Why are theater children considered gay?

black. humid. beautiful. in Kiel

Our DS course represented the state of Lower Saxony with its piece School theater of the countries.


For the School theater of the countriesthat this year themedTheater and politics - show the flag! took place, the selected playgroups from the 16 federal states met at the one-week festival in Kiel, including the Performing Games course at the Johanneum, consisting of 19 students of the current 12th grade.


There the course was allowed to do its part black, gay, beautiful Present in the theater in front of a large audience and under professional technical conditions. An extraordinary experience!


The federal jury writes in the program booklet about the piece:


There are people in our society who are different, who are not like many would like to be.

In a colorful sequence of game scenes, choreographies and monologues, this self-developed collage shows "different", makes it clear that they are by no means always accepted even among young people, and especially with their dance scenes makes a plea for diversity and against leveling. "


For a week, the students also attended the performances of the other groups, took part in follow-up discussions, learned a lot about theater and met many theater-loving people from all over Germany.


Here are a few impressions and pictures of the trip:



“It was a great feeling and an unforgettable experience to play in front of so many people!” - Mia


“The atmosphere was unique. We infected each other with a good mood, ideas and a huge amount of motivation. EXTRA SUPER! “- Jan Torben


“We met a lot of cool people. Great festival and great team. Almost all of the pieces were worth seeing. I felt very well. Delicious food! ”- Hannah


“I really liked that you could see so many different pieces. This also gave you topics of conversation with “strangers”. ”- Robin


“The feeling of being on stage according to our own ideas was unique. It was really inspiring. ”- Kiara


“This week I noticed that the cohesion between the“ theater children ”, regardless of which state they come from, is enormous. We supported each other, criticized each other constructively and had fun. ”- Nathalie


“The ride was really great. As a theater group we all grew together again - the colorful mix of students from all over Germany was an even bigger surprise for me personally. Especially at the party on the last evening, when everyone exchanged ideas about their pieces (or shouted at each other while dancing), I had a lot of fun with everyone. And the plays were all so individual! Impressive! ”- Julia


“The week was very adventurous and exciting for me because, firstly, through the workshops and overall through the many encounters with drama, I got even more fun with drama and also became a little more self-confident. Second, I was able to make new contacts through the many other people and have become more self-confident in dealing with others! :) “- Lina


“There were many impressive experiences. I am impressed by how diverse the individual pieces and the political statements associated with them were. Before that I didn't know how innumerable the possibilities of representation there are. The people were all very open - I thought that was great! ”- Sophia


“If you wanted to briefly capture and bundle the week that we were able to experience together, it would be very difficult. Because what our group was able to experience last week is simply beyond the scope and at the same time the possibilities of German vocabulary that would be available to us to reflect on the week to exchange. Without just going into the week in concrete terms, it is completely sufficient to express the abstract feelings that stuck with me: the most beautiful week of my life, impressions that shape a lifetime, contacts and above all friendship that I now carefully cultivate applies to feelings that inspire, unique insights into the fascinating world of theater that inspire! Bundled, the life that awaits us young people can now be grasped even better and more consciously through the experience and being touched by the theater. We have matured as people and were able to meet the most talented, most attractive, most beautiful people. A blessing with aftermath. Our world was enchanted ... and all thanks to the commitment of the SDL organizers and the efforts and efforts of Ms. Focken and Mr. Wulf, Chapeau! ☺ “- Finn