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Beyond (German)

Part of speech: noun, (neuter)

Jen | on the other hand, no plural
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: [ˈJeːnˌzaɪ̯ʦ]
Word meaning / definition:
1) the supernatural realm that one enters after death
2) in Tübingen: the district south of the Neckar
Origin of the term:
In the 18th century, substantiated from the preposition / adverb beyond, which means "on the other side". The meaning is probably derived from formulations such as "beyond the grave".
1) heaven
Related terms:
1) Hell, purgatory, nirvana, limbo, limbo
Opposite words:
1) This side
General terms:
1) Worldview, cosmology, death, belief
Application examples:
1) It is now in Beyond.
1) “He, who had not found paradise in this world, now reached for it with his own indulgence Beyond.“
1) “The hope of religion in a redeeming Beyond can no longer be illustrated for him with the metaphor of light. "
2) I live in Beyond.
Saying / idioms:
1) convey to the afterlife(kill)
Typical word combinations:
1) funeral, die, light, grim reaper, death, dead, kill
Word formations:
Nominative: singular Beyond; Plural
Genitive: singular Beyond; Plural
Dative: singular Beyond; Plural
Accusative: singular Beyond; Plural


  • English: 1) afterlife
  • French: 1) au-delà (male), autre monde (male)
  • Icelandic: 1) framhaldslíf, guðsríki
  • Italian: 1) aldilà (male)
  • Swedish: 1) hinsidesliv, livet efter detta
  • Spanish: 1) el más allá
  • Czech: 1) onen svět
  • Hungarian: 1) túlvilág

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Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in German:

In Georgian cemeteries, people eat and drink with the deceased so that they can enjoy themselves Beyond goes well. Unfortunately, the veneration of the dead does not stop at Stalin either.
DIE ZEIT, 6th September 2018

Was the dream of eternal life so far Beyond bound, it now seems to be real with the possibilities of advanced technology. But how happy could an existence without end be?
NZZ Online, September 17, 2018

In Mexico it is believed that on the nights of November 1st and 2nd the dead came to visit from the Beyond come. They are greeted and celebrated with their favorite food and elaborate decorations.
Welt.de, October 31, 2018

Actors Fritz Wepper and Barbara Wussow believe in that Beyond.
Day 24, March 31, 2019

Ella de Groot doesn't believe in it Beyond. How does she celebrate Easter when it's about the resurrection of Christ?
SRF, April 20, 2019

Wherever people are Beyond imagined, it has deeply troubled them in this world.
Frankfurter Rundschau, December 23, 2019

Publicity is never wrong, even in the Beyond Not.
sueddeutsche.de, September 11, 2020

The latest update from Bungie too Beyond of Light, the upcoming chapter of Destiny 2, features some familiar faces.
GameNewz.de, October 21, 2020

The daughter wants to stay in the province while the father dreams of the breakout: Beyond The movie comedy 'The voluntary year' looks at the West German middle class from old hippie and young bourgeois clichés.
Spiegel Online, February 04, 2020

Objection regulation or voluntary? The Bundestag should decide on organ donation regulations. Beyond of ethical issues for the donor, a transplant can also be stressful for the recipient.
Deutsche Welle, January 13, 2020

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Thesaurus & Synonyms

  • Eden: heavenly place
  • Garden of eden
  • sky: Air space, vault over the earth; Mythology realm of the divine; Astronomy of the cosmos; Blanket made of fabric or similar material; Interior lining of the roof skin in motor vehicles
  • Heaven: Religion: Heaven is thought of as the kingdom of God; something that makes you happy
  • life after death
  • paradise: no plural: Garden of Eden (according to some religions [including Christianity] the place where blessed people come after death); transferred to: place of bliss, joy; Architecture portal-like porch in churches in the Middle Ages
  • Hades (Greek, mythological): Greek mythology: god of the underworld, brother of Zeus; named after underworld; Imperceptible (compare hell)
  • hell: in many religions the place where people have to atone for their sins forever after death; Place or condition associated with fear, horror, and agony; Space that is supposed to hide or cover something (for example waste space in the tailor's table or space between the stove and the wall [southern German])
  • Inferno (lat.): appalling, catastrophic event
  • Orkus (mythological, Roman)
  • Empire of the death
  • Shadowy
  • Realm of the dead: Mythology: the place where, according to many cultures, the dead move
  • Underworld: the underground realm of the dead in mythology; criminal milieu

Another word (synonym) for afterlife - source: OpenThesaurus

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page: ... on the one hand, on one side, on your part, on your part, on the other, on your part, on your part, on the other side (→ J.), Downside, on my part, on his part, on the side, on the side, on the side ...

sky: ... festivals, firmament, realms of the blessed, heaven of gods, God's throne, island of the blessed, afterlife, nirvana, Olympus, paradise, bliss 3) All, ether, fixed star sky, cosmos ...

earth:… Air 2) stone, land, water 3) sun, star, moon 6) water, sea, ocean 7) beyond, sky Superordinate terms: 3) Planet Subordinate terms: 1) ...

kill: ... turn off the light, blow it up, transport it to the Eternal Hunting Grounds, transport it to the afterlife, make it cold, send it to hell, silence it ...

world: ... is fascinating. 6) Everyone lives in their own world, so to speak. 7) The world of the hereafter has different names and meanings in the various religions. 8th)…

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