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Olaf Georg Klein

You just can't understand us

Why East and West Germans talk past each other
Eichborn Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 2001
ISBN 9783821839028
Hardcover, 180 pages, EUR 14.90


The author and coach Olaf Georg Klein advocates the thesis that the real problems between East and West Germans are not based on the different income levels or in the differing political views, but on the different communication habits. Whether it is the first meeting, communication on the job, communication in larger groups or a conversation between men and women, we use completely different and often contradicting language patterns and language strategies.

Review note on Süddeutsche Zeitung, February 12, 2002

This book about the communication problems between East and West Germans could have been very exciting, especially "in the chapter on eroticism" - but unfortunately not, as reviewer Constanze von Bullion regrets. The thesis of the author Olaf Georg Klein - "Whether in the office or in bed - East and West talk past one another and don't even notice it" - is based, in her opinion, on observations from the "first years after the reunification" also shaped by all sorts of clichés at Klein. No, the author "loves the East too much and knows too little about the West to be able to analyze it astutely," says the reviewer and can therefore not be at all satisfied with this work.
Read the review at buecher.de

Review note on Frankfurter Rundschau, 02/02/2002

Olaf Georg Klein, who was born in the GDR, is not only an author, but also a "personal coach" who tries to convey to his clients - sometimes couples, but mostly business executives - why East and West Germans so often talk past each other Reviewer Birgit Loff. "You just can't understand us" is Klein's third book about the "pitfalls of communication", and Loff finds the problems described and their reasons extremely plausible. In any case, she cites numerous examples from the book in her review. And her lively tone alone tells the reader that she has obviously learned a lot from the book.