What is an e-rickshaw

Electric frog rickshaw

Buy a rickshaw - enjoy electromobility & driving fun

Kick was yesterday! A motorized substructure and a fundamental revision turned the former bicycle taxi into a comfortable means of transport. Driver and companion do not have to exert themselves and can enjoy the rickshaw ride in the fresh air to the fullest.
Since the timeless means of transport is equipped with a rechargeable battery, it is an environmentally friendly decision to buy a rickshaw.

Perfect for short distances

The high-quality workmanship and timelessly beautiful look make the means of transport an eye-catcher in any environment. If you have to regularly move people over short distances, buying a rickshaw is a good idea. You can comfortably bring three people including their luggage to their destination per trip. Seniors, people with restricted mobility and small children benefit in a special way from the service.
Electric rickshaws are used in hotels that consist of several buildings, chalet and holiday villages without car access and for transport from a remote parking lot to the main building. The driving service is gladly accepted due to the experience factor and the convenience. The rickshaw is very quiet due to the electric motor, so that the guests can talk in peace and enjoy the surroundings.

Rickshaw - reliable & flexible

You do not need a special permit or permit for the rickshaw or the transport of people. When you buy a rickshaw, you can get started immediately after delivery. You can transport a total of 325 kilograms in total on a rickshaw ride. If you have to cover a longer distance, this is possible. Keep in mind, however, that you will need a little patience to recharge the battery.
For a range of 50 kilometers, the charging time at a normal socket is around 5 hours. In order to be allowed to ride the rickshaw, you need a motorcycle driving license, car driving license or AM driving license. Before you allow a third party to change into the driver's seat, you should make sure that they are in possession of a valid driver's license. In addition to the practical aspects, the great driving pleasure is an excellent reason to buy a rickshaw. Due to its compact dimensions, the rickshaw takes up little space, so you can easily drive on narrow paths.

Electromobility different

Rickshaws were invented in Asia and are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. In large cities with high levels of tourism, they sometimes shape the cityscape.
Many tourists prefer a rickshaw tour to a bus tour. They enjoy being close to the action. With a speed of 35 kilometers per hour, the rickshaw is the perfect means of transport in urban environments. Everyone is talking about electric mobility, but it doesn't necessarily have to be an electric car. Seniors love electric rickshaws because of the high level of independence and quality of life they allow them. The rickshaw has a hip, young image, so that older semesters feel transported back to their youth while riding a rickshaw.

Get attention & stay in your mind

Rickshaws fascinate…. When buying a rickshaw, be prepared to seek favors from many people. The trip of a bride and groom to the registry office, a pick-up from the train station, a short sightseeing tour ... If you have enough time, that's no problem: For a distance of 1000 kilometers, the electricity costs are only in the range of 20 to 30 euros. In addition, there is a cheaper purchase price to buy a rickshaw.
As you can see, the costs of making a lasting impression are low. If you buy the rickshaw for your company or organization, you can attract a lot of attention by adding advertising imprints and make your brand known in the immediate vicinity.

Store owners benefit from this type of advertising in a special way when they buy a rickshaw!