What will make a Scorpio woman deceived

Scorpio - the atomic pile of passions!

Scorpio woman's favorite men
born: October 23 to November 21

The Scorpio woman only loves at second sight! She fell for the first one too often, and from then on she knows the brothers, tests her intentions with skepticism and caution and, first of all, demands a categorical probation period!
She even lets her favorite men pickle and stew in their own juice until they show their colors with "purified intentions". But the chosen one hardly ever regrets his dear need, which he had with the Scorpio woman, because for this life he is now cared for, cared for and knows what love can be - even in the marital haven!
Even the "unsuitable" partners, namely those born in Leo, Taurus and Aquarius, still have to admit that it is a phenomenon of fitness for life, reliability, perseverance and willingness to act. What can drive these unsuitable partners to despair is stubbornness, stubbornness, stubbornness - and last but not least the dormant jealousy of their married Cerberus, who, lurking and scenting, nips any sources of danger in the bud. Such preventive extermination procedures for girlfriends and infidelities are carried out with vehemence, and the one who is fought and struggled always seeks the expanse in flight. The Scorpio woman knows no compromises here, and she bravely grabs every bush with her fingers! You only cheat on a woman like that once because your rehabilitation will last a lifetime and be psychologically hard work. Frankly, if you love your Scorpio woman, then stay away from other flowers - it's not profitable! Even the one-off "washing up" (in case you have done something wrong) is like a natural event or a nuclear mushroom cloud. If it stays that way, the marriage may settle down again, but not without long-term secret controls of your wallets, drawers and suits! One day you will fall in, because no man with a guilty conscience can survive such a thing!
The favorite men of the Scorpio woman are paradoxically those who have a softer heart, who can give in and who do not recklessly challenge fire tests. In short: it is the Cancer men in whom the Scorpio woman particularly appreciates the soft temper and the domestic spirit. The Pisces know that they also get in contact with Pisces men straight away, and often enough they place themselves under the domestic protection and patronage of this capable comrade, who gives them - those who are unstable at some point - the necessary buoyancy. By the way, there are Pisces men who lead a very nice and secure life under the matriarchy of the Scorpio woman! Unfortunately, in addition to the tendency to mother, this woman also has the ability to "rule"! And that is the underground toll that every mother has to pay once.
The Scorpio woman gets along very well with Capricorn men, professionally, professionally and materially! But in the love / erotic sector there is sometimes a catch, because the enterprising Capricorns sometimes forget about their marital "duties" - a thing that the Scorpio woman with her built-in passionate volcanoes by no means likes. The same is the case with Virgo partners: what you longed for in the honey moon later grows over your head. No man knows about the rest of those heroic Scorpio women who live their duty and fight true wrestling matches with themselves in their soul!
It is true: an atomic pile of passions is brewing in the deepest areas of the soul. The Scorpio woman watches over these underground chambers at all times, the keys of which she is only willing to give to those who do not want to escape through back doors one day. But those who actually escaped know that red Mars is not to be trifled with. As a rule, they are also somewhat damaged and in future they will steer clear of non-committal adventures which, with the Scorpio woman, rarely lead to a happy end!
This woman doesn't think much of slick manners, social frills and the airs of a "grande dame". It has an indomitable, crease-proof core and knows exactly what it needs or what it wants! However, it has also been proven: No Scorpio woman without tests and strokes of fate, without hard goodbyes or heartfights.
Their motto is: all or nothing! Her life partners know that she gives everything. Avoiding all refined verbiage and neurotic love techniques, she also demands format from her partner on all surfaces. Not spoiled from a young age, she could get through life quite well on her own. But what she cannot do without - that is love! And here, too, it takes its toll on respect, appreciation and loyalty! Violate her pride and self-esteem for once - you will experience what a real Scorpio woman is capable of! The fact that red Mars (the ruler of the sign Scorpio!) Sometimes darkens their feelings and condenses them into passions, sooner or later forces men to show their colors! That Mars is capable of quite nice thunderstorms and catastrophes, of lightning and thunder, hailstorms and downpours, marital wars and tremendous reconciliations (see for example Anna Magnani or the "terrible Anna"), anyone who comes into the range of such emotional thunderstorms will find out! Casanova probably never came across a real Scorpio woman - he would not have pulled away from there without being plucked!
What some find out too late: In a character-related secret compartment with a double bottom, there are cunning and cunning along with one hundred percent seductive skills. There are many males who are re-educated into men by the Scorpio woman (if accepted), which does not always give her pure joy, because she seeks the battle of the sexes, and - she wants to win in it! For the Scorpio woman, "succumbing" is a self-willed act and is only limited for a short time. Men shouldn't be too happy about their "victories" - they have to pay for them, in any coin, at any time!