Russian ladies marry black men

Men usually play an important role in the life of almost every woman. We deal with them when we are working, partying, or going on vacation. They are our fathers, brothers, friends and lovers. Men are everywhere. They rule this world (or at least they think they do) and there is no place where they cannot be found.

There are different types of men on our planet: nice men, terrible men, beautiful men, ugly men, black men, white men, strong men, weak men, super men, and men who make us laugh.
Stereotypes: French men are the best lovers, Italians are pushy and loud, Russians drink a lot, Ukrainians are greedy, Danes are boring; Spaniards are machos; Germans are disciplined and Norwegians are all blonde. Not true, of course, in many cases. But there are still common characteristics among men who come from the same country.

As a Ukrainian woman, I know Ukrainian men best.
The first thing that strikes you is the physical appearance of Ukrainian men. Most of my foreign friends and I have noticed that most Ukrainian men are not physically attractive.
This is generally the case with Slavic men, or have you ever heard of a Ukrainian male supermodel?
One of the reasons for this is called "Slavic Man Syndrome." This is what happens to a man in his 30s because he doesn't exercise, if he drinks and smokes heavily, and if he eats a lot of unhealthy foods. It seems that 80 percent of Ukrainian men have this syndrome. This also results in the extremely low life expectancy of Ukrainian and Russian men with a life expectancy of less than 60 years.

It also gets worse when a Ukrainian man is married. He does not think about his looks or health, it seems, and at the crucial age of 40 he is bald, has a beer belly and is an unattractive creature with yellow teeth and bad breath. For every 10 women wishing to marry there are 7 men wishing to marry in Ukraine. Conclusion: No matter how bad the Ukrainian men look. You still have a chance to find a wife.
That's why in Kiev you see so many cute girls on the streets with not-so-attractive guys.

And since some women are not satisfied with this situation, they go looking for a husband or a friend from somewhere in Germany, where there are 10 men for seven German women. But this is another story. Some might say that a healthy lifestyle requires a decent amount of money that some Ukrainian men just don't have.

But please stop smoking and drinking, jogging every morning does not cost any money - on the contrary, it saves money. My observation is that most Ukrainian men think that a man just has to look a little better than a gorilla.
I also think that a lot of Ukrainian men tend not to take a shower more than once a week, let alone manicure or shave their armpits. If you don't believe me, hop on a crowded subway during summer rush hour. The smell is so bad that it sometimes feels like you're under a chemical attack. Water is very cheap in Ukraine, but apparently many Ukrainian men haven't learned how to use it. To be completely honest, there are people like this everywhere - in Germany, in the United States, in France, etc. However, the bottom line is that your nose never lies: nowhere does the subway stink more in the summer than in Kiev Summer.

Most of my male Ukrainian friends, as well as my German husband, are not like that, of course. You are part of a new generation. But the old mentality and traditions are still very strong, so no offense, but some men need a little more time to get out of the stone age.
Ukrainian men are obviously more traditional than Western Europeans.
They still pay for a woman in the restaurant and help her get off the bus. Get married as soon as your friend becomes pregnant. That sounds pretty positive (at least for non-feminist women), but is it really so?
When a man makes his money and pays for his girl, you find it generous and kind. But when a student gets money from his parents to give to his girl who gets the same pocket money from her parents, I think it's a stupid tradition.

It may be a relief to some Ukrainian women when pregnant that they are about to get married. But how long does this marriage last? The divorce rate in Ukraine is one of the highest in Europe.
Ukrainian men are pretty shallow when it comes to these traditions.
Lack of character is what bothers me most about Slavic men. Most of them are very negative and pessimistic. I see more depressing, grumpy and sad faces in Ukraine than anywhere else (except maybe in Russia, where there are more people.)

One could say that the traditions put pressure on many men to play the role of breadwinner. A large part of the Ukrainian (as well as Soviet) population suffered from the Stalinist regime and two world wars of the 20th century. Millions were killed in battle or in Stalin's concentration camps. Many poets, writers, politicians, and descendants of the aristocracy in Ukraine and Russia were killed during the Soviet era.

They were people who had really good genes. It sounds unfair and chauvinistic, but that could be a good theory to explain not only the physical side but also the character and mentality of many contemporary Ukrainians.

Anastasia Zhabenko, for V.I.P. GmbH