How are infographic resumes created

18+ Creative Infographic Resume Templates (For 2018)

Are you applying for a new position? If so, how will your resume be perceived in a crowded job market? Shouldn't your resume be the one that sets you apart from other applicants?

Designing a professional creative resume that makes a great first impression is challenging and time consuming:

  • You need to organize your professional history and employment details and graphically demonstrate your skills.
  • Draw up a visual concept, design your layout in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Word.
  • Then, step by step, create each custom section of your resume to make an impact.

Don't worry if you are in a hurry and need a quality, ready-to-use solution, we are here for you!

Creative infographic resume template (sample design) for Envato Elements.

A premium template design allows you to quickly create a unique resume - one that fits your creative aesthetic style, has great infographic and visual features, and is very easy to customize to suit you.

Best Infographic Resume Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Uses)

Envato Elements has hundreds of the best resume infographic templates, with one great deal: download as many as you want for one great price.

Hundreds of creative infographic resume templates on Envato Elements.

Premium infographic & visual design

Each of these infographic resume templates have tons of visual features to make your work experience attractive. Although they are feature rich, they are easy to use. You can customize your profile and work history, showcase your skills and quickly add your personal brand details.

Example of a modern creative resume template with customizable infographic bar charts.

There are a number of visual features that you can customize, such as:

  • colorful infographics
  • editable work ability charts
  • Work experience schedules
  • customizable word cards
  • Bar and pie charts
  • various graphic symbols

Additionally, these creative resumes have advanced options to show your personality, and many include portfolio presentation pages, cover letters, and more.

5 Creative Infographic Resume Examples (New To Envato Elements - 2018)

Get one of these visually engaging resumes, add your custom graphics and information, and you're good to go and get a new job!

Here are some of the best creative infographic resume templates (with premium designs for Word, PSD, PDF, and other formats) based on Envato Elements:

1. Pro Resume 1 - Creative Template Design for 2018

This is a neat set of resume templates with clean layouts and a focus on the content. It has clear pillars and simple infographics to help recruiters see your professional qualities and strengths at a glance. This set is available in Word, Photoshop, and other popular formats so you can customize it in your favorite creative software platform.

2. Infographic resume / CV template (Volume 5)

Would you like a résumé that will leave an unforgettable impression on a potential employer? These professional resume templates come with two unique pages, clean infographics, and a creative design. Fast adaptation in MS Word format, InDesign and Photoshop PSD!

3. Simple flat resume template with infographics

This creative resume template is made up of a rather flat, flat style of illustrations and infographics. All image and text sections can be customized. Edit the typography, choose your colors, customize the vectors, and quickly add your job history. If you are a designer this is the perfect graphic resume format for you.

4.Infographic Style - Resume Template Design PSD (Ver 2)

If you need a Photoshop PSD format infographic resume template, this article is for you. This set of design files includes a resume page, cover letter, and portfolio to showcase your work. You can quickly export this 8.5 × 11 US letter set to PDF and other popular formats. Quickly get a bold graphic resume in front of new employers!

5. Modern Creative Resume Template Set - 2018

This modern resume set is intended for designers and discerning creatives. It includes resume, cover letter and portfolio pages. Whether you are applying for a startup, agency, or any other coveted position, this resume design can be customized to show your strengths. Use the distinctive design, the clear infographics and the creative functions to stand out from other applicants.

Envato Elements (design without limits)

Envato Elements offers a unique offer (all inclusive):

Sign up to Envato Elements and you'll have access to thousands of graphics and templates with unlimited uses, from web designs to premiumResume templates, and more - all at an affordable price.

Right! Download as many professional templates and creative graphics as you want and customize them to suit your project needs.

Envato Elements is a powerful option. If you'd prefer to buy new resume templates one at a time (rather than getting unlimited access to hundreds of creative designs), be sure to check out the selections in our GraphicRiver marketplace below.

12+ creative resume templates with great infographics (by GraphicRiver)

We also have a number of examples of creative resume templates from GraphicRiver.

