training begins, you quickly notice how well Mikasa knows how to use the equipment. She has been hailed as one of the best recruits in history. Mikasa once asks Annie Leonhardt to teach her a fighting technique. At the graduation after her training she was the first to come.

The struggle for consolation

Before Mikasa has the opportunity to join the reconnaissance force to protect Eren, the Wall Rose is torn down by the Colossal Titan. Mikasa is assigned to a group with Annie to protect the humans from the titans while they flee in Wall Sina. Before Mikasa devotes herself to her task, she asks Eren to promise her not to do anything inconsiderate.

Later, an abnormal titan appears and tries to eat the refugees. But Mikasa kills him. She learns why people are not fleeing: a cargo is blocking the way. Mikasa asks the entrepreneur to move the cargo out of the way, but he ignores her request and begins to insult her. When Mikasa threatens him, the entrepreneur moves the cargo to one side. When a mother with her child thanks Mikasa from the bottom of her heart, she remembers how she lost her family and knows that Eren is the only one left as a family member. After finishing evacuating the people in Consolation, they go to the front groups to support their comrades. But then a new problem arises: the surviving recruits are running out of gas. The recruits protecting the supply depot are either dead or fighting the titans and access to it is inaccessible. After learning that Eren was killed, she joins a group that wants to save the supply warehouse from the titans.

The red colored scarf reminds her how Eren yelled at her that you cannot survive without a fight. This is how she regains her motivation to get up. When Mikasa prepares to kill a Titan, another Titan appears and kills the other. The Titan ignores Mikasa, giving Armin enough time to save her. The two continue their plan to protect the supply depot. Noticing that the abnormal titan is continuing his revenge against the other titans, they jointly hatch a plan to rid the supply camp of the titans standing around. With the help of a titanium they manage to get to the storage facility and fill up their gas supply.