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Amazon Business for B2B customers

The Amazon business account compared to the "simple" account

In principle, the normal Amazon account for end consumers can be used for both private and business purposes. It is therefore permissible to make purchases for your own company in this way too. However, this type of account is designed for B2C transactions. Founders quickly run into difficulties, especially if they don't just place occasional orders.

The most troublesome point is surely that Request for a correctly issued invoice. As a founder, you need this in order to be able to deduct the acquired goods for tax purposes. However, you will not necessarily receive this automatically if you order without an Amazon Business Account. If you go to the trouble of requesting the invoice, you may find that you only get a (not always correctly issued) receipt from a private seller.

Also the price comparison is tedious for founders without an Amazon business account. Because if you are subject to sales tax, the net prices are more interesting for you, but you cannot easily compare them. If you order from Amazon very often, the history can quickly become confusing. All of these and other points can be bypassed with an Amazon business account.

The advantages of Amazon Business for the self-employed and entrepreneurs

The advantages that Amazon Business offers help B2B customers save time, effort and thus money in their daily business. The following points should be of interest to most self-employed people and entrepreneurs:

  • Separation of "private" and "business": Since the original Amazon account can be continued, private orders can be neatly separated from those for the company, which makes bookkeeping easier.
  • Ordinary bills: The invoices for products that are purchased via Amazon Business must contain all mandatory information and show VAT.
  • Simple price-comparison: You can clearly display gross and net prices using a filter.
  • Offers for business customers: Some (possibly even cheaper) offers are only available to Amazon business customers.
  • Purchase on invoice: This payment option is available to you with an Amazon business account and you benefit from a payment term of 30 days.

Amazon Business offers these advantages to larger companies

The following points become more relevant the larger your company is, the more orders you place through Amazon Business and the more employees are involved in the process.

  • Store additional data: As an Amazon Business customer, you can provide additional information such as order or receipt numbers, which makes it much easier for you to allocate the invoices, especially if you order frequently.
  • Connect merchandise management systems: You can use the catalog management in the Amazon business account to set preferred retailers and / or products. However, you also have the option of connecting your own inventory management system for an even simpler process.
  • Purchasing management: You can create purchasing groups with different rights, budgets and order approvals for different employees or even groups of employees. The tool Guided Buying is available to you from a number of 10 users.
  • Procurement analysis: The tool Spend Visibility (from 10 users) supports you in evaluating your purchases, viewing the purchasing behavior of employees and discovering potential savings.

Possible disadvantages of Amazon Business

Overall, the advantages that Amazon Business offers clearly predominate. Of course, the question to be asked is to what extent companies (and their founders) are willing to make their purchases online via the internet giant Amazon, which is displacing more and more local providers.

Once this question has been clarified, there is only one real disadvantage: As a business customer, you are not entitled to return goods if you do not like them, i.e. to make use of the right of withdrawal that applies to consumers. However, this is not Amazon's fault, but a legal regulation; Business customers do not enjoy the same protection as private individuals. Nevertheless, many retailers take the products back as a goodwill gesture. By the way: Regardless of the right of withdrawal, you are entitled to a warranty if the goods are damaged.

Amazon Business: Costs and Packages

Registering an Amazon business account is basically free of charge. Orders with a value of more than 29 euros will be sent - as with a conventional Amazon account - at no additional cost. You also have the option of taking out a Prime membership with an Amazon business account in order to benefit from free premium shipping and special offers.

In addition, different packages are offered within Amazon Business:

  • "Basic" package: up to 3 users, costs 70 € plus VAT per year
  • "Small" package: up to 10 users, costs € 200 plus VAT per year
  • "Medium" package: up to 100 users, costs 500 € plus VAT per year
  • "Unlimited" package: Unlimited number of users, costs € 4,000 plus VAT per year

The costs for Amazon Business are therefore clear and, measured by the number of users, are limited.

From creation to login: set up Amazon Business

Create your free Amazon Business account: After entering your e-mail address, enter your company data (e.g. name, address and telephone number of the company) in the next step. The indication of the sales tax ID is voluntary. You will also be asked for your contact details or the contact details of a contact person.

As soon as you have entered all the data, Amazon will carry out a credit check. This is usually done automatically, but in some cases it has to be done manually and can then take up to three working days. After a successful check, about which you will be informed by email, you can use the Amazon Business Login. If you have any difficulties with Amazon Business, you can reach the hotline at 0800/3638469 or contact customer service.

You also have the option of converting your existing Amazon account into an Amazon business account. Then your order history will be taken over. However, this is optional. It is also possible to use both Amazon accounts in parallel.

Conclusion: Amazon Business offers many advantages for companies

Amazon Business enables a significantly simplified handling of invoices, regular or extensive orders and orders by several employees. Since registering an Amazon business account is initially not associated with any costs, the advantages clearly outweigh the advantages. A business account can also be an interesting alternative for Amazon sellers.

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