How do I pay for YouTube ads

How you can make money on YouTube

If you look at the Forbes list of the highest-paid YouTube stars, you might think that making money with YouTube videos is child's play. It's not that simple, however. The competition is now very fierce. According to its own information, it has YouTube over 1.9 registered and active YouTube users. If you want to stand out from this crowd, you need a unique selling point, a topic that matches the zeitgeist of your target group. In addition, you have to have a lot of passion and stamina, and you may need a little bit of luck. If you don't succeed in knocking the big stars on YouTube like Ryan Kaji, Dude Perfect or Anastasia Radzinskaya from the throne, you can still use YouTube as part of your social media strategy to increase your awareness, to be successful in the market position and earn money with advertising on YouTube.

Requirements for making money on YouTube

The number of users who just watch videos on YouTube is two trillion people a month. A number that makes YouTube particularly interesting for advertisers. And this is exactly where your opportunity to make money lies. As an active YouTuber, you will join Advertising revenue involved that through upstream advertising clips or in-video ads to be earned. 45 percent of the income remains with YouTube or Google. You get 55 percent. Are your currency Clicks, likes, views and subscribers. These metrics have an impact on the amount of your income. So the more attention you attract from YouTube users, the higher your earnings will grow.

In order to earn advertising revenue with YouTube, you must join the YouTube Affiliate Program (YPP). The program is an offshoot of Google AdSense, a provider of advertising for online publishers. The partner program gives you access to the Monetization features for your YouTube channel. To register, your YouTube channel must meet certain minimum requirements:

  • A channel must adhere to the guidelines of the program. Even after inclusion in the partner program, regular checks are carried out to determine whether your channel meets the requirements.
  • Your channel must already have at least 1,000 subscribers. In the case of public videos, there is also a valid playback time of more than 4,000 hours.
  • You have to accept the terms of use.
  • To receive payments, you need to have a Google AdSense account that you need to connect to a YouTube channel. To what extent AdSense places advertising in your channel, you determine in the account settings.

This is followed by an examination. If your YouTube channel does not meet the required guidelines, your application for the affiliate program will be rejected.

Adblocks on YouTube

In order to watch videos of any kind on YouTube for free, advertising is played before and after the actual content. After a few seconds, users can skip advertisements on YouTube and at least not have to watch the entire clip. Anyone who annoys advertising on YouTube pays for the advertising-free premium subscription from YouTube. Another way of using YouTube without advertising is so-called ad blockers. They enable users to block advertising on YouTube or not to download certain advertising elements in the first place. Since most free offers on the internet are based on an ad-financed business model, ad blockers on YouTube have a negative financial impact on ad revenue.

This is how you turn your reach into money

There are several ways you can earn money with your YouTube channel. If a user opens YouTube to watch a video, they can use Google AdSense and AdWords Ads Advertisements are shown before and during the retrieval of your videos. The more often your video is viewed, the higher your earnings from video advertising. YouTube itself does not provide any information on the exact earning potential. According to some YouTubers, the income is between one and two euros per 1,000 views of a video. In order to advertise with AdSense and AdWords on YouTube and earn money, you must participate in the YouTube partner program and have a Google AdSense account.

You don't necessarily have to be a member of the affiliate program to earn money with your YouTube channel. With Product placements depending on the range, you can earn good money. If your YouTube channel has so far only achieved a low reach, you can at least be happy that you are usually allowed to keep the advertised product. There are different forms of Product placement: You can just hold the product up to the camera. But you can also use a video blog called the Vlogto report on a sponsored event. Or you can test products like video games on camera before they even hit the market.

A commission You earn on YouTube over Affiliate links for example via amazonPartnerNet. If one of your followers buys a product via such a link, you will receive up to ten percent of the proceeds in the form of a commission, depending on the affiliate program.

You can see the big money on YouTube Promotional deals do. Once you've made a name for yourself, advertisers use your high reach. These deals can even bring you additional income through advertising contracts in print or TV via the earnings on YouTube.

How much do you earn per subscriber, view, like and click?

Views, clicks, likes, shares, subscribers and comments are the metrics that keep falling in connection with income from a YouTube channel. But which of these key figures is actually relevant to generate income directly?

The number of yours Subscribers does not bring you any direct income at first. Nevertheless, it is an important factor as the basis for possible income. The more subscribers your YouTube channel has, the higher the number of video views will be. The prerequisite is of course that they have not only subscribed to your channel, but also watch your videos. The number of YouTube subscribers is also relevant for deals with advertisers. Of course, they are interested in the highest possible reach in order to advertise their products and services. The chance that they will give you their products for placement on your YouTube channel or even offer you an advertising deal increases with the number of your followers.

With Likes it's basically exactly the same. But here you get an indirect benefit: the more users like your video on YouTube, the higher it lands in Google search. So you can build up a wider range.

With AdSense and AdWords, advertisers and YouTubers can choose different ad formats. Most of the ad types on YouTube are based on the so-called Cost-per-mille or CPM principle. Advertisers set the desired price per 1,000 ads placed and select the desired ad placement. The number of advertisements is billed. That means, the more users watch your video, the higher the income you can get. Views are therefore the currency with which you generate direct income on YouTube.

Since ad blockers are now often used on YouTube, the income can be lower despite the many views.

If an advertiser opts for cost-per-click (CPC) billing, only the advertisements with the highest performance in the YouTube channel are shown to a user. As a result, advertisers have to offer a higher CPM than competing CPC ads in order for their ad to show. If you want to earn per click, you need to enable the ad formats “display ads” and “overlay ads” for your YouTube videos.

Place advertising on YouTube

Another way to earn money with YouTube is to advertise yourself on YouTube and thus market your own products and services with a wide reach. Companies pay from 10 euros per day for local campaigns. The costs vary depending on which type of video ad you choose.

Make money with YouTube

Anyone who plans to make a living as a YouTuber must be aware of the amount of effort put into preparation and ongoing operations. The competition is fierce and you have to bring yourself to the table with great passion, great perseverance and always new ideas to land the really big deals with your YouTube channel. But it can also be smaller: There are some ways for founders, start-ups or freelancers to increase the awareness of their companies with video content on YouTube, to position themselves successfully in the market and to earn money on the side. YouTube should therefore definitely be part of your marketing strategy.