Each is packed with professional graphics so you can get the job you want. They're packed with clean infographics and data presentation options so your experience and skills are clear at a glance.

Examples of Creative Infographic Resume templates available for sale on GraphicRiver.

Here are over a dozen examples of creative resume templates with great infographic and visual features to choose from on the GraphicRiver marketplace:

1. Visual resume / CV with graphics and infographics

Do you need a new resume or résumé? Regardless of what you call it, your resume is what gets your job in the door of every job you apply for. If it hasn't been updated in a while, a resume designed for quality is exactly what you need. This professional graphic resume template is available in InDesign, Illustrator, and Word. It has all of the infographic and visual features you need to make a great first impression!

2. Infographic style resume template

This resume is ideal for designers and creatives of all types, or anyone looking to grab the attention of an employer from a pool of applicants. This template pack comes with a resume, cover letter and portfolio pages.

There are several color options in these Photoshop (PSD) files as well. If you have a range of potential employer skills, this resume template is a great solution. It's packed with infographic and visual display options that are clean, professional, and attention grabbing.

3. Infographic Resume Template Vol.1

This resume template has a number of infographics. It has a modern design and a clean, clean look. It is designed to creatively and professionally highlight your career history and skills. It comes with Photoshop, Indesign, and Microsoft Word files. A suitable cover letter is included. It's easy to edit and customize and will help you make a memorable impression! With the Infographic Resume Bundle you can get more design options from this author.

4. Clean the colorful resume template

Ready to go, this rich, colorful template is loaded with icons and infographics that will quickly make your application stand out. It is available in MS Word, InDesign and PDF formats. It's easy to edit and customize. It's professionally set up for high resolution printing, or you can export to a number of popular formats.

5. Tri-Fold Visual Resume & Portfolio Template Set

Make a creative impression with this resume template. It is packed with visual features to present your folio succinctly, showcase your work history with infographics, incorporate your personal brand, show off your skills, and much more. This graphic resume design folds into three parts and fits easily into a standard envelope. This InDesign file is set up for printing and ready to use right out of the box.

6. Creative resume template design

Infographics and data-rich, with numbers and modern fonts, this creative resume template is a great way to show off your skills to potential employers. Your professional career and special skills will immediately stand out.

It's available in InDesign and Illustrator. It's ready to print, set up with text styles and layers to work with, and easy-to-edit infographics. You can quickly add and customize your information. There is a rear, gray and white version.

7. 3-part Clean Infographic Resume (PSD & INDD)

This modern resume template has neat infographic features that allow you to visually display your skills and show potential employers the key resources you can bring to their business. It is available in InDesign and Photoshop formats. It is furnished with A4 and letter sizes. It's packed with vector icons and infographics that are easy to edit and personalize. Jump as a creative professional!

8. Simple infographic resume

This is a simple infographic resume template that can present your employment information in a professional manner. The data and visual display functions are crisp and clear to read. It is available in PSD / Photoshop, AI / EPS, and InDesign / INDD file formats. It's ready to print at 300 DPI and is set up with professional printers. These files are completely edible and well organized. You can get your new job with this resume design.

9. Resume elements of the infographic resume

This is a professional resume (curriculum vitae) that is created entirely in vector format. It's ready to use out of the box, easy to adapt to your data and present your assets in a visual style. The graphic resume template files template includes options for showing your residence on a map, languages ​​you speak. You can highlight your skills and use symbols to draw attention to awards, work experience and your qualifications. It features a colorful design on a clean white background.

10. Ansel - Graphic summary and cover letter template

With a clean black and white design, great visual infographic features, and photo and branding components, this graphic resume template is an instant eye-catcher. It has a professional graphic design format that is included in Photoshop and Word. You can easily customize in either application. In addition to the one-page résumé, it contains a cover letter template. To be discontinued today!

