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Author:Martin, George R. R.

In the house of the worm - Ullstein 31104



(ISBN-13: 9783548311043)
Status:slight signs of wear
Publishing company:

Ullstein Taschenbuch Verlag

Weight:140 g
Description:Condition: 1-, very clean inside, return stamp on the lower cut edge.

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Book back text:
“Naked, surrounded by a wreath of fire, she spun through space. She wasn't breathing anymore. But she was alive. A symbiosis of man and darkling, a thing made of matter and energy, an alien, a newborn being with the mind of a human and the speed of a darkling. Melissa no longer existed. Inseparable. He was dying to come to her. Smiling, she lured him. A sinister was there for him too. Brand would dive into it, fuse to fly to the stars with Melissa, faster than any spaceship, faster than light. The galaxy was theirs. Maybe even the universe. "

George R. R. Martin, who has received the coveted HUGO Award several times for his stories and novels, is one of the most important representatives of modern American science fiction. His latest stories, united in this volume, are about the distant future and the person who has adapted to a fantastic environment without finding their way around it.

Contains the stories:

1. In the house of the worm

2. Bitter flowers (bitter blooms)

3. The lovebirds (Fast-Friend)
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Books: Novels / Stories: Science Fiction

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