What are the best courses after the 12th.

Triple P parenting courses for children from 0 to 12 years

Families are different. Therefore, Triple P offers different ways to get to know positive parenting. From individual lectures to courses lasting several weeks - you choose what suits you and your family best. You should get as much support as you need - enough, but not too much!

To find out which Triple P program is right for you, we suggest that you use the quick and easy three-step Triple P selection guide. Alternatively, you can take a look at the abstracts below.

A few tips and information - together with other parents

Triple P Lecture Series - Positive parenting in a nutshell

Attend a lecture to learn a selection of Triple P's best parenting skills in just 90 minutes. You will be with parents who are facing the same challenges as you - and you will take home plenty of new ideas (including a handout) that will help you deal more confidently with typical challenges. There are three lectures for parents with children up to the age of 12. Attend a single talk or as many as you like. Find out more about the Triple P Lecture Series

For everyday challenges - help in one-on-one contact

Triple P short consultation - for everyday problems

The brief consultation is a very personal and quick way to get support from Triple P. She keeps an eye on your specific parenting issues or problems. You (and if you wish, your partner too) will meet with a Triple P advisor about four times. Depending on your concerns and needs, there can be fewer or more sessions. Each session usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes. You will take home little helpers as a reminder of the parenting skills you have chosen for your family. Find out more about the Triple P Brief Consultation.

All parenting skills - parenting course

Triple P group training - everything you want to know about positive parenting

Triple P group training is a course that equips you with all of the positive parenting skills of Triple P and helps you understand why your child is behaving in one way or another. You will be part of a small group of parents who will meet with a Triple P Trainer for at least eight hours in total - usually in two-hour sessions over four or five weeks. (Some providers can hold longer sessions in just a few weeks.) Then you will receive telephone support at home for over three weeks. Find out more about Triple P group training.

Triple P individual training - when things get difficult at home

Individual training is a personal and comprehensive way to get support from Triple P. You will have around ten individual sessions with a Triple P trainer. The sessions last between 40 and 60 minutes. Set goals for yourself, identify the changes you would like to see in your child's behavior and in your own, and work with your Triple P trainer to choose parenting skills that fit your family life. Your workbook will help you use these parenting skills even after the course. Find out more about Triple P Individual Training.

Do it yourself - online parenting course

Triple P Online - your personal parenting course - always available

The online parenting course for parents with children up to the age of 12 is fun and easy to follow. In eight modules you can familiarize yourself with all Triple P parenting skills. Each module only lasts around 30 to 60 minutes. They are given a whole "toolkit" of parenting skills for a happier family life. The developer of Triple P, Professor Matt Sanders, guides you as a virtual trainer through a mixture of video clips, worksheets and activities. If you like, you will receive reminders via email or text message to keep you moving a good distance apart. Find out more about Triple P Online.

More support for your family

Triple P Plus - for bigger challenges in the family

Triple P Plus is a program that helps you to cope with emotional crises and stress and / or to strengthen teamwork with your partner. Choose from three freely combinable modules that are tailored to your needs. Triple P Plus always takes place in a confidential setting - just you and your Triple P trainer - possibly also at your home. The sessions last 90 minutes each. Find out more about Triple P Plus.

Triple P ways - families stick together

Why do I get angry at my child and how can I better deal with my anger? Triple P ways can help you find solutions. Triple P Paths builds on the positive parenting skills taught in other Triple P courses and provides strategies to help you avoid anger and stress. The course is held either in the form of group or individual sessions with a Triple P trainer. In both cases, you select the topics with which you would like support. The sessions are tailored to your needs. Find out more about Triple P ways.

For children with a disability

Stepping Stones Triple P - For parents of children with a disability

Stepping Stones Triple P helps you deal with problem behaviors and developmental challenges that are common in children with a disability. This offer supports you in promoting behavior that you like, coping with stress, teaching your child new things and strengthening relationships in your family. Stepping Stones Triple P is offered as a brief consultation with a few face-to-face sessions or as a nine-week group training session. Find out more about Stepping Stones Triple P.