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We can help you at this point independent notebook, tablet & mobile phone leaderboards one of the most popular & best devices from china show after we at meanwhile over 250 test reports & reviews We were able to make our own experiences with a wide variety of China cell phones, smartphones, tablets, notebooks and the like. No matter if your budget is tight, you up Android or Windows or you are looking for a real high-end device. The best China Cell Phones, Smartphones, Tablets and Notebooks often only cost half compared to the models from well-known manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung. In the following we present you different leaderboards with different models from different categories. We always link to you the cheapest offer of the online shops we know and find to be good including vouchers (if available).

Leaderboards by price If you have a strict budget

Leaderboards by size Looking for the ideal size

Special leaderboards The right device for every requirement

Mobile phone contracts & tariffs Because who wants to pay too much?

Leaderboards of the most popular tablets, cell phones and Android smartphones from China

We want to give you a little overview of the confusing market of Chinese manufacturers with our leaderboards, because with the increasing variety of different models you quickly lose track. Since your dream device should of course also meet certain requirements, we have not only created lists of the best according to certain budgets or display sizes of the top smartphones from China, but also lists of the best according to very special requirements such as battery life and performance.

We always make sure to list the 10 most popular mobile phones from China for you

How our leaderboards for smartphones and co. Are composed

We deliver the offers and prices known to us in clearly sorted lists according to our own ranking. You will never come across an offer with a contract or monthly costs in our leaderboards for mobile phones, notebooks and tablets. All offers are regularly available prices from the online shops known to us. Sometimes we can even deliver coupons and vouchers to you to get an even cheaper and cheaper price. If you have any questions about buying from one of the online shops we have linked, we recommend taking a look at our overview of the China Shops. With our leaderboards, we try to provide you with the most interesting price / performance ratio for every interesting category and for every requirement.

Chinese manufacturers

Sometimes it may be that you haven't heard from some of the manufacturers yet. It should be said that many of the manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Meizu, Doogee, Oukitel, UMIDIGI, etc. have long ceased to be small manufacturers and have brought a wide variety of smartphones onto the market for several years. We have already tested a large number of top cell phones and smartphones from various manufacturers and can therefore say from experience about the manufacturers that many of them deliver a very good price / performance ratio. In our leaderboards you will only ever find the most recommendable devices according to our own ranking, with compact information and even vouchers.

The division of our leaderboards

With the mass of smartphones and cell phones already available from China, it is not too difficult to lose track. Since new models are constantly coming onto the market, we offer you the perfect introduction to your search for your ideal smartphone, mobile phone, tablet or notebook from China with our leaderboards. We provide you with the best cell phones and smartphones from our database, which now comprises more than 1000 articles, with a large number of own test reports and information.

For many people, the two aspects of price and size play the most important roles, which is why we want to offer you several leaderboards based on our personal ranking.

The best lists according to price are selected in such a way that they correspond to the common search areas from our collected user inquiries and thus contain the best devices in our experience. We chose the display size as the second category in the leaderboards. Many users attach particular importance to the size of the mobile phone display, which is why we would like to offer you different rakings in different sizes from compact to large when you are looking for the best China mobile phone, tablet or notebook for you. It is important that all prices for the cell phones and smartphones mentioned refer to actual purchase prices and of course always apply without a contract.

Especially small devices with a compact display continue to enjoy popularity that should not be underestimated, even if they are less and less represented on the market. This particularly includes the category of 5 inch China cell phones. The average today is in the range of the slightly larger 5.5 ″ cell phones, which thanks to the extra display enable easy operation. However, if you are looking for real smartphone bolides, you should take a look at the leaderboards according to the display size of 5.7 ″ and more. Here you will find the largest cell phones, although the trend towards bezel-less / rimless smartphones is making the cell phones smaller despite the large display.

Finally, we also offer you our special leaderboards. Here you will find what you are looking for, for example, if you are looking for the China cell phones with the best camera, with the best performance (flagship killer) or with the longest battery life. The China mobile phones with the LTE frequency band 20 (800MHz), which is important for Germany, are becoming increasingly important to our users, which is why we are offering you a separate list of the best.