How does Boston Legal compare to suits?

The Suits series presents suit wearers with eggs

Today a community member talks about lawyers and college dropouts in his text on Aktion Favorite series. Suits is the name of the small but fine series that can now refer to two seasons.

Suits - suits with eggs

There are many series of lawyers. Far too many, in fact. So it is good that
Suits is not a series of lawyers. That a top New York law firm as
Setting works is secondary. The legal cases? Also a minor matter. About what
Suits is alive? By Harvey Specter and Mike Ross. And Louis Litt!

Suits starts with a 75-minute game film-level pilot who is not just a
Weaved on the basis of weaves, but also quality seeds that have wide roots
will carry, sows. The series focuses on Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht)
and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). Harvey is a star lawyer at the renowned
Law firm Pearson Hardman and the best closer in New York. Mike, around ten years
younger, is also intelligent, articulate and has the heart in the right place.
But he was expelled from the university and he doesn't earn his money as planned
Lawyer, but with crooked things.

At least until he was on the run from undercover agents with a suitcase
bursting into a job interview at Harvey full of marijuana. The chemistry of
both agree from the first second. Mike openly declares himself and Harvey lets him
explain instead of handing him over to the cops. Fascinated by him, Harvey would
Mike likes to hire, but he still has neither a university nor a college
required Harvard degree. And this is exactly where the first time occurs
Basic element of suits that can best be described in one word
leaves: balls.

Mike puts everything on one card, convinces Harvey and is hired. One week
later, on his first day, he is in his new job before the first
Hello go again. If it weren't for just named balls. Mike stays. A mutual, but not always rosy, teaching and learning curve begins between the two of them
Learning relationship that sharpens the strengths of both and their bond is inseparable
welded together. Harvey, inspired by Mike's guts, proves only a few
Moments later to his superiors that he also understands without
batting an eyelash, playing poker as big as a house.

The dialogues between the two were bursting with coolness and sarcasm when they met
Deliver verbal battles and obviously flirt with film quotes. But gets
Don't make a false impression: Even if you are allowed to laugh often here, exist
Boston Legal and Suits in two completely different galaxies, light-years apart. And as precise as the dialogues here may be, they don't remind a single second of the pen of David E. Kelley (Practice - The Lawyers, Boston Legal) or even of Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Newsroom). Next to the
The book also convinces Suits above all through the skills of its main actors.
This is one of the series in which facial expressions alone cause storms of enthusiasm
can lead.

The pioneer here is without question Rick Hoffman as Louis Litt. Louis is also an Advocate of Excellence at Pearson Hardman. However, he deeply envies Harvey
about his reputation and his special relationship with Mike. Hoffman bestows his
difficult role with the progression of the series of enormous depth and complexity. So
In spite of the unpleasant character he actually portrays, Louis becomes a crowd favorite by the second season at the latest. And one inevitably wonders where
actually the Emmy nomination for Rick Hoffmann remains.

The pro for suits is far from over. Finally it was
Not a word yet about Harvey's secretary Donna, Sarah Rafferty’s as well
Emmy-level portrayed is lost. You also have from Rachel, Trevor or Jenny
not read a word yet. You don't know the far-reaching storylines, none
Word dialogue, not a scrap of high-quality humor, don't know about that
first-class staging or the heated soundtrack.

But I promise you: the first season is a lot of fun and the second
is even better! Suits simply means leaving everything behind
together with friends for 43 minutes of great series entertainment before the
To fi nd TV. Participate!

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