Is it worth buying organic products

When are organic products really worth it?

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What does the “organic” in front of the product actually mean? If you are in the past Bio and Eco imagined, then you immediately thought of nature. So it is believed that the organic products
naturally produced.

But not all organic products are the same

Due to the different ideas, the European Community has created a uniform regulation on the subject of organic products. These include strict regulations as to when a product can receive the organic seal of approval. As a result, a product that has received the organic seal must come from at least 95% organic farming and must not contain any non-organic additives other than water, yeast and salt.

When is “organic” worthwhile?

When is it really worth buying organic products? Answering the question is not easy. Everyone has their own idea of ​​organic. And due to many scandals in the past, one is not sure whether one should really spend more money on supposedly organic products. Nowadays you can buy almost all products with an organic seal.

It doesn't matter whether you put meat, sausage, cheese or even sweets or cosmetics in the shopping basket. Depending on how health-conscious the buyer is, the more often he will probably put products with an organic seal in the shopping basket. The reason given is often the better taste. Buying organic products is particularly worthwhile when it comes to vegetables and fruit.

Organic products - a selection to see

For example, when buying apples, products with an organic seal can be used. Since apples absorb more toxins than other fruits, one should pay attention to organic apples here. Strawberries should also be considered as an organic product, as they are often contaminated with pesticides. But you should not only trust organic products when it comes to fruit. You should also buy dairy products with an organic seal.

Cows that give milk later eat forage crops that are just as contaminated with pesticides as conventional apples. Meat products should also be consumed as organic, as one can assume that they are kept in a species-appropriate manner. Cosmetics should especially be bought as organic products if you have very sensitive skin.

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