Where ash remains can be scattered

Ash scattering

In Germany, the scattering of the ashes of the dead in the wild is not yet permitted because of the cemetery requirement. Nevertheless, it is possible to choose this type of burial in a roundabout way if it takes place abroad. Natural scattering for private individuals is possible in Spain, for example. Since handing over the death's ashes to relatives is not permitted in Germany, the ashes must first come to the destination country. For a short time, however, ashes have been scattered in certain parts of Germany in certain cemeteries. These have grass fields specially created for this purpose.

Possibilities of transferring the ashes

There are a few ways to get the ashes delivered straight away without an undertaker. For example, the ashes of the dead can be picked up at a foreign crematorium. This is particularly useful when the distance to these places is short and the transfer of the corpse to these crematoria is not very expensive. According to the Dutch Funeral Act, the ashes must remain in the crematorium for a month before they can be picked up. The reason given is a so-called time of remembrance, which should prevent the ashes from being prematurely scattered during the mourning phase and the person concerned later regretting the irrecoverable loss. Another option for transferring the ashes abroad is if the ashes are requested from a burial site or undertaker abroad.

Undertaker support

Many funeral parlors now support burials using the above methods on request. However, it must be pointed out that this process is not yet permitted in Germany. Therefore, in some parts of Germany, ashes were made possible in the cemetery. In the case of natural scattering, it is advisable to draw up a cremation decree during your lifetime. At Bestattungen.de you can compare undertakers in your region who offer to disperse the ashes of the dead in the great outdoors. The service is free and without obligation.

Legal changes

For some time now, it has also been possible to scatter the ashes in a cemetery in Germany. However, only a few federal states have made appropriate changes to the law. These are Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia. The ashes are scattered on a specific lawn of the cemetery. As a rule, individual identification is not provided, so this is an anonymous grave. Natural scattering is still not possible in Germany.

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