11. Creative Resume Templates 2 in 1

When you apply for a job, your first impression starts with your resume. This graphic template pack comes with two creative resume designs. Each has infographics and visual features that allow you to showcase your experience, detail your skills, and stand out visually. Any Photoshop file can be easily customized to fit your profile and personal brand. These resume template files also come with portfolio ads, business cards, cover sheets, and additional extra features.

12. Design of the graphic form for the resume

This graphic resume template pack includes six pages: cover, resume, reference page, portfolio, letter, and envelope. It's a minimal, modern graphic resume design that can be tri-fold for mailouts. It's easy to add your information, use infographics and visual graphic options, and stand out professionally - with sheer creativity. It is available in print-ready InDesign format.

13. Template for graphic resume design

This popular, easy-to-use graphic resume template has a number of file options. It is available in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and MS Word. There are 8 color versions, all set up for early work with -332 files.

All come with multiple page options: simple resume, infographic resume, cover letter, and folio. The graphic resume template files are all properly overlaid, set for one-click changes, and easy to edit with paragraph styles.

14. Creative visual resume template design

This resume template is neatly designed and has simple graphics and data presentation features. If you are looking for a new job this resume design will help you make a professional creative impression.

It comes as a package with MS Word and Photoshop files. They are set up to be customized, well organized, and easy to edit. This resume template will help you get the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

3 Quick-Fire, Resume Design Tips

Here are three quick tips to help you choose the most suitable resume template for your needs, how to customize it, and how to add your custom branding details:

1. Choose a well-designed resume template

There are so many creative resume templates out there. It can be difficult to make a final decision which one to use. There are a few points to think about in order to make an informed decision.

First, think about what visual look you want and how it will best portray you in the market.

  • Are you more interested in a colorful infographic resume with bold icons and graphics?
  • Or a softer creative design like Resume / CV Template V (see below).
  • If you're into something minimalist, the simple Ansel resume template is a great choice. It's set in muted black and white.

Either way, you want a well-structured resume design that fits your personal branding style, reads neatly, and is arranged in a layout that is easy to follow with the eye.

Creative Resume / CV Template V Design PSD by Envato Elements.

In addition to the style, you should also consider which resume components you will need. Would you like a single resume page or do you need a cover letter and a page to present your work portfolio? Would you like icons or other visual features to highlight certain areas of your resume? Choose a resume template that has the look and features you want.

Also, limit your choice of which graphics software you are most comfortable with and which you can access. Do you have Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or Word? If not, you can also hire a graphic designer to help you. You can add your details to any template you choose.

After reviewing the options and narrowing down your style and presentation needs, you can make an intuitive choice and pick one.

2. Catch the eye with resume infographics

When deciding which template to use, you may want to pay special attention to the infographics.

Infographic designs are a great way to add a more detailed, data-driven look to your resume. They also focus on details that you want to be immediately aware of, such as who you are an expert on a particular software program or the level of experience you have.

Resume / CV template with standout infographics from Envato Elements.

Are you thinking about showing your work history with a timeline? Or would you like to supplement your skills with pie charts? Or maybe you are displaying word clouds to represent your professional experience?

Choose a graphic resume template that has just the right infographic features you need and that depicts your skills and experience with the utmost clarity.

3. Add and personalize your brand

Another point to consider is how your personal branding fits into the resume template you are looking at. Will your photo and personal brand work with this resume template? How does your personal logo fit the design? Are the color themes also coordinated with your brand or simply adapted to your needs?

You want to make your resume memorable, so choose a template that allows you to bring your personality into it.

We have a helpful article on Creative Resume Design Tips for more compelling suggestions, including advice on how to better brand your resume:

If you are a graphic designer and just looking for a workflow on how to create your own creative resume design in InDesign, follow this tutorial:

If you need a good overview of your resume that fully covers the integrated writing and design process, then check out this tutorial:

Download a creative resume template today!

Any of the creative Envato Elements or GraphicRiver resume templates mentioned in this article could be just what you need.

Paste your job information into these professional designs, customize it to suit your profile and experience, add your personal branding and graphics, and then export.

Having a creative resume design can help you stand out from all the other candidates in order to find the job you are after!