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Terms of use for the SOPHOS antivirus software

The SOPHOS antivirus software acquired from the IT service center as a campus license and provided here is protected by copyright. The accompanying written and electronic accompanying materials enjoy the same protection.

The use of the provided software is only permitted on:

  • University of Kassel's own computer systems,

  • Computer systems that have been made available to the facilities of the University of Kassel on loan from third parties as part of research and cooperation projects and that are operated like the university's own computer systems,

  • private computing systems of employees of the University of Kassel (professors, guest lecturers, scientific and other employees),

  • private computers of enrolled students at the University of Kassel.

Frame use

The software may only be used for teaching and research. Any partial commercial use is expressly prohibited.

The software is subject to the prohibition of duplication under the copyright law. Making copies for the purpose of reproduction is illegal and contradicts the copyright provisions as well as the license agreements entered into. Copies of the software may only be made to the extent necessary to protect the software (backup copies).

  • Passing on the software to third parties in any form such as transfer, loan, rental or sale is not permitted and constitutes illegal processing.

The software may not be reverse engineered, decompiled or disassembled.

  • Express reference is made to the legal consequences resulting from the violation of the aforementioned regulations. An infringement of copyright makes you liable to pay damages under both the provisions of copyright and civil law. In addition, she is prosecuted with imprisonment for up to one year or with a fine. In addition, a conviction for theft, embezzlement and breach of trust comes into consideration if the software is unlawfully removed from the area of ​​the University of Kassel or taken away.


By downloading the SOPHOS antivirus software from this website, you also confirm that you have read and accepted the above conditions of use and undertake to observe and comply with the aforementioned regulations.

Notes on download and installation

SOPHOS antivirus software can only be downloaded from computer systems that are directly connected to the data and telecommunications network of the University of Kassel (e.g. via VPN) or are connected to this network via the university's own telephone gateway (modem access).

A new program version (update) of SOPHOS Anti-Virus always appears at the beginning of the month. As a rule, the updated version will be made available here on this website by the 10th of the month at the latest. If you do not use the AutoUpdate service (see following paragraph) for your local SOPHOS installation, it is in your own interest to update your SOPHOS antivirus program by downloading and installing the new version. As part of the AutoUpdate service for SOPHOS Anti-Virus, the IT service center offers the option of automatically updating the anti-virus software on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux computer systems in the area of ​​the University of Kassel. In order to be able to use this service, the locally installed SOPHOS antivirus program must be configured accordingly.

The manufacturer provides special virus identification files (IDE files) for the detection of viruses that have been added after the release of the current program version of SOPHOS Anti-Virus. These files can be updated every hour and downloaded from a server computer in the data center. Information on adding these virus identifiers can be found in the SOPHOS Anti-Virus installation instructions. When using the AutoUpdate service, the SOPHOS antivirus software is updated automatically.

The SOPHOS antivirus program cannot be operated at the same time as other virus software. Existing virus programs must therefore be deactivated and removed prior to the initial installation. When SOPHOS Anti-Virus is installed for the first time, the local storage media are checked for viruses. This process can take a certain amount of time, depending on the size of the database. The installation or the update of the SOPHOS antivirus software on Windows and UNIX computer systems is only possible with administrator rights.

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