When can normality feel uncomfortable?

"How will it feel when things slowly return to normal?" - Corona report # 5 with Anna

07 May “How will it feel when normality slowly returns?” - Corona report # 5 with Anna

Published at 11: 21h in Allgemein, Berlin by Peter Heuchemer

Four crisis-experienced people between the ages of 25 and 35 tell how they will experience spring 2020 and the restrictions around Corona. Today with Anna, whom we introduced to you a few weeks ago in this post.

“Just before the whole Corona thing started, I wasn't doing so well for a while. What helped me back then was being out and about a lot, making appointments, meeting friends, my meditation group, my therapy, the impressions of Berlin, the diversity around me. When Corona became more and more present in the media, I was initially unimpressed. Then the news came that the semester would start later and suddenly I couldn't keep the subject away from me.

In my environment there was an extreme change from one day to the next. If we took Corona easy the day before and joked, we discussed the next day whether it was responsible for continuing to meet. Politicians made new decisions every day, and I was totally unsteady. Everything that had given me hold in the last few weeks suddenly fell away. Even my roommate temporarily moved in with her boyfriend. So I was thrown back on myself in a very rough way. For a few days I was very afraid of a complete curfew, of the complete deprivation of my freedom. I also perceived extreme moral pressure: "If you don't stay at home, you kill other people". I found the hashtag #wirbleibenzuhause very uncomfortable. I was pretty confused, I felt like I was in a vortex. What else could I answer for myself? My moral compass was messed up, I wasn't familiar with such a situation. It is very important to me to show solidarity and not endanger other people through my actions. But I didn't want to endanger myself either, I had to take care of myself somehow. How did that fit together? Why was it called for in such an undifferentiated manner to stay at home, although that means so different things for so many people? While some were finally able to renovate their house in peace, pursue their hobby, “optimize” themselves, others slipped into crises or did not even have a home to retreat to.

When the contact restrictions came into effect and new restrictions were no longer announced every day, it slowly became a bit calmer in me. Now the situation seemed more manageable again. The most important thing stayed with me, I could still spend as much time outside as I wanted, walking was still allowed. And so my life took a big turn. I created a new structure for myself, which mainly consisted of walking, listening to music, exercising, cooking and talking on the phone. I also met friends in parks every now and then and did my part-time job in a grocery store.

I can now enjoy the peace and quiet. Everything is splashing peacefully, my moral compass is working again. It's good for me not to feel any pressure at the moment and I enjoy the slowness. But what happens after that? How will it feel when normality slowly returns? Will I come after or will it be overwhelming? What about the people who have been more economically or emotionally damaged than me? Who will take care of them? "


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IMPORTANT: If you are not doing well and need help, you will find a collection of contact addresses here that you can turn to.